Frank Turner - Undefeated album

Frank Turner – Undefeated (Album Review)

Frank Turner 2024

Bridging the gap between Punk and Folk Rock, beyond any genre, Frank Turner is a songwriter. Out of England, the veteran performer has now released a slew of material as a solo artist; starting with his 2007 debut album Sleep Is for the Week, leading up to his #1 charted UK album FTHC from 2022. Influenced by a broad range of artists that came before him, Turner’s music itself is best described as a mix between everything from Pop and classic Punk Rock to Folk Rock. Above all, always placing attention on the songs themselves and the stories they offer, now in 2024 Turner returns with his latest effort Undefeated.

Released on May 3rd through independent label Xtra Mile Recordings, Undefeated finds Turner looking inward and wearing his heart on his sleeve once more. Coming at you with 14 new songs that last a little over 45 minutes, there is an interesting balance amidst everything that finds Turner looking at a more idealistic, younger version of himself in the mirror all with the earned wisdom and maturity that comes with time. Something we can all relate with in one way or another, surrounding the sincere emotions is plenty of memorable tracks; this includes the catchy “Do One” as well as the up-tempo, Irish Folk inspired “Never Mind the Back Problem.”

These select tracks in mind, the stylistic approach of Undefeated shifts entirely with the slower, smooth “Ceasefire” which will have you digging deep within. From here the album continues with a consistent mix of more mellow and thoughtful tunes, all taking turns with faster and thriving ones. Complimented by addictive chorus hooks sprinklered throughout, it is ultimately the lyrics taken out of life, and coming with a healthy sense of humor, that win you over. In fact, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to relate to quite a bit of the tales told in each of these songs. However, if there is some reason you do not, the sentiment Turner presents is still well worth paying closer attention to. 

In the end, Frank Turner’s Undefeated is symbolic of the progressions we make in our lives as the years pass by. Each song has its own style, rhythm and message to convey. All heartfelt, the diversity also lets you explore something new with each passing listen that never grows tired. So, whether you like it quiet and smooth, or fast and loud, Undefeated has songs for every mood. That is why Cryptic Rock gives this exceptional new collection of songs 5 out of 5 stars.

Frank Turner - Undefeated album
Frank Turner – Undefeated / Xtra Mile Recordings (2024) 

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