Gemini Syndrome – LUX (Album review)

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Gemini Syndrome – LUX (Album review)

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Los Angeles Hard Rockers known as Gemini Syndrome have been on the music scene for a little over two years now. They blasted onto the scene back in 2010 out in Los Angeles and fans immediately took to them. Gemini Syndrome consists of band members Aaron Nordstrom (vocalist), Rich Juzwick (guitarist), Mike Salerno (guitarist/backing vocals), Brian Steele Medina (drummer), and Alessandro Paveri (bassist). They are not just band mates they are brothers who are working together whole-heartedly to achieve a common goal. Gemini Syndrome has just recently released their debut album entitled LUX which has been one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year.

The first track on the album which is also the band’s first single is called “Pleasure and Pain” an explosive track that blows you right out of the water right from the start with a unique sound and vocals that are seemingly unmatched in today’s music scene. “Basement” is the band’s second track off of the album which is also the song currently used as the band’s first official music video. “Basement” is a straightforward hard rocking song with monstrous vocals both soft and hard that is immediately catchy. The third track off of the album is entitled “Falling Apart” which is an impressive song that really shows the bands musical talent and ability. It also shows a strong message that they are in fact here to stay in the world of music for a long while and that they do not plan on going anywhere. The next track on the album is called “Resurrection” which is a song that fans will immediately fall in love with and hold onto with its powerful sound with an intro that will make the music lover in you scream for more. “Stardust” is a unique track on the album with its amazing ability to go from being a hard heavy sounding song to a melodic one without even forcing it. It’s an amazing and powerful song that will be a huge fan favorite. The following track on the album is called “Mourning Star” which is one of the most powerful yet emotional songs on the album that test’s the ability of Aaron Nordstrom’s vocalization skills taking it to the limit which he undoubtedly passes with flying colors. It will leave you speechless with goosebumps that you never expect to have.

Two of the gutsiest songs on the album would be the next two tracks “Left of Me” and “Pay For This” both songs capture a strong head banging essence that will have you throwing your fists in the air. “Take This” is one of the darker songs on the album but it certainly does not disappoint. Make no mistake, though it maybe a dark song it takes you on an amazing journey that will love. “Babylon” is the tenth track off of the album and is a solid rock song that deserves a lot of attention with its gutsy sound and chorus that leaves the ears satisfied. The second to the last song on the album is called “Syndrome” it’s a song that sends a straight forward message as being one of the most memorable and inventive tracks on this album that is gutsy but most certainly an amazing track. To close out the album the band did something that only adds fire to an already impressive album. The last song on the album “Lux” being the title track off of the album is an eerie yet haunting sound that will leave fans speechless and an undeniable taste for more.

LUX is a completely amazing and solid album with a unique sound that is nothing short but phenomenal. The guys in Gemini Syndrome took a chance by putting out such an edgy album but it is one that they passed every test. Hard rock music fans and metal music fans will fall in love with this album, not a single disappointing track on the record. Gemini Syndrome have truly set the measuring stick extremely high for what debut albums should be and one that will certainly go in the books as being one of the best for generations to come. LUX is a solid release and is worth every penny in going out to buy a copy of this phenomenal record and giving it a listen. Cryptic Rock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars!

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Reviewed by Lee Letarte Jr

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Lee Letarte
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Lee Letarte Jr has been a fan of music since the age of 8 when he purchased his first metal/hard rock album Stuck Mojo’s “Snappin Necks” and has been in love with the world of music ever since then. Since the age of 17 till now Lee has attended thousands of concerts, turning his passion for photography and music into one of the biggest parts of his life. While working with and Rock 105.5 “Carolina’s Pure Rock” He is currently in school for Graphic Arts/Advertisement & Design with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. He makes it a point that whenever he covers a show that he is able to capture the moments to make people who could not be there, feel as if they are there front row. Lee also makes it a priority to attend as many concerts as he can, because he is a firm believer that music makes life that much more epic.

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