Gemini Syndrome Return to Revolution Amityville, NY 8-2-16 w/ Stitched Up Heart & 9Electric

Back in 2013, the Alternative Metal scene received a shot to the arm when Los Angeles, California based Gemini Syndrome released their debut album, Lux. Filled with Alternative Metal sounds of yesteryear, the album unleashed four successful singles and even broke into the Billboard 200 music charts, making Gemini Syndrome a force to be reckoned with. Now after three years of heavy touring, finding themselves a new home with Century Media’s imprint label Another Century Records, as well as completing their lineup with new members, Guitarists Daniel Sahagún and Charles Lee Salvaggio, Gemini Syndrome are back with a headlining tour in support of forthcoming album, Memento Mori. Set for release on August 19th, the Remember We Die Tour launched a month early as Gemini Syndrome hit the road with labelmates Stitched Up Heart and 9Electric. Quite a killer lineup, offering some of Alternative Metal/Hard Rock’s most promising young bands, on Tuesday, August 2nd, they arrived down in Amityville, New York to visit the area’s premier Rock club, Revolution Bar and Music Hall. A perfect spot to launch the new month of touring, a generous size crowd for a Tuesday evening made their way out to catch the exciting show.

Already a jam-packed lineup, Revolution’s stop saw three local acts jump start the night with In Dead Silence, Symfinity, and Brand of Julez. First up was In Dead Silence, formerly known as Iron Maiden tribute band Live After Death. Expanding their repertoire to original pieces over the years, Vocalist Nelson Sanchez, Guitarist Chris Satkowitz, Drummer Christine Larsen, and Bassist Tony Tosov came out with a ton of energy to start the show. Shortly after came the Symphonic Metal influenced Symfinity. Originally founded in South Jersey, the band now bed down in New York, and with their orchestric style, turned quite a few heads. Then concluding the New York scene showcase, The Bronx’s Brand of Julez came out with a fury. Consisting of Vocalist/Guitarist Julez Zamora, Bassist/Vocalist Brandon Zamora, Drummer Zakk Dubois, and Guitarist Marc Joseph Muniz, they rocked a heavy, aggressive set supporting their debut EP, SoBro Rock.

Now primed for the heart of the national acts, Southern California’s 9Electric was ready to go. An extremely hard-working band fronted by Ron Underwood “Thunderwood,” previously of Opiate for the Masses, the lineup also features Mikey Lopez on guitar, Casey DC on bass, and Micah Electric on drums. Proving their determination for success was not in vain, they recently inked a deal with Another Century Media, and on July 15th, released their debut album, The Damaged Ones. Building a following in a grass roots fashion, the band has visited the New York area in the past supporting Orgy, Wayne Static, Spineshank, Powerman 5000, and most recently, Lacuna Coil. Returning to Revolution once more, this time there appeared to be even more buzz surrounding them as they were about to begin their set.

Greeted warmly, Underwood and company showcased a bunch of their new tunes from their debut including “Lie to Me” and the pulsing new single “New God.” Penetrating the room with high energy throughout their entire set, 9Electric impressively kept things bouncing (literally) for a straight half hour with other cuts including “Beautiful” and “Goodbye.”  Playing older and very familiar tracks such as “Time Bomb” became an instant hit, having the floor moving up and down to the pulsing chorus. True to their evolving set list, 9Electric kept the fan-favorite cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)” to wrap things up, putting an Industrial spin on a Classic Rock tune. Pulling it off effortlessly, 9Electric were top notch from begin to end, and it is only a matter of time before they are headlining their own shows.

Keeping with the Los Angeles theme, Stitched Up Heart were the next band to take the stage. Like 9Electric, the band has found themselves a home on Another Century Media and recently finished out the same successful tour supporting Lacuna Coil. That being said, the camaraderie between Stitched Up Heart and 9Electric was evident from during both of their sets as they consistently shouted out to each other. Led by the startling vocals of Alecia “Mixi” Demner, Stitched Up Heart offers an emotionally driven brand of music with complements of Lead Guitarist Merrit Alfero, Bassist Randy Mathias, and Drummer James Decker. First making impressions with two EP releases, the band look to spread the word of their full-length debut album, entitled Never Alone.

Possessing a dark sound, reflective of Mixi’s personal battles in life, Stitched Up Heart unleashed an arsenal of songs off their debut, opening with the single “Finally Free,” “Turn You On,” and their latest single “Event Horizon.” Like breathing oxygen into a fire, each song built like rising flames as Mixi’s voice soared over the music. Creating an ear-tingling experience, one that touched the heart and soul of all baring witness, the band bolted forward with “Never Alone” and “Catch Me When I Fall” as the audience began to stir even more on the floor.  Holding true to a straightforward, no nonsense style, the band cranked out riffs to complement the impressive vocal range of Mixi, which saw her go from softer singing to harsh screams at ease as they closed out with their crushing single “Monster.” Dominating the stage, Stitched Up Heart gave it their all and in the process won over more followers.

With so much already transpired since the doors of Revolution opened at 6 PM, the time had finally come for the headliners, Gemini Syndrome. As stated, Gemini Syndrome left a lasting impression when they debuted back in 2013 with Lux, so much so, their fanbase has been eager with curiosity what the sophomore effort would bring. That answer came back in August of 2015 when the band dropped their new single “Eternity.” On par with previous work, the song also came with talk that the yet to be named at time new album would be heavier, yet more melodic than Lux. Compelling to hear, the now titled Memento Mori is finally about to see the light of day after being pushed back from its initially scheduled release in March. Good things come to those who wait, and this Long Island crowd was ready for their introduction to Memento Mori while revisiting old favorites in the process.

Emerging from backstage, Drummer Brian Steele Medina took his place before Bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri, travelling Guitarist Daniel Sahagún, and Guitarist Charles Lee Salvaggio. Looking out into the audience, the tension broke once Vocalist Aaron Nordstrom followed and the band broke into “Resurrection.” It was a nice table setter for the set as they moved forward with more Lux offerings including “Falling Apart,” the very personal “Basement,” followed by “Babylon” and “Syndrome.” Allowing his voice to bring the lyrics to life, Nordstorm’s clear and precise approach created an anthemic atmosphere where fans were seen raising their hands to the air joining along. Allowing the songs to feed the room with energy, opposed to jumping ten feet into the air, AP,  Sahagún, and Salvaggio fed a rhythm machine while Medina’s crashing drums rounded out their tight sound.

Going rather deep into the show without touching on newer material yet, Gemini Syndrome’s approach clearly was by design. They affirmed a strong hold on the attention of the audience, and once they had complete control, the band powered into the aforementioned single “Eternity,” “Alive Inside,” and later on, “Anonymous.” Like a breath of fresh air, the new songs meshed nicely amidst older pieces such as “Mourning Star” and “Pleasure and Pain,” but displayed darker arrangements. A more refined Gemini Syndrome, which actually finds them more aggressive, the audience devoured the songs. Of course mixed in were other favorite from Lux including “Left Of Me,” where Nordstrom’s voice bled with raw emotion. Gracious to all who came out late on an early week night, Gemini Syndrome made it worth everyone’s while with the show they put on, ending the set with new single “Remember We Die” and their most well-known track, “Stardust.”

There are a lot of bands saturating the Hard Rock/Alternative Metal scene, so many, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. That being said, Gemini Syndrome really does have a sound and style that warrants attention. Not contrived, their approach is sincere and true to who they are. With Memento Mori and the Remember We Die Tour, they are bound to garner the attention they rightfully deserve.

Photos by: Aintellin Photography

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