George Ezra – Gold Rush Kid (Album Review)

Known for his signature bass-baritone singing voice, England’s George Ezra has been consistently successful since debuting back in 2013 with the single “Did You Hear the Rain?” Collecting multi-platinum and gold selling albums with each passing release, he now returns with his latest album Gold Rush Kid

Ezra’s third overall studio album, Gold Rush Kid hit the public back on Friday, June, 10, 2022 and has since reached the number 1 spot in the UK and peaked in the top 10 on charts across the world. Also already certified silver in just a little over a month, the album will find Ezra really being the ‘gold rush kid’ not before too long. Consisting of twelve new songs lasting just under thirty-nine minutes, Ezra dishes out plenty of sunshine you can soak up. 

A bit more polished production wise than his prior albums, and perhaps not as strong as those prior albums, the songwriting is still quite good from start to finish. It all begins with the fun vibes of leading single “Anyone for You (Tiger Lily)” before the catchy tones heard on the follow up single “Green Green Grass.” The latter, a song that spreads an unmistakable joy, it is one that will easily get stuck in everyone’s head. Then there is the title-track “Gold Rush Kid” which has a groovy rhythm that will also get you moving, while “Manila” has a dreamy feeling full of lush melodies and an affective chorus that showcases lots of heart.

Later on you have the touching, thoughtful “Fell in Love At The End of The World” and more dramatic yet serious “Don’t Give Up.” Not to be overlooked, “Dance All Over Me” picks up the pace again with tight arrangements and “I Went Hunting” brings it back down with a mellow sensation that will dig deep under your skin. Keeping with that mood “In The Morning” is an ode to a new morning while being full of motivation, and “Sweetest Human Being Alive” finds Mr. Ezra searches for Mrs. Right…so the question is, is she out there? Which leads us to closing of the album which comes on with the heartbreaking “Love Somebody Else,” before “The Sun Went Down” wraps it all up on quite well. 

There is no questioning that George Ezra has an outstanding singing voice. With Gold Rush Kid he keeps his career moving in a consistent direction while offering positivity, good vibes, and catchy songs that will leave you in a pleasant mood. That is why Cryptic Rock gives his latest effort 4 out of 5 stars.

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