Ghostface Killah – Ghost Files (Album Review)

There is no denying the staying power of the Wu-Tang Clan’s legacy in Hip Hop music. Rugged and uniquely their own, from the early ’90s it became clear they were on a mission to not only put the forgotten borough of Staten Island on the Hip Hop map, but also plot for popular culture domination. A colorful mix of cast members who compliment one another, to quote a line from 1993’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), “They form like Voltron.” To fans, the endless array of talents that bless Wu-Tang are not interchangeable, and the most dedicated have followed each member inside and outside the group since the start. That in mind, perhaps one of the most distinguished Wu-Tang crew member’s solo endeavors would undoubtedly be those of Ghostface Killah. A voice impossible to mistake for any other MC, Ghostface has embarked on a massively successful career of his own, releasing thirteen studio albums, including his most recent, The Lost Tapes.

Put out back on October 5th, The Lost Tapes is a wonderful new collection of tunes from Ghostface Killah which features a lengthy list of collaborations that would make any Hip Hop fan’s mouth water. Remaining prolific, just a little over a month later, he is set to unleash a two-part LP called Ghost Files. Set to hit the airwaves on Friday, November 30th through X-Ray Records, Ghost Files is broken into two sides – Bronze Tape and Propane Tape. Spanning a total of 25 tracks all together, the two sides are remixed editions of The Lost Tapes LP – Bronze Tape by Bronze Nazareth and Propane Tape by Agallah. A lot of material to absorb, but the question is what does this double remix LP have to offer The Lost Tapes sessions?

First and foremost, the remix is highly respected art form in Hip Hop, and if done right, can sometimes be as hot, if not hotter, among listening audiences. In the case of Ghost Files, both sides are respectfully superb remixed visions, so let’s take a closer look inside the latest chambers in the Wu-Tang saga.

With Bronze Tape, Producer Bronze Nazareth takes his years of experience working with those associated with Wu-Tang Clan, and offers tight, punchy takes on the original The Lost Tapes cuts. Gifting some great old-school samples and lively beats, must listens on his side include “Buckingham Palace,” “Majestic Accolades,” and “Done Again.”

On the flip side, Agallah does a flawless job of bringing a new sound to the tracks. Agallah, native to Brooklyn, is one of those artists who deserves more credit than he is given. A member of Purple City, he has ghostwritten countless songs for well-known artists, but also proves to be a superior producer, as well. With his remix, he takes songs such as the aforementioned “Buckingham Palace” along with “Majestic Accolades,” and gives them a classic Wu-Tang feel that is brilliantly executed. Then with “Cold Crush,” he takes the lyrically powerful song and remixes it with an emotionally dramatic beat that could make it the best of the entire collection.

For songs such as”Constant Struggle,” he offers a darker vibe which is fitting to the content within, while “Watch ‘Em Holla” stands tall as another great remix in the vein of classic Hip Hop styling. Additionally, Ghost Files features a worthy bonus not on The Lost Tapes album: “Press Rewind.” Featuring Cappadonna and Styliztik Jones, the remix is a bold, must listen.

When it is all said and done, both Bronze Nazareth’s Bronze Tape and Agallah’s Propane Tape are refreshing remixes which never grow stale. As producers, they give each track a completely different identity that makes you want to sit down and listen to The Lost Tapes and Ghost Files back to back to back. Furthermore, for fans of old school Wu-Tang production, the Propane Tape absolutely should not be overlooked. While it would behoove you to first familiarize yourself with The Lost Tapes, it is not necessarily mandatory you do so before diving into Ghost Files. So get out there and buy both releases now as a gift, if not for yourself then for anyone who appreciates real Hip Hop. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Ghost Files 5 out of 5 stars.

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