Ladies and gentlemen, here comes GHØSTKID! Now you might ask: who exactly are GHØSTKID? Simplifying it, they are a new German Metal band formed by ex-Eskimo Callboy Singer Sebastian”Sushi” Biesler.

Looking for new inspiration, Biesler got together with Steve Joakim (drums), Danny Güldener (guitar), and Stanislaw Czywil (bass) to form GHØSTKID – a band which is a mix of aggression similar to Fever 333, full of dark undertones like Bring Me The Horizon, and mixed with Pop sensibilities on par with Hollywood Undead. Interested yet? You should be because GHØSTKID are already set to drop their self-titled debut album on Friday, November 13, 2020.

Set for release via Century Media Records, and complete with 11 songs, the album is an energetic and powerful piece of music that is emotionally all over the place. Co-produced by Phil Sunday and Sky van Hoff (Rammstein, Emigrate), the album has one objective: to grab your attention! In fact, that is clearly obvious before you even press play when you realize all the track titles are CAPITALIZED.

Starting on a high note, there is “FØØL” which gives you a pretty good impression of what to expect from the rest of the debut; raw emotion, catchy melodies, and hellbent aggression. From here each song that follows possesses heavy arrangements that are accompanied by a balanced diet of rage-filled shouts and pristine clean singing. There are the Industrial leaning “START A FIGHT” and “DRTY,” catchy “SHARKS” and “YØU & I,” but also the crushing “SUPERNØVA,” a cut that features Heaven Shall Burn Vocalist Marcus Bischoff.

All over the map, the music is really quite dark, intense, and nearly always unforgiving. This trend continues with “CRØWN,” which features Kreator’s Mille Petrozza, as well as the shout along “ZERØ.” However, the tone also turns more somber on the standout “CØLD WØRLD.” Then amidst it all, there are two versions of the irresistible “THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD”: first with German Rapper Timi Hendrix, and the second with Hollywood Undead’s Johnny 3 Tears who added a rugged vibe worth checking out.

Overall, GHØSTKID might be new, but the members definitely know what they are doing. Experienced, they project a powerful and energetic sound that works in perfect unison with shouted and clean vocals. A strong debut, it goes by in an instant and leaves behind a void that needs to be filled with loud music that most certainly will rattle your cage. A worthy addition to any Metalcore fan’s collection, and a promising start for a new band, Cryptic Rock gives GHØSTKID 3 out of 5 stars.




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