Goatwhore – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven (Album Review)

Any Heavy Metal music that can perk up the ears of a cat is automatically deemed worth listening to. As it has been royally tested, Extreme Metal masters Goatwhore have passed this feat with flying colors on their new album Angels Hung from The Arches of Heaven.

Set for release on October 7, 2022 via Metal Blade Records, a follow up to 2017’s Vengeful AscensionAngels Hung from The Arches of Heaven serves Goatwhore well… despite the prior being very hard to top. Lasting twelve tracks, the band’s eighth overall album is filled with everlasting chaos flavored with darkness. And this is all while reeling you at just the right moments to grasp your full experience of what the band is offering. 

Now, anyone who knows Goatwhore is aware one of the New Orleans based band’s specialties is how authentically, yet simultaneously stylistically they blend Black, Death, Thrash, and a touch of Sludge into their pleasantly brutal brand of Metal. Currently, the band is led by Vocalist Louis B. Falgoust II whose impressive vocal growls steal every live show, but work flawlessly with the intricate guitar work of Sammy Duet. Other members on board include Zack Simmons on drums, and Robert “TA” Coleman on bass. 

Coming together for Angels Hung from The Arches of Heaven, they leave no rocks unturned, and exceptionally explores every era of Goatwhore’s past… along with giving you some great additions for the future. Starting off with the short definitive intro “Invocation 3,” which has a fun Black Metal vibe to it, they ascend into the raw, raging “Born of Satan’s Flesh.” Next is a shockingly wild “The Bestowal of Abomination” which would be a mind-blowing live track with all the organized chaos between the drumming and strings. Moving onto the title-track, Goatwhore blast through a Black metal heavy song possessing all the doom one might find in the darkest dungeon on earth. Then as the title-track ends it peacefully flies away before another raging assault raises its wings into an abomination of strength and speed. 

With so much more going on, a couple other highlights include “Victory Is the Lightning of Destruction” and the following Thrash dominated “Voracious Blood Fixation.” Then winding up the magnetic chaos is “Weight of A Soulless Heart” which captures the dark side of life and rips it a new soul in the most ritualistic way. This is while the short, yet creative “Nihil” comes in with a wandering structure, setting you up for the finale. As it should be, the last track, “And I Was Delivered from The Wound of Perdition,” is very much set apart from the rest, and is in fact the longest, coming in at over six minutes long. 

All in all, Angels Hung from The Arches of Heaven is an exciting eye opener for the future of Goatwhore. For all reasons mentioned above, and the approval of a feline, Cryptic Rock gives this brand new Goatwhore pummeling a solid 5 out of 5 stars. 

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