Hangar 10 (Movie Review)

Hangar 10 (Movie Review)

Hangar 10 is a Found Footage style Horror Sci-Fi that was written and directed by Daniel Simpson (Spiderhole 2010) and was co-scripted by Adam Preston. It premiered in the United Kingdom on October 22nd, 2014 and was released on DVD in America on November 7th. When it was released in the UK, it was under the title The Rendlesham UFO Incident.

Still from Hangar 10
Still from Hangar 10

The film starts by playing the real audio from the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident thirty three years ago. After the audio plays out, which consists of a conversation about a man spotting a UFO, we then cut to the present day where three metal detecting enthusiasts are going out to around the same location that it took place. They bring their cameras to document their finds out in the forest. While they are out there they eventually capture some incredible footage of what two of the three think is UFO footage while the other thinks it is something man-made and they are not suppose to have seen it and advises them to leave as soon as possible.  Night falls on them and they are forced to camp. After some frightening noises in the darkness, their fear levels set to max, the sun rises and they make their way back to the car. From here on they are stalked by an alien presence and when they stumble onto the restricted and abandoned Hangar 10, they discover the secrets within.

Still from Hangar 10
Still from Hangar 10

The most impressive part of this film is the special effects that look too good to be in such a low budget, Found Footage film. The story really is mostly non existent and relies heavily on its cast which is only the three characters mentioned above; there is no one else in the film. The tension in the film is mostly built in the middle and then it fizzles out towards the end due to its focus on its CGI spaceships and lack of explanation of anything going on once they get to Hangar 10.The film is left completely up for interpretation and leaves the viewer wanting much more.

Hangar 10 is not bad, but it is not very good either. The quality of the actual film is very low which gives it that authentic feel like the footage really was shot on home video and recovered later. The acting from the three leads is pretty on par and sometimes better than expected. This should only be checked out by fans of alien conspiracy stories because it does address a famous incident and tries to expand on it. CrypticRock gives Hangar 10 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Buddy
    Posted at 12:29h, 24 November Reply

    I live near Rendelsham forest and i go exploring alot during the day and night in the forest and can vouch for weird sightings and sounds. i take people on tours of the forest and the twin bases due to the fact it’s really easy to get lost in there. if anyone is thinking of doing so contact me on here and i can supply you with all the info you need.

  • Disgusted movie watcher
    Posted at 00:19h, 29 May Reply

    This movie was absolutely terrible and I feel like I should be reimbursed for the 90 minutes I wasted hoping that there would eventually be a part of the movie worth watching.
    If you were to cut out all of the ridiculous shots of the ground, sky, and pitch black, as well as all of those that are nothing more than unfocused and flailing about, the movie would be about 15-20 minutes long.
    The acting was Meh but the writing was ridiculous… I.E.: If you really thought something was stalking you in the forest, would be arguing and literally yelling and calling aloud for your friends? How about continuing to carry your metal detectors and all of your gear when you are supposedly running for you lives? And perhaps my favorite: Oh, hey, we finally found the road and it leads us to a military base that it OBVIOUSLY abandoned… Let’s go IN instead of the opposite way to find actually HELP.
    This move was idiotic.

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