Havok – Unnatural Selection (Album review)

Havok – Unnatural Selection (Album review)

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First off Havok is straight up classic thrash metal with all the modern influences from the past 30 years, no ifs, ands, or butts. Three albums into their career now they bring us Unnatural Selection.

The album starts off with “I Am The State” which is a great track with lots of little treats all over the place.  There are thrash breakdowns, blistering guitar solos, screams, bass, and drum jams.  The only thing is I wouldn’t have started the album out with this song.  I would have expected the track somewhere in the middle of the album.  That leads us into “Give me Liberty… or Give me Death”.  Now this is a old school punch you in the face thrash song. This track clearly should have opened up the album being a thrashing gem from front to back. It definitely sets the mood for what this band is about, that being give me thrash… or give me death ha ha.  After completely ripping your head off “It is True” is a nice track keeping your head banging throughout. With a catchy opening riff the track keeps pulling you.   Midway through the track it picks up the pace right into a nice tapping solo by Reece Scruggs. With solid bass playing Mike Leon keeps the thrash tradition going.  “Under the Gun” opens up with blazing drumming of Pete Webber and ass kicking guitar.  The track is another attitude machine right here. All I can say is keep it going brothers….  Keeping it going is exactly what Havok does with “Waste of Life”.  Another all out head banger… sorry was too busy head banging to this one to keep writing.  That leads us into “Living Nightmare”.  All I can say is damn this makes me think of Testament and Death slapping you right in the face.  Hearing this makes me realize I am loving what these guys are bringing to the table more with each track.  “Worse than War” is a sick mid tempo song great for head banging.  The track sounds like someone took Testament and Exodus and made a soup with all their best ingredients.  We are then treated to a cover of Black Sababath’s “Children Of The Grave”.  Damn I think this is the tightest cover of this classic I have ever heard! The album closes out with the title track ” Unnatural Selection”.  All I can say is the track is thrashing until the end.  An excellent closing to a great metal record, just sick balls out thrash.

Unnatural Selection proves these guys have got the edge for thrash not many can pull it off.  Havok is going to be a top thrash bands.  If you are an old school thrash fan and haven’t heard Havok yet you need to!  Don’t let this band fly under your radar.  Cryptic Rock give this album 4 out of 5 stars. 

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Reviewed by Mike James.

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