Heartist – Feeding Fiction (Album Review)

Heartist – Feeding Fiction (Album Review)

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Having heard Heartist’s record Feeding Fiction for the first time, it is extremely hard to tell that this is only their debut full-length album in the Hard Rock scene. This genre is full of notable and dominating styles that have shaped Hard Rock to what it is today. For what seems to be their first major step as a band, Heartist find their place with heavier twists without taking too many risks. Their complex instrumentals and captivating vocal melodies already put them at a step above any other newbie in the scene.

An immediate tone to this record is heavy and forceful. The chugging intensity of the guitar riffs and pounding beat really push the boundary of the smoothness of hard rock, but Heartist instantly shows the world that they are not meant to be bound to one category. As they experiment with the heaviness of their sound, intricate and fascinating elements of their music really stand out. The opening track “What Kind Of World” is clearly heightened by the long and fervent guitar solo, pulling the metal roots of Heartist out from the ground. Even the sharp riffs of “Manipulate” tug it away from boredom. However, “Set Me Free” displays this heavier side to its maximum ability, showcasing the instrumentals and vocals in cohesive and fierce hooks. It is certain that the band wants to make this impression clear, as they start with “What Kind of Word,” and end the album with the chilling mood heavy rock “Demons.”

Although they give listeners a taste of their aggressive potential, their more mainstream hard rock styles power through and are overall more impressive. The smooth flow of musical elements gives off a truly liberating sound to the refrains, moving listeners with every note. Heartist have no trouble developing unforgettable hooks; “Skeletons” is eligible for the top track due to is super melodious hook topped off with a haunting tone. “Legacy” also uses the intense and scratchy vocals to surge into a unifying chorus (“We stand as one and carry on”). Feeding Fiction is full of surprises as well. One interesting element of the record is “Ready To Change”, the track that starts as a generic and slow song to break up the record, but then gains life as instrumentals unfold and overwhelm the shocked listener. Tracks like these are key to pulling listeners in. It is not exactly the best track, but it certainly leaves the audience interested in Heartist’s amazing potential.

Once the middle section of the album is uncovered, Heartist’s true calling is revealed. Sequential tracks “Ignite” and “Unbreakable” are the sure climax of the record’s excitement. This anthemic power of Heartist highlights Feeding Fiction and intrigues listeners to crave more. A big pat on the back is given to vocalist Bryce Beckley, considering his voice clearly plays a big part in these songs. In “Ignite,” the creeping vocals of the verse provide a fun beat when they explode into a releasing refrain of incredible vocal range. Once “Unbreakable” kicks in, listeners are completely taken over by the rebellious tone with lyrics like “This is our moment,” and infectious beat. Some may notice it has a similar gusto as For All Those Sleeping’s track “Incomplete Me.” The strongly liberating attitude of this track is so crucial to Heartist’s presence in Hard Rock. This is Feeding Fiction’s strongest weapon to offer listeners through not only the lyrics, but also the music acquire inspiration as well.

Heartist has made quite a big step as a new band in Hard Rock. Feeding Fiction certainly has set their bar high, but it is by all means reachable. With that said, as they grow musically, it is not a far-fetched guess to think that their future in hard rock will be successful. CrypticRock gives this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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