Heavy Montréal Flies High On Day 1 Montréal, QC 8-7-15

Heavy Montréal Flies High On Day 1 Montréal, QC 8-7-15

Since the official kick-off in 2008, Heavy Montréal has grown to be one of the largest festivals where now in 2015, the eighth annual event has turned into a three-day affair. Opening each day at 1:00 PM and ending around 10:30 PM, the festivities leave enough time for over 70,000 fans to get enough rest in order to see seventy plus bands fill up four stages. Each year, this must-have experience has taken place at the Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montréal, Quebec where the atmosphere is relaxing, the security guards are friendly, and the food is perhaps the best one will ever find at a festival. This included a delicious Food-truck for even Vegans to enjoy with the mouth-watering Falafel Pitas and Sweet Potato fries. Above all, Heavy Montréal is more about the bands, it is also for Metalheads of all kinds, ranging from the older to younger kids wearing stylized earmuffs to enjoy.

The beauty of Metal was shared from Metalheads, Punk Rockers, Immortal faces, Slipknot warriors, and even Satan himself was there for those to take pictures with. Also, it was more than just Canadian natives that arrived, there were fans that have driven from Nova Scotia, a few took over a twenty-two hour long bus ride from Virginia, and one even flew across the globe from South Africa to see acts such as KoRn, Faith No More, Slipknot, Iggy Pop, Billy Talent, Lita Ford, Within Temptation, Alexisonfire, NOFX, Abbath, Venom Inc., and about seventy more! This is Heavy Montréal and it would not be without having the Heavy Mania wrestling stage or a Hot Tub in the VIP area where they were promoting another Metal event, the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. With such endless excitement and stimulation, here is what happened on Day One alone.

The Flatliners

Jump starting Heavy Montréal on Friday August 7th on the main stage, Scène Molson Canadian, at 1:00 PM were the Toronto Punk Rockers, Flatliners. Signed with Fat Wreck Chords, they served as part of the FatWreckedFor25Years Tour with NOFX, Lagwagon, $wingin’ Utter$, Masked Intruder, toyGuitar, and Bad Cop Bad Cop. It was a tasteful way to start the day, where the punctual fans were able to crack open a beer and Rock out. Formed in 2002, the band consists of Scott Brigham (guitar/vocals), Chris Cresswell (vocals/guitar), Jon Darbey (bass/vocals) and Paul Ramirez (drums). Performing the same day as the release of Division of Spoils: A Collection of B-Sides & Rarities’ went out worldwide.

Known for their honesty and Punk-Ska style, their fun-filled energy pleased the crowd, leaving a fan crying out, “Oh yes!” Brigham thanked the early-birds and mentioned how cool it was having a beer before noon and hanging out with friends. He continued by expressing how cool it was to be there and warned everyone that they are in for a long weekend. Their catchy and friendly set included songs from the acclaimed Cavalcade (2010) with tracks such as “Count Your Bruises,” “Monumental,” and “Carry the Banner.” They swung into newer tracks as well from Dead Language, such as “Sew My Mouth Shut.” Saving the fan favored track “Shithawks” from Cavalcade for their finale, stimulated all with fulfilled delight. The FatWreckedFor25Years tour ends on August 24th, but they will come around again, especially on August 26th at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas. Do not miss out!


Awakening the Death Metallers in the park, at 1:30 PM on the Scène HEAVY, it was time for Gorguts to brutally change the pace by darkening the crowd’s souls. Originally from Quebec the group includes the notorious, and the only original member, Luc Lemay (vocals/guitar), followed by, Kevin Hufnagel (guitar), Colin Marston (bass) and Patrice Hamelin (drums). Since the original formation in 1989, the band has faced a plethora of obstacles including being dropped by a major record label, an unfortunate suicide by Steve MacDonald (drums) in 2002, and several lineup changes. However, one thing has remained, their music is legendary since the 1991 release of Considered Dead. They have influenced the Death and Extreme Metal sub-genres, and bands such as Cryptopsy and Beyond Creation emerged due to their inspirational legacy. Since Gorguts’ second resurrection in 2008, they have released their fifth studio album, Colored Sands, in 2013 via Season of the Mist, which was a twelve year follow-up from the fourth, From Wisdom to Hate (2001). Despite the battles and demons Gorguts have faced over the years, the large fanbase has sustained, and it was shown on the early afternoon at Heavy Montreal. Tackling their vicious set with the newer and more progressive Opeth-esque sounds of tracks “Le Toit du Monde,” “An Ocean of Wisdom,” “Forgotten Arrows,” and “Colored Sands” from Colored Sands, ignited the first circle pit of the weekend. Closing the set with the historical tracks of “Inverted” off of From Wisdom to Hate and the momentous title track of Obscura (1998), ended with a grueling finale, where fans were hungry for more.


Meanwhile, at 1:45 PM, deep in the forest, toyGuitar warmed up the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage. From San Francisco, California, these Rockers, who are signed with Fat Wreck Chords, were there to energize the Punk Rocker crowd for more rebellious fuel. The one-of-a-kind sounds are compiled by Rosie Gonce (drums), Jack Dalrymple (vocals/guitar), Paul Oxborrow (bass/vocals) and Miles Peck (guitar/vocals). Their debut-studio album, In This Mess, was released in January, 2015, and they were there to introduce it to the Montreal audience. With tracks such as “Human Hyenas” and “Let’s Talk in the Shower,” it was guaranteed that quite a few more albums were sold that day.


Needing no introduction to the Montréal locals, at 2:15 PM on the Scène Molson Canadian, the Thrash Metallers Anonymus flourished in. Formed in 1989, and  a huge fan base was created in Canada. These veterans consist of Carlos Araya (drums/vocals), Jef Fortin (guitar/vocals), Daniel Souto (guitar/vocals) and Oscar Souto (vocals and bass). On this day, it was the Independent release of their seventh album, Envers Et Contre Tous, and played tracks such as the title track and “Décrisse.” Instruments were raised towards the heavens and driven below to the darkened warriors where fans roared during “Fonce Ou Créve” from Chapter Chaos Begins (2006). With the melodic mix of Symphonic and Heavy Metal, along with their magnifying stage presence, hopefully they will trek out past the Canadian borders in the near future.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Festival lineups are never set in stone, and the night before, the Seattle Metallers Brothers of the Sonic Cloth announced on their Facebook page that they were added. Replacing After the Burial due to the recent loss of former guitarist Justin Lowe, understandably deciding to drop from the Summer Slaughter tour to grieve through this difficult time. Despite the sad news, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth tackled the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 2:15 PM and promoted their self-titled release from February, 2015 via Neurot Recordings. Leading the stage with the legendary Tad Doyle, originally from the ‘90s Grunge movement; formerly of TAD, it was time to maliciously attack the stage with new tracks such as “Lava” and “La Mano Poderosa.”

Beyond Creation

Happily to drive Metal into all eardrums, it was time for the Montréal Progressive Death Metal locals Beyond Creation to charge onto the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 3PM. Over the past ten years, they have grown immensely, and are now considered one of the pioneers of the Technical Death Metal sub-genre scene in Canada, especially after their 2011 acclaimed release of The Aura. After the 2014 Earthborn Evolution via Season of the Mist, they signed up with the Summer Slaughter tour, playing alongside acts such as Arch Enemy, Veil of Maya, Obscura, and Cattle Decapitation. It has been an incredible journey for Simon Girard (vocals/guitar), Kevin Chartré (guitar), Hugo Doyon-Karout (bass), and Philippe Boucher (drums). Fans at Heavy Montreal gathered around for a primitive experience. The setlist overwhelmed the crowd with fortified circle pits and headbanging gratification with tracks such as “Omnipresent Perception,” “Elusive Reverence,” “Earthborn Evolution,” “Fundamental Process,” and the explosive ending with “Coexistence.”

Venom Inc.

Making legendary strides at 3 PM on the Scène HEAVY stage, fans gathered around to see a few Black Metal Pioneers, Venom Inc., hit the platform. This past Spring, it was announced that former Venom members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn (guitar) and Anthony “Abaddon” Bray (drums) reunited with Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (vocals/bass) and formed Venom Inc. It was the second album, Black Metal in 1982 where, Mantas and Abaddon were part of the landmark and influence in the Black Metal sub-genre. The three were part of the acclaimed Prime Evil in 1989, and they have now rejoined to awaken the infamous beast. Keeping the rawness alive, fans cheered the moment they walked on the stage. Dolan looked out at the crowd and shouted that it is their fans that keep them going. Knowing exactly what the audience wanted to hear, they played tracks such as “Prime Evil,” “The Seven Gates of Hell,” “Sons of Satan,” “Welcome to Hell” and of course the ultimate “Black Metal.” This momentous event is not even close to the last as they are set to tour across the globe, including Europe, Asia ,and South America. The three of them together will soon record a new album, which is promised to sustain with the original venomous aesthetic.


Heating up the afternoon, it was time for the Bostanian Thrashers Revocation to fire up the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 3:30 PM. Originally prepared for a thirty minute set, and after a last minute change, an additional fifteen minutes was added. Maintaining their professionalism and familiarity with their material, this did not stop them to put on a dominating show as they added three additional tracks without hesitation. Originally formed in 2000 under the name of Cryptic Warning, they became Revocation in 2006. The latest lineup includes David Davidson (guitar/vocals), Dan Gargiulo (guitar/vocals), Brett Bamberger (bass/vocals) and newest member since June, Ash Pearson (drums). During the Spring of 2014, the band signed with Metal Blade Records and by October, the fifth studio album Deathless was released. Their set consisted of a mix of material from Existence is Futile (2009), Revocation (2013), Teratogenesis, EP (2012) and Deathless (2014), with tracks such as “Enter the Hall,” “Fracked,” “Teratogenesis,” “Labyrinth of Eyes,” “Invidious,” “Dismantle the Dictator,” “Madness Opus” and “Witch Trials.” They know how to put on a killer performance, and it will be seen again in September, as bands such as Cannibal Corpse are signed onto this upcoming tour as well.

Strung Out

During an afternoon of Heavy Metal fist-pumping, it was time for the historic Punk Rockers, from Simi Valley, California, Strung Out to grace the Scène Molson Canadian platform at 3:45 PM. Since their formation in 1989, they have released their eighth studio album in March 2015, Transmission.Alpha.Delta under the acclaimed Fat Wreck Chords. This was a six year follow up from their seventh, Agents of the Underground (2009), and fans could not be happier. Jason Cruz (vocals), Rob Ramos (guitar), Chris Aiken (bass), Jake Kiley (guitar), and Jordan Burns (drums) tackled the stage with a forty five minute set and were ready to have some fun. Cruz stated how great it was to be back, as they were celebrating their twenty-five year anniversary with Fat Wreck Chords, and dove into “Velvet Alley” from An American Paradox (2002). Aiken ran across the stage and showcased quite a few bass solos. The instrumentation and entertaining jams continued as they played tracks such as “No Voice of Mine,” “The Animal and the Machine,” and “Westcoasttrendkill.” Currently touring with the FatWreckedFor25Years Tour, they will also be at the It’s Not Dead Festival in San Bernardino, California on October 10th.

Cattle Decapitation

On the small naturistic Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 4:15 PM, the San Diego Vegans Cattle Decapitation destructed the platform. Bringing their notorious Grindcore vocals and ruthless melodies, they caused a vehement mayhem in the crowd. Formed in 1996, these geniuses consist of Travis Ryan (vocals), Josh Elmore (guitar), Derek Engemann (bass), and David McGraw (drums). On this day, the long anticipated release of The Anthropocene Extinction, the seventh studio album via Metal Blade Records, went out worldwide. A conceptual record that is perhaps their most depressing to date, involving the environmental ruins the world faces, especially in the Pacific Ocean. Expressing such devastation led the packed crowd with moshing and crowd surfing glory. Annihilating the small stage, where it was obvious that they deserved a larger platform, stinging all with deathly guitar riffs, vicious drum peddling and horrifying screams. Fans were enjoying their setlist mainly from the latest release along with Monolith of Inhumanity (2012), playing tracks such as “Manufactured Extinct,” “The Prophets of Loss,” “Your Disposal,” “Mammals in Babylon,” “Forced Gender Reassignment,” and closing with the provoking “Pacific Grim.” Cattle Decapitation will be back again after the Summer Slaughter Tour as they have joined Cannibal Corpse on their “Fall North American Tour” that launches in October.

Arch Enemy

Many swarmed in to stand as close as possible to the Scène HEAVY stage as the Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Arch Enemy thrust onto the platform at 4:30 PM. Since their formation in 1996, nine ferocious albums have been released including the 2014 War Eternal via Century Media Records, which introduced former Agonist vocalist and Montréal native, Alissa White-Gluz, who replaced Angela Gossow in early 2014. The rest of the pack includes the notorious founder Michael Amott (guitar), Daniel Erlandsson (drums), Sharlee D’Angelo (bass), and since fall of 2014, the ex-Nevermore guitarist, Jeff Loomis who replaced Nick Cordle. The Montréal crowd welcomed White-Gluz with fists raised in the air as she tackled the stage with her gruelling roars and eruptive stage presence. The vigorous set included “Yesterday is Dead and Gone,” “War Eternal,” “Ravenous,” “Stolen Life,” “Dead Eyes See No Future,” “As The Pages Burn,” “Nemesis” and “Avalanche.” The musicianship maintained course and awakened the crowd, including a fan dressed up as Spiderman crowd surfing like a super villain. Anything can happen at an Arch Enemy show, which would make many fans ask to see more. Their North American Tour is winding down, headlining this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour, and will soon launch their European tour this Fall.

The Acacia Strain

Chaos and destruction ripped in with bubbles on the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 4:45 PM when the Metalcore band The Acacia Strain owned the platform. Since their initial formation in 2001, they have gone through quite a few lineup changes where frontman Vincent Bennett is the only original member standing. The latest lineup includes the longest drummer since 2005, Kevin Boutot, Devin Shidaker and Rich Gomez on guitar, who both joined in 2013, and newest member Griffin Landa on bass. Fans had a blast hearing the new material from their seventh studio album Coma Witch via Rise Records that was released in 2014, as they moshed their way through the Wall of Death. Aggressively performing newer tracks such as “Human Disaster,” “Send Help,” and “Cauterizer,” bubbles were floating high in the air over the stage. The ultimate highlight was during the performance of “Whoa! Shut it Down,” from The Dead Walk, as the emotion rolled through the entire area, knowing it was dedicated to the late Justin Lowe from After the Burial. These Connecticut based Screamers are part of the Summer Slaughter Tour and will be heading overseas with Northlane during the Fall.


Shifting back to eighties nostalgic waves on the Scène Molson Canadian stage was the Glam Bostanian Metallers Extreme kicking in at 5:15 PM. It was a momentous performance as Montreal fans were lucky to see them perform on the very same day as the Twenty-Five year anniversary of their acclaimed second studio album Extreme II: Pornograffitti (A Funked Up Fairy Tale) was released. Fans circled in as they watched legends Gary Cherone (vocals), Nuno Bettencourt (guitar/vocals), Pat Badger (bass), and Kevin Figueiredo (drums) power through their set. Songs included “It (‘s a Monster),” “Kid Ego,” “Comfortably Dumb,” “Play With Me,” “More Than Words,” “Cupid’s Dead,” “Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee,” and closing with “Get the Funk Out.” The band emitted such enthusiasm throughout the animated performance, especially during Bettencourt’s vibrant solo jam. No news of a follow up record from their 2008 Saudades de Rock release, however, they will be at the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February, 2016.

Nothing More

Conquering the small stage Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth at 5:30 PM were the San Antonio, Texas Rockers Nothing More. Surprising new fans, Jonny Hawkins (vocals/aux drums), Daniel Oliver (bass), Mark Vollelunga (guitar), and Paul O’Brien (drums) powered through their flawless tracks. They stunning all as they went in with “Mr. MTV” from their self titled sixth studio album from 2014, under their first major record label Eleven Seven Music Group. Carrying on with the latest tunes, they crushed with “Christ Copyright” followed by Hawkins, Oliver and Vollelunga entertained with the signature shared bass solo while it rose on the stand. The short set continued with the emotional “Jenny,” “This is the Time (Ballast)” and closing with “Salem (Burn the Witch).” The crowd did not know what to expect as their energy excited all, including one fan that let loose by climbing a tree to get a better view. Continuing to tour across North America throughout the early Fall, they will also be heading out to Europe in November. These guys know how to Rock, and deserve a larger platform.

Veil of Maya

From Chicago, Illinois, the Deathcore group Veil of Maya tackled the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 6:00 PM. Recently releasing the fifth studio album, Matriarch, in May via Sumerian Records, they raged in with merciless fashion. Since the newest vocalist Lukas Magyar’s initial appearance with the group at 2014’s Knotfest, fans have been praising his deathly roars. Marc Okubo (guitar), Dan Hauser (bass), and Sam Applebaum (drums) pulverized as they played tracks such as “Lucy,” “Mikasa,” “Punisher,” “[id],” “Unbreakable,” “Phoenix” and “Leeloo.” They will be flying out overseas after wrapping up with the Summer Slaughter Tour, however, if anyone missed them, they should check out the monstrous Matriarch.


Popping in on the Scène HEAVY stage, it was time for Californian Punk Rockers Lagwagon at 6:00 PM. Formed in 1990 and signed with Fat Wreck Chords, the current lineup consists of Joey Cape (vocals), Chris Flippin (guitar), Joe Raposo (bass), Chris Rest (guitar), and Dave Raun (drums). It was time for the crowd to unwind to this danceable set. Promoting their eighth studio album Hang that was released in October 2014, making it the nine year follow up from the 2005 Resolve, they were ready to launch their set with newer tracks such as “Made of Broken Parts.” Maintaining a fun energy and a jovial spirit, Cape announced one tune as “something you aren’t going to do tonight,” and went into “Sleep.” Remaining fun and entertaining, they punched into songs such as “Stokin’ the Neighbors,” “Lazy,” “Know it All,” “Dis’Chords,” “The Cog in the Machine,” “Alien 8,” and “May 16” where fans relished in their positive spirit. Part of the FatWreckedFor25Years tour, however, no upcoming tour dates are available once this one wraps on August 24th.


Fans gathered around to see the reunited Indie Rock band from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Moneen, to hit the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 6:45 PM. Formed in 2000, after a three year silence, they are back playing shows, and on this day, frontman Kenny Bridges released his solo EP BR/DGES. Regardless of the solo release, the crowd gathered in complete anticipation to see Erik Hughes (bass/vocals), Hippy Hughes (vocals/guitar), and Peter Krpan (drums) reunite as well on the small stage for an unforgettable return. Hopefully they will head back to the studio to record a follow up from their 2009 release of The World I Want to Leave Behind.


As the park was filling up, it was time for Swedish Experimental Metallers Meshuggah to conquer the Scène Molson Canadian stage at 7:00 PM. Always emphasizing originality to their ever changing style since their initial formation in 1987, it was time for Jens Kidman (vocals,) Fredrik Thordendal (guitar), Mårten Hagström (guitar), Tomas Haake (drums), and Dick Lövgren (bass) to shred into a thunderous performance. Kicking off with an atmospheric introduction, fans begging for a relentless heavy set, they slowly walked onto the platform and ripped into “Rational Gaze” from 2002’s Nothing. Kidman engaged with the crowd as he tormented all, expressing his disappointment that the crowd was not loud enough, where a massive roar in the audience erupted shortly after. Abrasively tackling their set with emotion, they went into tracks from multiple parts of their career including “Obzen,” “Do Not Look Down,” “Future Breed Machine,” “New Millenium Cyanide Christ,” and closing with the back to back piece of “In Death- Is Life” and “In Death – Is Death” from Catch Thirtythree. This performance heated the crowd to a mosh frenzy where the security hozed all for a brief cool down. Being a huge influence on Progressive Metal music, they have booked two shows to open with the legendary Thrashers Metallica in Bergen, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden on August 20th and 22nd. They will be back soon enough, hopefully, after recording a follow up from 2012’s Koloss via Nuclear Blast Records, that will possibly be released sometime in 2016.


Protesting on the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 7:15 PM were French Rap Metallers Lofofora. For over twenty-five years, they have been vocalizing the political issues they face in their French society, similar to the American band Rage Against the Machine. Reuno Wangermez (vocals/guitar), Daniel Descieux (guitar), Phil Curty (bass), and Vincent Hernault raged in promoting their latest 2014 album L’épreuve du contraire. Performing tracks in their native tongue, their set included song such as “Pornolitique,” “Envie de tuer,” and “L’œuf.”


Concluding night one on the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage were Montréal local Death Metallers Augury at 8:00 PM. Just two days before the festival, they announced on their Facebook that they were added to the lineup last minute. Replacing the German Death Metal band Obscura, who were forced to drop from the Summer Slaughter tour all together due to unfortunate Visa issues, which led them in a horrendous governmental nightmare, where despite applying for a visa months in advance, the US Immigration still did not approve. Moving forward, Patrick Loisel (vocals/guitar), Mathieu Marcotte (guitar), Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (bass), and Étienne Gallo (drums) were honored to perform as they drove in with tracks from their latest album in 2009 Fragmentary Evidence via Nuclear Blast Records.


Reuniting on the Scène HEAVY stage at 8:00 PM were the Hardcore Canadians, Alexisonfire. After their initial split in 2011, it was recently announced last Spring that they will return to perform at a variety of festivals including Riot Fest, however, there is no plan on heading back to the studio to record new material. Known for being a unique act, fans moshed at different extremities as the vocals of George Petit ruthlessly serenaded all. The very same energy reawakened this evening as their hateful introduction fled in. Dallas Green (guitar/vocals), Wade MacNeil (guitar/vocals), Chris Steele (bass), and Jordan Hastings (drums) maliciously jammed through their set as crowd surfers soared through the pit. Keeping the energy alive, fans sung along to their set during such songs as “Boiled Frogs,” “The Northern,” “We Are the Sound,” and “.44 Caliber Love Letter.” Controlling the stage during “Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints” and “Young Cardinals,” Dallas Green tested the crowd as he rolled in a few lines from Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to see if anyone in the audience would catch on, and sure enough, they did. It was their inevitable closeout with “Happiness by the Kilowatt” off of 2004’s Watch Out! that left fans screaming in bliss for experiencing this incredible reunion.


Thirty Years ago, a Hardcore sound emerged. As the time passed, it evolved into a Doom-Experimental Metal masterpiece, and this group is now known to be one of the top influential bands in Metal history. On this evening, from Oakland, California, Neurosis closed the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 8:30 PM. The current lineup consists of Scott Kelly (guitar/vocals), Steve Von Till (guitar/vocals), Dave Edwardson (bass), Noah Landis (organ/piano), and Jason Roeder (drums). Exhilarating all, they opened up with the classic “Locust Star” and continued with “The Doorway,” “Times of Grace,” “My Heart For Deliverance,” “The Tide,” and closed with “Through Silver in Blood.” An eleventh studio album was rumored to be released sometime in 2015 as a follow up from 2012’s Honor Found in Decay via Neurot Recordings. No official date has been announced and perhaps it is pushed due to being on the road celebrating their thirty-year anniversary.


As the evening was coming to a close, it was time for the headlining act of the night, KoRn, to embrace the Scène Molson Canadian stage. Fans immediately cried out “KoRn” while a few screamed at the top of their lungs, “play ‘Got The Life’.” Regardless, it was obvious that everyone was excited to experience Nu Metal history. Known to be one of the Nu Metal pioneers since their formation in 1993 in Bakersfield, California, they have released four historical albums in a row including Life is Peachy (1996), Follow The Leader (1998), and Issues (1999). On this evening, everyone paid full attention to the ultimate momentous debut album, KoRn, where they have been performing it in its entirety to celebrate twenty years of its existence. Despite having eleven studio albums to date and signed with Prospect Park, including the latest, The Paradigm Shift in 2013, it is the first four albums that KoRn has created a legendary landmark for themselves.

Not needing much of any introduction, Jonathan Davis (vocals), James Shaffer (guitar), Brian Welch (guitar), Reginald Arvizu (bass), and Ray Luzier (drums) shined on the stage. Davis, donning his trademark dreads and classic Adidas pants, approached the stage-front and held onto his notorious nineties-esque mic, as many bands today hold due to his inspiration. This somehow made everyone experience a flashback to 1994 where they would hear this fresh, unique style of Metal for the first time. Charging in with “Blind,” Davis screaming out the iconic question of “Are you ready” had everyone headbanging along while many crowd-surfed. Performing with such passion and endurance, KoRn moved along with “Ball Tongue,” “Need To,” “Faget,” and “Shoots and Ladders,” to the emotional ending of album, “Daddy.” As much as each and every fan enjoyed hearing the album in its entirety, they knew that KoRn was not finished yet.

It was time for their encore. As fans continued to scream and beg “play ‘Got The Life’,” KoRn reappeared and closed the night with “Falling Away From Me,” “Here to Stay,” and “Freak on a Leash.” This performance neglected one fan favored track of “Got The Life,” however, fans remained awe-inspired and ecstatic to see these legends close out night one. Continuing to perform the debut album on the Korn’s 20th Anniversary tour this Fall, they will make stops at intimate venues, including Irving Plaza New York City on October 5th, as well as headlining large festivals such as Rock Allegiance and Knotfest. Suicide Silence and Islander will be opening for them on this tour.

That wrapped up day one of Heavy Montréal, where everyone had a taste from a variety of Metal, Rock, and Punk sub-genres that left it one fulfilling day, however, thirsty for Day Two. Metalheads in a variety of t-shirts, long hair, and dirt from the park packed up the metro, as they screamed “Heavy Montréal!”

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