Heavy Montreal Triumphs on Day 2 Montreal, QC 8-8-15

Heavy Montreal Triumphs on Day 2 Montreal, QC 8-8-15

After the satisfying first day of Heavy Montréal, fans were ready for round two and returned for another full day of live substantial acts at the Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saturday, August 8th. Filing into the park for an early start, and perhaps booze as well, people were ready for a magical experience. They were ready to see icons and legends such as Abbath, Lita Ford, Iggy Pop, and headliner Faith No More dominate the day.

Slaves On Dope

Opening Day Two on a heavy note, Montréal’s own Nu Metallers Slaves on Dope rumbled onto the Scène Molson Canadian stage at 1:00 PM. Original founding members Jason Rockman (vocals) and Kevin Jardine (guitar) reunited and brought along with them in 2009, Sebastien Ducap (bass) and Peter Tzaferis (drums). During the early nineties they were one of the up and coming bands which started under the Grunge influence and morphed away towards the Nu Metal scene. Moving forward, Slaves on Dope took the chance, packed their bags to Los Angeles, and broke out with their acclaimed Inches From the Mainline in 2001. However, success was not always the case as they went on a five year hiatus, packed their bags, and moved back home to Montreal shortly after. Living the roller coaster life of ups and downs, fans rejoiced after the official reunion when the 2012 Over the Influence released.

Pleased to kick off Day Two, they crushed in with tracks such as “Columbian Ascot” from 2003’s Metafour, where they bled riveting bass lines and harsh lyrics. The crowd was pumped and enjoyed this early set with moshing pleasure. When it was time to go into Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” Rockman mentioned that the guys from Venom Inc. were in the audience. Shortly after, Rockman announced their upcoming album, Horse, and elaborated how it was supposed to come out in 2013 and was pushed to 2015, as they fled into a new track. Rockman took a moment to look out to the large audience and noticed an adorable kid in the crowd, who was sitting on someone’s shoulders, then went into their classic “Pushing Me” from Inches from the Mainline. Closing the set with “Leaders of Losers” had fans participate to shout out, “Don’t tell me how to live my life.” From the cheers and screams, it was obvious all were having a great time.

Mass Murder Messiah

Grooving across the wooded area on the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 1:15 PM were Montréal’s Mass Murder Messiah. Entertaining with an individual sense of style since 2006, the band has gone through a few lineup changes, including bringing former Neuraxis frontman, Alex Leblanc (vocals), on board since Winter of 2014. The rest of the group consists of Captain Jef (guitar/vocals), Vince “Watou” B. Doiron (guitar/vocals), Bizier (bass), and Sammoth (drums). Swinging in with their metallic riffs and sinful drum peddling had early Metalheads energetically launch their first circle pit of the day during songs such as “Rise of Evil,” “Horrors of War,” and “Born Again Apocalypse.” Mass Murder Messiah will be playing in their hometown again on October 9th at the Petit Campus.


San Francisco, CA Black Metallers Deafheaven darkened the Scène HEAVY stage at 1:30 PM. Originally started out as a duo act with founding members George Clarke (vocals) and Kerry McCoy (guitar), they expanded into a quintet, adding Daniel Tracy (drums), Stephen Clark (bass), and Shiv Mehra (guitar), becoming a touring band. Opening with an atmospheric shoegaze sound led many to reminiscent of an early nineties Cradle of Filth. Their energy persisted with trembling chords, gruelling screams, and instrumental melodies in tracks such as “Dream House,” “Sunbather,” and “Unrequited.” There will be a lot more Deafheaven to come since they are on the verge of releasing New Bermuda via Anti-records on October 2, 2015, which would be the follow up from the acclaimed 2013 Sunbather. The band will be hitting the road shortly after for a North American Tour that kicks off on October 15th in San Diego, CA with bands Envy and Tribulation.

The Brains

Trekking back to the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 1:45 PM, a batch of Horror-Punks from Montréal, The Brains, stunned the nearby Metalheads. Since 2008, Rene D La Muerte (guitar/vocals), Colin the Dead (double Bass), and Phil The Beast (drums) have traveled across North America and overseas to Europe with notable bands such as The Offspring. On this day, it was time to celebrate Psychobilly to the Hard Rocker crowd. Metalheads and Punk Rockers alike joined forces with a drink in their hands as they circled around in a spirited moshing and jumping frenzy. Colin the Dead ran across the stage with his massive bass, and all carried on with an enjoyable set, performing tracks such as “Thirty Days,” “Screaming,” and “We’ll Rise.”

Rocket From the Crypt

Returning to the Scène Molson Canadian stage, at 2:15 PM was San Diego, CA Punk Rockers Rocket From the Crypt. Bringing in the Ska-Punk vibe as Speedo, Petey X, Notorious ND, Apollo 9, JC 2000, Ruby Mars, and Atom gleefully walked on the stage. It was their 1992 release of Circa:Now! that sparked interest from fans, and after the 1998 RFTC, they reached their peak in popularity and praised acclaim from critics alike. After a few twists and turns, the group had a fallout in 2005 and it took six years for them to reunite, which happened to be for a children’s Television show, Yo Gabba Gabba. Luckily, this activity led to their official reunion in 2013 as they launched a North American and overseas tour. Fans gathered around and witnessed their enjoyable and danceable set. As they rocked out with saxophones, trumpets, and lavish musicianship, they shouted out to the crowd how much fun they were having with them. Signed under Swami, they will return in Los Angeles on October 10th for the Supreme Festival.

Ion Dissonance

Deathcore Montréal locals, Ion Dissonance hit the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 2:30 PM. Defining their sound since 2002, along with switching vocalists from 2006 where Kevin McCaughey officially replaced Gabriel McCaughry, led the group to a new direction. They have played at major festivals such as Maryland Deathfest, have been part of the Summer Slaughter Tour, and are also known to be one of the pioneers of Deathcore in Canada. Musically, they have been silent since their 2010 release of Cursed, however, in December 2014, a new track, “Ill Will,” was released, and on this day, they astonished the crowd with their merciless performance. Antoine Lussier (guitar), Sebastien Chaput (guitar), Jean-François Richard (drums), and newest member Dominic Grimard (bass) mangled the stage as McCaughey triggered mayhem as he hollered in with “The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same.” A release date has not been set for the upcoming new album, however, fans know it will be brutal, and they are eagerly waiting.

Lita Ford

Switching to an iconic level, a large crowd gathered around the Scène HEAVY stage to see the Queen of Metal, Lita Ford at 3:00 PM. During the sixties and seventies, there were very few all female Rock bands such as one of the original San Francisco based, The Ace of Cups. However, The Runaways became more publicly known and climbed a ladder of success at the speed of light where a group of teenagers, who are now legends: Joan Jett, Sandy West, Cherie Currie, Jackie Fox, and the notorious Lita Ford, joined forces in the mid seventies. Ford’s success has only grown since as she moved on with a solo career and released eight infamous albums such as Lita (1988), and her latest Living Like a Runaway (2012).

Patrick Kennison (guitar), Bobby Rock (drums), and Marty O’Brien (bass) accompanied this multitalented genius and knocked right in with “Larger Than Life.” There were a few sound difficulties, but that did not stop  Ford from giving a killer performance. Dressed in red and choosing her B.C Rich yellow guitar, her energy was unstoppable. Knowing exactly what the audience wanted to hear while powerfully connecting with her fans, she continued with “Relentless,” “Hungry,” and “Gotta Let Go.” The fun did not stop as Ford described the next track that was written for LA based bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, and The Runaways as she went into “Living Like a Runaway.” Moving along, it was time for “Can’t Catch Me” as she gave a shout out to Bobby Rock on the drums. Fans screamed as she went into the famous The Runaways cover of “Cherry Bomb.” Keeping the excitement high, Ford switched to her “twins,” the Double-Neck B.C. Rich, and went into the classic “Close My Eyes Forever,” where Kennison filled in for Ozzy Osbourne on vocals. Ford concluded her set with “Kiss Me Deadly,” and this was thus far a highlighted moment of the festival. Ford is highly worth seeing live as she will be touring throughout the Fall. There will be a lot more of Ford after the release of her book, Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir, which is set to release on February 23, 2016.


One of the most influential Hardcore bands for the Long Islanders out in New York, Glassjaw mastered the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 3:15 PM. Formed in 1993, The band became a historical smash from their Roadrunner debut of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence in 2000. Eventually the label dropped them and the ambitious group has been self-promoting and releasing albums under their own creative freedom. Performing a memorable set, they powered through classic tracks such as “Tip Your Bartender,” “Mu Empire,” “The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports,” “Ape Dos Mil,” as well as “Pretty Lush,” “Siberian Kiss” and closing with “Two Tabs of Mescaline.” Fans were left wanting more, and hopefully there will be additional shows as well as perhaps a new release in the near future.


As fans appeared, expressing their immortal souls with painted faces, the infamous Abbath took their place on the Scène Molson Canadian stage at 3:45 PM. The Norwegian natives announced last Spring, the unfortunate official breakup of the historic Black Metal band, Immortal. Abbath broke into a solo career, bringing along with him were King (bass), Creature (drums), and Valla (guitar). Signed with Season of Mist and an album hopefully is now promised to be released in 2016, it was time for the immaculate, mystifying performance of Abbath. Creeping onto the platform with use of a fog machine, Abbath asked the beloved crowd if they were feeling Immortal, and wanted to hear all as he charged into tracks such as “Warriors,” “One By One,” “Tyrants,” “Nebular Ravens Winter,” “All Shall Fall,” and closed with “Withstand the Fall Of Time.” Maintaining a high level of energy, they embraced Death Metal to all extremities, and fans were left screaming for more. A notorious artist, Kim Holm, appeared in the crowd and was caught painting the beloved Abbath during this performance. Heading out overseas during the Fall, they will be playing at the Loud Park 15 at the 10th Anniversary tour with headliners Megadeth and Slayer in Tokyo on October 10th and 11th. A European Tour will kick off early Winter of 2016 as well.

Masked Intuder

Invading the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth at 4:00 PM were the mysterious Punk Rockers from Madison, Wisconsin, Masked Intruder. These colorful faces formed in 2011 and consist of Blue (singer), Green (guitar), Yellow (bass), and Red (drums). Known for wearing their designated color ski masks, they have been signed with the notorious Fat Wreck Chords after the re-release of their initial 2012 debut album, Red Scare. Thundering through their set, fans were delighted during tracks such as “Stick ‘em Up,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight” and “Unrequited Love.” It is not too late to see these masked souls invade your town as they will be touring this Fall with acts such as The Copyrights and Not Scientists.


Embracing the Scène HEAVY stage at 4:30 PM were historic French Metallers, Gojira. Since their initial formation in 1996, they have toured with astounding acts such as Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, and Behemoth, sparking a massive fan base throughout the years. Evolving in Extreme Metal fashion, Joe Duplantier (guitar/vocals), Mario Duplantier (drums), Christian Andreu (guitar), and Jean-Michel Labadie (bass) dominated the afternoon as fans roared with pleasure. As Gojira ripped through their set, mud-covered fans surfed through the crowd. As songs progressed from “Ocean Planet,” “The Axe,” “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe,” and “Backbone,” fans fearlessly moshed. Carrying on with “Remembrance,” “L’Enfant Sauvage,” “Flying Whales,” and closing out with “Vacuity,” surely heated all for what was next to come for the remainder of the night. A new album is rumored to release in 2016, making it their sixth studio album to follow up from the 2012 L’Enfant Sauvage. With its release, hopefully they will be back soon.

Dig it Up

Hitting the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 5:15 PM were the Montréal Punk Rockers Dig it Up. This batch of friends: Balloo, Mike, Andrea, David, and Internet Mike, formed in 2008, and it has been nothing but a true adventure for them ever since. After playing at festivals such as Warped Tour, and touring throughout North America, they settled in the studio, and during the Summer of 2013, Manners was released. As they went into tracks “Eyes On You,” “Oh No,” and “Cops On Horses,” the crowd took in their spirited energy as they enjoyed the company of their own friends as well.


As many gathered their dinner and walked towards the Scène Molson Canadian stage, it was time for Thrash legends from the Bay Area, California, Testament to take the stage at 5:15 PM. The lineup for this particular show was slightly different since Bassist Steve Di Giorgio and Drummer Gene Hoglan did not attend due to being on a European tour with DEATH TO ALL (DTA). Filling in for them were Tilen Hudrap from Vicious Rumours on bass and Battlecross’ Alex Bent on drums. Remaining members, Alex Skolnick (guitar), Chuck Billy (vocals) and founding member Eric Peterson (guitar) appeared, and despite the different lineup, their performance was historic as ever. Since their formation in 1983, they have been nothing but unstoppable and released ten studio albums including 2012’s Dark Roots of Earth via Nuclear Blast Records. Cutting in and thrashing at its finest, they opened with the historic “Over The Wall,” and led into the latest “Rise Up” followed by “More Than Meets the Eye.” Taking a moment to engage with the crowd, Billy looked at all and demanded them to create a circle pit as they performed “Into the Pit.” Fans continued to roar as these Metal titans tackled the stage. This dominating set also included fan favorite tracks such as “The New Order,” “D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)” and closed with “Disciples of the Watch.” Recently confirmed for the 2016 Maryland Deathfest XIV in Baltimore, they will be at Riot Fest in Denver, Colorado on August 28th. Between then, hopefully their promised eleventh studio album will be released.


Crossing over to the sounds of Metal/Grind/HardCore on the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 5:45 PM were Montréal locals B.A.R.F. Formed in 1986, the band has been reaching the spotlight in Quebec with the current lineup consisting of Marc Vaillancourt (vocals), Denis Lepage (guitar), Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (bass), and Carlos Araya (drums). Promoting their latest release in their native French tongue, the 2014 Brûle Consume Torturein, they dove in with “Intoxicated,” which had fans cheer. It was guaranteed to be an enjoyable performance as they continued with “Wo Wo tabarnak,” “Éternelle,” “Le p’tit poisson” and “Mouton noir.” Continuing to stay in Canada, they will be at the Hard Candy festival in Saint Valérien De Milton on September 5th.

Billy Talent

As the evening packed up, it was time for Toronto Punk Rockers Billy Talent to monopolize the Scène HEAVY stage at 6:00 PM. It took nearly an entire decade since their initial formation in 1993 to get signed and release their major self-titled debut in 2003. After spending over twenty years on the road together and traveling the world, they have formed an honest friendship and brotherhood. Benjamin Kowalewicz (vocals), Ian D’Sa (guitar), Jon Gallant (bass), and Aaron Solowoniuk (drums) showcased this bond of trust, respect, and no ego on this evening. Known for having a loyal following, it was also noticed this night including one specific  fan who traveled across the globe from South Africa to see them perform.

Opening with a Punk Rock vibe during “Devil in a Midnight Mass,” the band followed with the energetic and fun “Viking Death March” and had heads bopping along. As the set moved with tracks such as “Surprise Surprise” and the latest “Kingdom of Zod,” Kowalewicz engaged with his fans and mentioned that he was born in Montréal, and launched into “Rusted From the Rain.” Songs kept flowing in, however, Kowalewicz stopped the set to have a direct conversation with the camera operator that was on the stage. After the brief chit chat, the set carried on with, “This is How it Goes,” “This Suffering,” “Prisoners of Today” and “Runnin’ Across the Tracks.” When music was back in the groove, Kowalewicz paused once again to announce that this was their twenty-second year as a band, and elaborated on how they never dreamed of being this big and to have shared the same exact stage as the iconic legend, Iggy Pop. Managing to make this a historical event, they continued with “River Below,” “Devil on My Shoulder,” “Red Flag,” and “Fallen Leaves.” Kowalewicz took a quick moment to express how people should continue to buy albums in order to keep Rock ‘n’ Roll alive as they closed their set with “Try Honesty.” Aiming to release a new album in early 2016, they will then launch a tour.

The Agonist

A crowd filled up the area of the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 6:30 PM for the Montréal Metallers The Agonist. Promoting their fourth studio album, Eye of Providence, which was released in February 2015 via Century Media Records, their new lineup features the latest vocalist, Vicky Psarakis, who replaced Alissa White-Gluz during the Spring of 2014. Since their initial formation in 2004, they have grown a fanbase after touring with acts such as Danzig, Kamelot, and Enslaved. The crowd roared as Danny Marino (guitar), Chris Kells (bass), Simon McKay (drums), and Pascal “Paco” Jobin (guitar) blasted on the stage. Screaming and marching through their material, which has been known to emphasise their concerns on animal rights and the destructive state the world is in, they powered through tracks such as “Gates of Horn and Ivory,” “Panophobia,” “Danse Macabre,” “Business Suits and Combat Boots,” and closed with “Follow the Crossed Line.” The Agonist will be supporting Epica in September with Eluveitie for the North American Tour that kicks off in September.

Devin Townsend Project

Exciting the masses on the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 7:00 PM was the diversified Devin Townsend Project. Known for performing a variety of assortments after each record, it was guaranteed that the audience was going to be stimulated with surprises. Being the founder, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of the Extreme Metal band Strapping Young Lad, Townsend is considered a Metal icon. After launching his solo career as The Devin Townsend Band, it has evolved, after a hiatus, to Devin Townsend Project in 2009 where it officially came to life and now includes members Anneke Van Giersbergen (vocals), Ryan Van Poederooyen (drums), Brian Waddell (bass), and Dave Young (guitar). Promoting the latest release of Z², which is short for Ziltoid 2, the double album from October, 2014, the crowd praised the set of “Rejoice,” “Night,” “Namaste,” “Storm,” “March of the Poozers,” “Supercrush!,” “Grace” and closer “Kingdom.” No sign of an upcoming tour, however, they will be playing a few selected dates in Australia during the end of October.


Californian Punk Rockers NOFX hit up the Scène Molson Canadian stage at 7:00 PM. Eric Melvin (guitar) and Erik Sandin (drums) walked on ready to perform as Fat Mike (vocals/bass) humorously swaggered onto the platform in a pink nightgown and luscious black garters. The honorary birthday boy of the night, El Hefe (guitar/vocals) waltzed in with a large smile and a classic birthday hat as he shouted, “Today is my birthday,” where all were able to celebrate his fiftieth. Launched as a group of young folks in 1983, and influenced by notorious bands such as the Misfits and Bad Religion, NOFX ended up being an inspiration of their own as they are currently one of the largest Punk bands from the nineties. Not only have they released twelve entertaining albums including S&M Airlines (1989), Ribbed (1991), Heavy Petting Zoo (1996) and Pump Up the Valuum (2000), they have made one of the longest Punk songs in history where it clocks at a total of 18 minutes and nineteen seconds in “The Decline” from 1999. Known to love being on the road performing live for their fans, which has been shown on Fuse TV’s Backstage Passport along with the follow up full fledged film, they knew how to Rock out.

Fat Mike examined the crowd as he honestly admitted that he did not care about the Heavy Metallers in the crowd and embraced only the Punk Rockers that were there. He also emphasized how a track of theirs was heavier than Dokken. Continuing to play tracks “Dinosaurs Will Die,” “Murder the Government,” “Bob,” “Leave It Alone,” “Franco Un-American,” and “I Believe in Goddess,” Fat Mike continued to poke fun and admitted to the Metallers that Metal would be good if the songs lasted for a minute and a half. Shortly after, Fat Mike looked around at the massive audience and played the next track for the Lesbian Canadians out there as they went into “Creeping Out Sara.” Shortly after, a piñata was broken out on the stage for Hefe as everyone, including the Metalheads, shouted “Happy Birthday!” Their set covered great material throughout their career including the Rancid cover of “Radio,” and moved onto tracks such as “Linoleum,” “72 Hookers,” “Eat the Meek,” and the French track of the Joe Dassin cover, “Champs Elysées.” Fans hollered when they closed out with the classic “The Brews.” As entertaining as they are, be careful standing up front near the stage, Fat Mike does not hesitate to mock Metalheads and Hipsters in the audience. Regardless, they are fun to watch and should be seen live. They will be at this years Fun Fun Fun festival in Austin, Texas on November 7th.


While Punk Rockers were gathered at the main stages, Metalheads created epic Wall of Death moshing battles and massive circle pits as Battlecross closed the Scène de la Forêt Blabbermouth stage at 7:45 PM. Since the formation in 2004, these Detroit, Michigan Metallers have added an extreme diversity to the Metal scene, which incorporates Thrash, Death Metal, as well as Heavy Metal, and seeing them live is becoming known to be a must have experience. As Kyle Gunther (vocals), Tony Asta (guitar), Hiran Deraniyagala (guitar), Don Slater (bass), and Alex Bent (drums) were on their way to releasing Rise to Power set for August 21st via Metal Blade Records, they were ready to test the new material to the Montréal crowd. At the kickoff of an impeccable set, fans eagerly jumped around and pumped their fists in the air, shouting out, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Gunther consumed the crowd as he jumped off of the stage and headed to the barricade in order to sing with his fans. The set included “Push Pull Destroy,” “Force Fed Lies,” “Beast,” “Absence,” first time live of the latest “Spoiled,” “Not Your Slave,” and “Flesh & Bone.” They are a lot of fun live and will be playing throughout August and September, including a few shows with GWAR and Butcher Babies for GWAR’s 30 years tour.

Iggy Pop

The clock struck in at a headlining hour, where an Icon led the Scène HEAVY at 8:00 PM. Fans rushed towards the front, a few pushed their way through in order to get as close as possible to be near the one and only, Iggy Pop. A moment as a night like this, possibly crossed many bucket lists to see such an honorable act lasting for over seventy minutes of notorious tunes from across his legendary career. For nearly fifty years, Iggy Pop has been the epitome inspiration for Punk Rock music since he vocalized with The Stooges. His style has progressed and continued to inspire while touching the Proto-Punk, Art, and Garage Rock sound waves. With such a diversity of mastery, Pop slayed the stage with an energy that took on as though he was still in his thirties as he ran around with the opening of “No Fun.”

Pop wrangled the microphone around him as he massacred through with “The Passenger,” “Lust For Life,” and “Skull Ring.” It was obvious that a retirement was no way near seen in sight as he bit into the microphone with “Sixteen” and “Five Foot One.” After running around the stage in his traditional wear, having nothing on but his jeans, it was time for Pop to loosen up some more, literally, as he unbuckled his pants, grabbed a chair, and dove into tracks such as “Sister Midnight,” “Some Weird Sin,” and closed the set with “Mass Production.”Fans were in complete awe and honored to witness this experience. Pop came back on the stage for an encore and officially closed with “I’m Bored,” “Funtime,” “Neighborhood Threat” and “Down on the Street.” Look out for more Iggy Pop at Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago.

Dying Fetus

Headlining the Scène de l’Apocalypse stage at 8:15 PM were Death Metaller Kings from Maryland, Dying Fetus. Flourishing into acclaim since their formation in 1991, and now signed under Relapse Records, this trio has faced quite a few lineup changes and currently includes John Gallagher (guitar/vocals), Sean Beasley (bass/vocals), and Trey Williams (drums). It was their turn to slaughter the smaller stage, and as a balloon floated across the air, Dying Fetus broke in with brutality. Demolishing their set with songs “Justifiable Homicide,” “In the Trenches,” “Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses),” “Pissing in the Mainstream,” and “Kill Your Mother Rape Your Dog,” ending with “Your Treachery Will Die With You.” Fans are currently anticipating a follow up from their 2012 Reign Supreme, however, they will be back to spread Metal destruction at this year’s Knotfest in October.

Faith No More

The distinct Alternative Metallers from San Francisco, CA, Faith No More, have returned to Montréal. Twenty-three years ago, they were there in 1992 during the Metallica and Guns N’ Roses riot, where James Hetfield was burned on stage during “Fade to Black,” and had to cut the set short. This time, there were flowers and no pyrogenics as Faith No More closed the second night on the Scène Molson Canadian stage at 9:15 PM. Initially formed in 1981 with original members Mike Bordin (drums), Billy Gould (bass), and Roddy Bottum (keyboard), after a few different vocalists, Mike Patton joined as frontman in 1988, just in time to create the historic The Real Thing (1989), which has brought them to epic heights in music. After a few lineup changes with the guitarist, Jon Hudson signed with the group in 1996. It was during the late nineties where they mysteriously drifted away as fans speculated a break up was on the rise, which was officially confirmed in 1998, due to focusing on individual side projects. Fans were heartbroken and crushed. Eleven years later, it was time to resurrect Faith No More with the same 1998 lineup. As they toured across the world to show how they care a lot, it was not until May, 2015 where they released the follow up of the 1997 Album of the Year where Sol Invictus via Reclamation Recordings came to life. This night, it was time for them to be aggressive on the stage as this was the last night of their North American Summer Tour.

Known to expect the unexpected, the stage was covered in flowers and each member was dressed in white. They opened up with the latest, “Motherfucker,” musically giving it their all as Bottum flawlessly shined on the keys. Next, they went into classics such as “From Out of Nowhere,” “Caffeine,” “Evidence,” and surprisingly, the fifth song, which shocked the massive crowd to hear so soon, “Epic” ignited. The immaculate lighting shimmered and colorfully changed as fans continued to gaze at the performance of tracks such as “Black Friday,” and “Everything’s Ruined.” Raising another goof for all, an unexpected Pop sound was heard as an interlude of Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” came on, which dissolved into “Midlife Crisis.” As the performance shifted into a steady pace with newer tracks such as “Cone of Shame” and “Separation Anxiety,” Patton had a few more tricks up his white sleeve during “Matador” and “Ashes to Ashes.” As a camera operator was standing practically near the center of the stage, Patton pushed him out of the way and stole the camera for quite a few minutes while not even missing one lyric. As the camera operator awkwardly stood on the stage, Patton handed it back to him and abruptly dove off and landed into the pit to crowd surf, while still singing. These instantaneous moments made it difficult for anyone to even blink an eye. After these surprises, the set concluded with the latest “Superhero.”
Fans cried out for an encore, and sure enough, they returned to the stage and officially ended with “Digging the Grave,” the powerful and elegant Burt Bacharach cover of “This Guy’s in Love With You,” to the grand finale of “Just a Man.” There are only a few short dates in September left to see them, including Riot Fest in Chicago, before they head out to South America. One should not want to miss a chance to experience the tricks they will do next.

This wrapped up the remarkable second day that was filled with several legends that not too many would expect to see perform on the same day. It was time for all to head back to their respected Hotel rooms to gather some rest, for the heaviest day of the festival was upon them.

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