Hellogoodbye touch Revolution Bar & Music Hall, Amityville, NY 8-17-14 w/ Young Statues, Wild Party, & Mayve

After a successful spring tour with Vacationer, Huntington Beach, CA pop band Hellogoodbye stayed active all summer long.  Now a member of Old Friends Records with the release of their third studio album Everything Is Debatable in 2013 they teamed up with label mates Wild Party for a string of dates through August.  Finding themselves at Revolution Bar & Music Hall on Sunday August 17th in Amityville, NY, a crowd of excited fans gathered to see the two bands along with Young Status and Mayve.

The first to the stage was a local three-piece band out of Mt Sinai called Mayve.  Consisting of  Nicholas Micheline (vocals/guitar), Michael Gusman (guitar), and Joseph Rene(drums) the band derives influence from 80’s pop, alternative, along with bands such as Phoenix and The 1975.  Putting on an enjoyable performance and with their latest single  “Hearts on Fire’, they are certainly a band to watch out for.”  Check out one of their gigs as they play around Long Island and continue to grow.

The next band to play was up-and-coming Texas indie pop band Wild Party. Coming onto the scene early in 2010 they were immediately given a great opportunity to shine when The Wombats asked them to do a tour across Europe.  Striking the interest of audiences internationally as well as their home country they attracted the attention of Old Friends Records and are now set to re-release their debut album Phantom Pop on October 7th.    Bringing a happy-go-lucky vibe to Revolution everyone began to dance as they played songs such as “Life’s Too Short.”  Keeping the good sensations flowing they also played “Outright” and their single “When I Get Older” as everyone received Wild Party with open arms.  Be sure to pick up a copy of their new album as more and more people are finding out how exciting Wild Party is.

The band Young Statues out of Philadelphia, PA acted as direct support for the evening.  Currently signed to Run For Cover records, they released their self-titled album in 2011. The band’s sound features strong melodic guitars, emotional vocals, and thoughtful lyrics.  Offering beautiful songs such as “Ghost Passenger”, “Half Light”,  and their catchy “Spacism” the band came across coy and honest when performing.  Endearing vocalist Carmen Cirignano along with the rest of the band captured everyone’s attention and provided an excellent opening slot for Hellogoodbye.  Young Statues newest EP Age Isn’t Ours is out now.

As the evening wore on and the time began to approach for Hellogoodbye to perform many in attendance were reflecting on the first time they saw the band perform.  Perhaps it was at the now defunct The Crazy Donkey a few miles north of Revolution in Farmingdale or maybe it was somewhere in Manhattan.  Whatever it may be, everyone conveyed fond memories are being turned on to Forrest Kline and the band’s music shortly after the release of their 2006 debut album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!.  Now eight years later Kline continues to release new, fun, and innovative music to capture audiences.

As the band arrived on stage people began to crowd closer for a more vivid, personal experience.  Opening with their classic “Here in Your Arms.” it became very clear that it was not just Kline that had the right amount of showmanship; it was every member of the band.  Interacting with fans and making everyone laugh, they played a variety of songs from their albums.  Keeping everyone engrossed, the crowd participation was contagious with everyone singing along especially during  “When We First Kissed,” off of Would It Kill You? (2010); an album that reached a little bit outside of the usual electronic pop that Hellogoodbye seems to do. During the song the band handed out rhythmic instruments to different grooving members of the audience to spice up the already fun set.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. When Kline secretly moved toward the back of the room as he danced with the audience singing the newer track “The Magic Hour is Now”, t became clear this was more than just a concert between band and fan, it was a celebration between friends.  Enticing three members of the audience to come on stage to dance along with the song “All of Your Love” it was difficult to feel anything but joy.  It is these kind of experiences that people take with them for the rest of their lives and Kline knows exactly how to strike chords in followers’ hearts.  Winding down the evening other songs like “Oh, It Is Love” were played and Hellogoodbye received a wall of cheers.

Overall the evening was nothing less than perfect for all who made the trip out.  The spectacular showmanship and enthusiasm of the band was inspiring in itself. Providing a carefree atmosphere where music was the answer and troubles were left at the door, Hellogoodbye still keep things intimate even after all the success.



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