Hinder’s Rock-n-Roll Party at The Emporium Patchogue, NY 7-10-15 w/ Full Devil Jacket, Diamante, Ages Apart, & Lubricoma

In July of 2013, it was announced Hinder vocalist Austin Winkler had entered rehab and would not be partaking in touring with the band. By November of that year it was announced that Winkler and the band had parted ways. Solidified as Hard Rock mainstays over the course of four successful studio albums with the group since they formed in Oklahoma City back in 2001, Hinder was at a crossroads. After over ten years with a solid lineup, consisting of original members, Cody Hanson on drums, Joe “Blower” Garvey on lead guitar/backing vocals, followed by Mark King on Rhythm guitar and Mike Rodden on bass who joined in 2003, it was time to start a new chapter in their history, and that is when they brought in new vocalist Marshal Dutton in the beginning of 2015. Former part-time singer/full-time guitarist of Faktion, Dutton was introduced as the new voice of Hinder after the release of their new album When the Smoke Clears on May 12th via The End Records.

Promoting their fresh new look, the band has been on the road since the Spring and began to wind down their twenty-two date Summer tour on Friday July 10th at The Emporium in Patchogue, NY. Supporting Hinder that evening were Alternative Metallers Full Devil Jacket, the teenage rocker Diamante, the Long Island natives, Lubricoma and the Alternative Rock trio, Ages Apart. After a long hot and muggy week, it was a well-deserved reprieve for people to cool off and unwind to a night of Rock music.

First up to the platform were the Alabama trio, Ages Apart. Formed in 2006 and consisting of vocalist/guitarist Cody Webb, drummer Chris Srygley, and bassist Will Bradley. It was their debut in 2009, Can You Hear Me that brought them to acclaimed new heights especially after working with producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, 10 Years). Ages Apart continued to push the envelope and released their sophomore album in May, S.T.A.T.I.C. via Relit Records.

Hitting the stage at approximately 7:30 PM Ages Apart gave it their all, playing to fans as they arrived, doing all they could to attract attention. Webb stopped to say hello to the small audience and joked saying that he felt as though they were playing at a High School dance, where no one was on the dance floor and just hung out in the back. Continuing to engage the audience he stated the band “doesn’t bite” and asked if everyone would move closer to the stage. Playing on with tracks such as “Waking Up,” “I Believed” and “Broken Home,” they won over the hearts of the dedicated fans in the crowd. Even though Ages Apart started as the early-bird special, it will not be long until they headline their own tour, especially with their magnanimous energy and top-notch musicianship they posses.

Next up was Long Island’s own from Oceanside, Lubricoma. Formed in 2007 and influenced by bands such as A Perfect Circle, The Mars Volta and Queens of the Stone Age, they were inspired to formulate their own uniqueness between the blend of Progressive and Art Rock. Having played along with acts such as Tantric and (hed) p.e., they have been growing a towering amount of hardcore fans from across The States. Consisting of Charlie Adrianus Parks (vocals/guitar), Nick Formont (bass), Lou Panariello (drums) and John Rivera (guitar), and recently released their debut EP Watchers Through Storms, it was time for them to take the stage in front of their supportive local fans. As the crowd grew Formont and Rivera showcased their ever changing skills, where they walked on the stage and switched instruments, however, after the opening, they went back to their respected gear. Continuing to introducing their latest material, Parks purposely shifted the set to the fan-favortie track, “Fuck” and ended the evening with the cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” See the experience they are gaining, perhaps they will soon obtain a national tour.

As the first comers had a chance to refill their drinks, the venue at this point seemed to triple in size. It was time for the vernal Diamante to take the stage. Originally based in Boston, Massachusetts, she has moved to the opposite side of the country to the Entertainment Capitol of the world, Los Angeles, pursuing her dream in music. Since the age of fifteen, she has been passionately writing her own material and building a name for herself. Already winning a handful of awards, such as the 2014’s Indie Music Channel Award for her song “Burns” as the Best Rock Song, Diamante has a leg up in entertainment at a young age. Featured on Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour 2015, her performances have been growing immensely along. After the release of the latest EP Dirty Blonde, the eighteen-year-old has been touring non-stop since April, even with legendary acts such as Whitesnake. Proven her maturity, working on the road is exactly where she belongs, and it was showcased on this evening during the Hinder Summer Tour.

From an outsider, Diamante would be compared to artists such as The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen or In This Moment’s Maria Brink however, after seeing her perform live, no one would confuse her between anyone else but herself. She rocked out in her own style down to a unique youthful perfection that no one could ignore. Opening their set promoting Dirty Blonde EP with the aggressive “No Sexin’ on the Beach” and the coarse “Dirty Blonde,” brought the crowd to a head bopping pleasure. Diamante and the rest of her mates had the look and sound of the ’80s Rock genre as though they lived through it like a Cherie Currie Runaway. Shining their ’80s Glam look even further, they took on their own rendition of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” which kept the crowd moving. Salutations continued with the confessional track of “Hard Rock Boys,” where Diamante banged her head, providing a glimpse of perhaps a young Lita Ford. Continuing to promote her latest material, they closed the set with “Bite Your Kiss” and single “There’s a Party in My Pants.” The Long Island crowd were left in complete awestruck seeing how well the band executed their ingenious skills. Needless to say, Diamante is welcome back anytime.

At this point of the evening, the venue was about three-quarters full when the eOne Music recording artist Full Devil Jacket stormed onto the stage. Originally formed in 1997 from Jackson, Tennessee, this band has faced a multitude of endeavors from the instant rise to the top, playing with artists such as Type O Negative. Performing at unforgettable festivals including Woodstock ‘99 and Tattoo the Earth Tour back in the early 2000s, playing alongside legendary acts including Slipknot, Metallica, and Slayer. To facing ultimate horror shows from frontman Josh Brown’s near death experience due to a drug overdose back in 2000, to the unfortunate loss of Michael Reaves in 2011, losing to the battle of prostate cancer. It was after their reunion in 2010 where the band decided to resurrect and give the Full Devil Jacket experience another go. The current lineup includes vocalist Brown, original drummer Keith Foster, bassist Moose Douglass, along with guitarists Paul Varnick and Jeff Caughron. After fifteen years since their debut self-titled album, they recently released its follow-up, Valley of Bones and have been receiving positive feedback from critics and fans alike.

Reminding all that evening about the Hard Rock warriors they are right from the get-go by opening with the ponderous “Wanna Be Martyr” and the crushing “Fastblack” from their self-titled album. With Brown’s screaming robust vocals, this invasive performance took the crowd by the throat of rhythmic surprises. Keeping the momentum up to full speed with “Stain” and “Now You Know” from the aforementioned acclaimed album, fueled the audience with the solid guitar licks by Varnick and Caughron. As their set was nearly halfway through it was time for them to reveal their latest material from Valley of Bones with tracks “Killers,” “The Moment,” “Valley of Bones,” and “7xdown.”

An honored Brown acknowledged the crowd, who were enjoying the crisp tunes, by thanking all for coming. His appreciation continued when giving a shout out to DJ Fingers from the Long Island local radio station, WBAB for keeping Hard Rock and Metal bands alive on New York airwaves longer than anybody else. After the special moment, they wrapped up their set with the heart-quenching classic “Cardboard Believer.” The dedicated Brown promised his fans that the band would stick around for the remainder of the night, to meet and greet all by their merchandise table. Despite the six-hour ride they had ahead of them for the next show, Brown kept his word. After some heavy touring in support of Valley of Bones, Full Devil Jacket are taking a much deserved break. With their tenacious performance they put at The Emporium, they will hopefully return soon.

Now jam-packed with eager fans of the multi-platinum Hinder, the excitement surrounding was reaching new levels. It is hard to believe it has been a decade since the release of their debut album Extreme Behavior that have jump-started their career to gold status, selling over three-million copies alone in the United States. Despite previous hiccups and the recent reformation, their veteran fanbase has always stood by their side. Last playing The Emporium in March of 2013, anticipated this return as they screamed at the top of their lungs out of utter excitement the instant each member walked onto the platform. Commencing their set with the alluring “Use Me” from 2008’s Take It to the Limit, Hinder sparked a wave of dancing throughout the packed venue. An elaborate light show was revealed from the beginning, glistening of colors that set the mood of each track.

Continuing to heat things up as the crowd was amped to sing-along as they went into 2005’s “How Long,” 2010’s “What Ya Gonna Do,” and 2008’s “Up All Night.” At this moment, it was clear that Dutton proved to the veteran fans he was a fitting vocalist of Hinder. Dutton continued to charm the crowd with the latest “Hit the Ground” from When the Smoke Clears. Endlessly surprising their fans with a variety of tunes hitting at each moment, they broke into “2 Sides of Me” before “Homecoming Queen.”

Moving forward with their later tunes they sprung into the Grunge-esque track “Intoxicated” which led the crowd to a devious sing-along pleasure where a tipsy few raised their beer and rebelliously cheered as well. Keeping up with the new, “Hit the Ground” flowed in directly after, provoking a similar positive reaction. Being the risk takers that they are, they took a Grunge Rock ’90s flashback and jumped into the Stone Temple Pilots cover of “Wicked Garden,” which received a sumptuous response from the audience. Maintaining their velocity, they powered along with the catchy “See You In Hell” which continued the Rock-n-Roll party

As their set began to close, they went into the lovey-dovey classic “Lips of an Angel,” which melted hearts as lighters broke out within the pleasing enthralled crowd. Lifting the spirits up to Hard Rock indulgence they ended their set on a heavy note with “All American Nightmare” as fans wanted more. Leaving the crowd semi-dissatisfied as a few waited the entire evening to hear their ultimate classics, fans cried out, “Hinder!” Shortly after, they came back to the stage in front of their Long Islander following and bursted into the passionate, “Better Than Me.”  On cloud nine hearing the track, fans were then given the ultimate closing with the provocative “Get Stoned.”

Hinder proves that patience can be rewarding with the well-written new album When the Smoke Clears and positive response they are receiving on tour. Their performance is well worth checking out live and they have a handful of shows lined up until the middle of August, so get out there and Rock the night away with Hinder.

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