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History of Evil (Movie Review)

Dystopia, mania, and apocalyptic scenarios tend to play out quite often in films lately. Often insinuating something earth-shattering could bring the world together, however, what if it instead creates strife between humans? After all, it is a dog eat dog world. This in mind, couple these ideas with a supernatural force… and the film could take on a whole new vibe. The case with History of Evil, on February 23, 2024 Shudder introduced this new kind of genre film to their mix.

The feature directorial debut of Bo Mirhosseni (who has worked with artists such as Mac Miller and Disclosure directing music videos), History of Evil features a strong cast that includes Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds series) Jackie Cruz (Orange is The New Black series, Panama 2022) Murphee Bloom (Hitman 2023) and Rhonda Johnson Dents (The Hate U Give 2018, Queen Sugar series). Looking deeper into the film’s concept, Mirhosseni took inspiration from his parents’ experience during the Iranian revolution and added his love for Horror into the mix. 

history of evil movie
History of Evil / Shudder (2024)

An interesting idea, the story takes place in 2045 and the world is under authoritarian control following corruption and a civil war. Alegre (Cruz) has just escaped prison, where she was incarcerated for writing a political book that was not taken lightly. Alegre is reunited with her husband Ron (Wesley) and their daughter (Bloom); then taken to a safe house to await extraction. Along for the ride is Trudy (Dents), who is there to guide them to safety in a militia fueled dystopian world. However, rather than being kept safe, the family is stranded in the house due to the militia scouring every nook and cranny to find Alegre. Already tense, Ron discovers something sinister is living in the house with them.

Which leads to looking at the location of History of Evil and the house. In short, it is ominous yet elegant looking. Taking on a full blown plantation style, the house stands menacing the family. In fact, even the tree with some sort of black streamers hanging from it feels off. Add to this the fact that evil things are happening almost immediately upon arrival, it makes sense that Trudy says, “there’s a reason no one comes out this way, they are scared of it.”

History of Evil movie
History of Evil / Shudder (2024)

These elements create a strong atmosphere, all the actors involved also have good chemistry and portray their roles perfectly. For example, Ron’s character transforms from this loving and caring father and husband, into a self-absorbed, hate-filled, and angry person that Alegre and Daria (Bloom) do not even recognize. This is while Alegre is this sophisticated, strong hearted woman, as Trudy is a woman of respect and loyalty. Adding to the feel of it all, History of Evil is also a feature shot with lower lighting that is perfect in making matters more ominous. 

Overall, History of Evil will make many question what exactly is going on. Furthermore you might say – Who is this man that Ron keeps seeing? What is it he wants? What happened in this house? All questions that are answered in due time, as Ron begins to uncover some disturbing history of the previous owner of the house, things get out of hand quickly. In the end, History of Evil takes a political stand that has just the right hint of Horror that will give films like 1980’s The Shining a run for its money. A film that comes together thanks to good cinematography, strong acting, and shocking movies, Cryptic Rock gives History of Evil 5 out of 5 stars.

history of evil poster
History of Evil / Shudder (2024)

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