Holy White Hounds – Sparkle Sparkle (Album Review)


Just to be proud and content at the end of the night is all any musician could ever hope for. Doing this on top of creating successful music that is meaningful and creative, is just an added bonus. If it were not for founders and close knit friends Brenton Dean and Ambrose Lupercal, Holy White Hounds would not be the growing phenomenon that they are today. From the small town of Des Moines, Iowa, the two initial members had played music in different locations here and there, while in the formation process of the band. Collectively gathering the two missing pieces of the ensemble, James, and Seth completed the edition.

After meeting and collaborating with music Producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Radio Moscow), Holy White Hounds were sure to be a hit. With their Alternative and Punk Rock attributes, the quartet had a multitude of musical knowledge to put their heads together to create something that would stand out and make them beyond satisfied. After careful deliberation and dedication in the studio, Holy White Hounds went above their standards to produce an immense dedication to themselves. Out May 6th, via Razor & Tie, telling the story of how your past can definitely come back to haunt you, Holy White Hounds’ debut album Sparkle Sparkle already has listeners hooked.

Kicking the album off with their single, “Switchblade” is a tune that will give just a bit of insight to Holy White Hounds’ music. It is a track that will definitely be remembered and go through a profusion of replays, while also being rich in complexity and musicality. Moving on with “Gaver Water,” this track brings classic Punk Rock vibes. The song features a fast tempo, catchy guitar riffs, and a unique lyric structure; proving the quartets varying musical range.

“Blind,” another track that screams Punk, just goes to prove the rumors of the album’s aesthetic and influences. This song features a bright tempo, and memorable lyrics that are sung with a laid back feel. Sticking with the theme, “Ghost Arm” is a piece that will fascinate listeners and grab any outside attention. With instrumentation that is filled with talents and vocals that are sung with energy, this track is as satisfying as it is entertaining.

Slowing the tempo down a few notches, “Oh Mama” is a piece all about male adolescents; a track that will definitely be relatable to some. With both lyrics and instrumentation performed with raw emotion,  Holy White Hounds are surely an introspective delight. Picking the tempo back up again, “In Your Skin” is slightly on the more Rock side, with an overall heavier feel; definitely a track to get lost in. Highlighting an impressive guitar solo and engaging lyrics, this piece is certain to keep listeners on their feet.

With the same feel as the track before, “Catmondu” stands out from other tracks with the perfect mix of instrumental and vocalized angst. Throwing in another piece to that most can relate to, “Laser Beams” is a track that is all about school bullying. Opening the track with “You’re so small but you don’t know it” can throw listeners back into past memories within seconds. With having a touchy subject, but intriguing orchestration, Holy White Hounds are sure not to disappoint.

“Crowds,” one of the most interesting tracks off of Sparkle Sparkle, is a track that brings the album to life. With a bouncing tempo and positive vibes, listeners are sure to fall in love with Holy White Hounds. Keeping the tempo, “Fake It” is another track that leaves listeners speechless, or at least singing along. A song that gets better with repeated plays, it showcases Holy White Hounds at their finest. Closing out this soon to be hit with a track that is slightly different than those earlier off the album, “Black Lust” has a moderate tempo and leaves their audience feeling completely satisfied.

In order to become a successful and booming band, attention must be grabbed from all corners of the musical spectrum and then held for records to come. With the help of Alternative Rock radio stations and shameless promotion, Holy White Hounds were able to be heard and they definitely gained some new followers along the way. If just hearing the music alone does not help, seeing a live representation surely will. Playing with talents along the likes of Cage the Elephant, Sick Puppies, Cake, Wavves, Surfer Blood, and Rob Zombie, Holy White Hounds can only continue to go up from here.

Liking any group from Nirvana to Queens Of The Stone Age, or just intrigued by their unique sound, Holy White Hounds are sure to be a hit with any listener. While still being versatile with their music, this quartet has a knack for keeping their songs true to their Grunge style. While showcasing a wide range of talents and superb, bangin’ tunes, it is going to be hard to top their new music; CrypticRock gives Holy White Hounds’ Sparkle Sparkle 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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