IAMX Captivate The Bluebird Theater Denver, CO 4-29-19

There are bands and there are experiences. Bands happen all the time, you find them at local bars, playing street shows, Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings. However, experiencing those that connect with their audience, is a whole different spectrum, it’s realizing it is more than just music, it is a forged bond between the two.

For the past 14 years, IAMX, the brain child of one Chris Corner (ex-Sneaker Pimps), has grown into just that, an ‘experience.’ This is not to say the music is not at the core of the bond, it most certainly is, and how could it not with releases such as 2004’s Kiss+Swallow, 2011’s The Unified Field, and 2018’s triumphant Alive In New Light. In fact, even live shows always featured an undeniable connection between IAMX and the audience. That relationship was challenged as Corner’s mental health suffered a blow shortly after The Unified Field was released, which led to Chris releasing some of his most personal material to date on 2015’s Metanoia. Corner himself admitted to being nervous on how fans would react to a much more personal approach, however, it had the exact opposite expected effect.

Fans have grown closer to the project, and Corner has taken notice. Announced with the current round of touring, Corner opened one of his most interactive endeavors to date, a Patreon web page that serves as a true online community between the band and the fans. Not just focusing on the topic of the IAMX music, but also help with mental health, a peak into Corner’s private life, and even some cooking tips! Although, this unique closeness between artist and fan truly comes to fruition when seeing the band live, where you become part of the experience. 

All this in mind, on the evening of Monday, April 29th, IAMX arrived at The Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado on their Mile Deep Hollow Tour to the backdrop of cold weather and snow. Yes, you read that right, snow at the end of April! A re-scheduling, the show was supposed to happen last year, but sadly had to be cancelled due to a tour bus issue. Fortunately, this time, come hell or high water, fans showed up with little care for the weather.

A special night, as fans filed into The Bluebird Theater, the anticipation was undeniable, and as luck would have it, no one had to wait through an opening band. All on their own, IAMX descended on Denver with a hypnotic visual display while taken in awe by the track “Alive In New Light.” The track itself set the mood of the evening up, and while there is always plenty of craziness and sexiness to an IAMX live show, the personal, introspective elements were on full display. The level of emotional attachment from the audience and band alike were boldly present with track such as “Sorrow,” “North Star,” and especially “Mile Deep Hollow,” which served as a truly inspiring ‘thank you’ from Corner to his fans.

It was not just all emotions that made the evening so unique though, but it  was also witnessing the evolution of the music mixes that really was breathtaking. Hearing the different additions and tweaks to older songs such as “I Come With Knives,” “The Alternative,” and “Your Joy Is My Low” make them a whole new journey every time. The proverbial cherry on top though was seeing how the relationship between Chris Corner, Janine Gezang (bass, vocals), Jon Siren (drums), and Sammi Doll (keys and vocals) adds layers of authenticity along with comfort to every live show, which still continues to grow.

Going back to the track “North Star,” the level of intensity the new mix adds with Siren’s punctuating drums had the whole audience in full motion. Gezang and Sammi Doll not only add a depth to the music with keys, backing vocals, and bass, but their presence, plus interaction, gets the crowd in a frenzy every time. As the show closed out with an encore of “Mercy,” a thought was echoed through the room, and that thought was even though Denver had to wait an extra year for this show, the wait was worth it in every way. With more dates to come through May, don’t leave yourself out of this tour, get out and be inspired!

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