IAMX Deliver Orgasmic Experience At The Marquis Theatre Denver, CO 10-17-15 w/ Mr. Kitty

IAMX Deliver Orgasmic Experience At The Marquis Theatre Denver, CO 10-17-15 w/ Mr. Kitty

Founding member of England based band Sneaker Pimps, Chris Corner has traveled a long and interesting road within the musical industry. As a songwriter, producer, singer, multi instrumentalist, and so much more, it has been over a decade now since Corner devoted his energies to solo project IAMX. Self-described as his public therapy, IAMX has consistently been an outlet of expression for him over the course of six studio records, including 2015’s, Metanoia. Coming two years after the release of The Unified FieldMetanoia is a collection of songs he  thought would never see completion due to suffering with chronic insomnia. Harnessing all that hurts him in life into artistic expression, the record was finally released on October 2nd, and just four days later, a seventeen date North American tour kicked off in its honor. Exciting to long time supporters, the tour began on the West Coast, working it way across the heart of the country, fittingly concluding on All Hallow’s Eve in New York City.

Welcoming IAMX back, the anticipation in Denver, Colorado on Saturday October 17th had reached such an electric level, it would seem that even a month in advance, that is all fans could speak of. In fact, the last time that IAMX landed in Denver, there was almost nothing left of the Bluebird than sweat, sensuality, and immediate withdrawal from the experience. It is hard to believe that just a little over a year ago it seemed as, sadly, there would be no more follow ups due to Corner battling courageously through mental illnesses that threatened to derail everything he had built up to that point. Now fans were rewarded with their endless support and patience as the IAMX live experience was embarking on this world tour. It is one thing to be engulfed by IAMX’s albums, but a completely different experience to witness them live. There are shows and there are borderline religious experiences, IAMX will surely leave one praying for more. As the crowds gathered in downtown Denver at The Marquis Theatre, one truth could not be ignored, this was going to be an upfront and intimate experience. If one was looking for a seated show that separated crowd from artist, that would not be found on that night.

As direct support for the evening, fresh out of Texas was Mr. Kitty, a new testament that is sure to intoxicate and intrigue those devoted to Electronic music. Some would say the ’80s New Wave movement is dead and gone, Mr. Kitty not only did not get the memo, but have been dealing the naysayers proof of how wrong they are in spades. One look at Mr.Kitty’s website sets the stage for a fully do it yourself approach locked in on engaging the onlooker’s every sense.

Taking the stage, Mr. Kitty was nothing short of sheer energy from the first beat dropped. Granted the stage was rather “cramped,” yet the duo delivered an appetizer to the evening that was sure not to be forgotten. The blend of ’80s New Wave, Synthpop, and fast-paced beats were already getting the crowd sweaty and in full motion as they played songs such as new album Fragments “Hell,” before older songs “Unstable,” “XIII,” and “After Dark,” among others. It is a rare experience to be fully entranced by an opening act, Mr.Kitty however had everyone following them with more anticipation and intrigue then the paparazzi hounding one’s favorite celebrity as the set moved on with “Inhale, Exhale,” Jennifer cover “If You Were Here,” “Insects,” and finale, “Haunts.” Anyone who attended this tour would have been smart to arrive early and not miss this rare experience.

Having just delivered perhaps one their greatest testimonials to date within the album Metanoia, leaving a dark chapter of their history in the rear window, the stage was more than set for a show few would forget in their lifetime. Corner, Janine Gezang (keyboards/bass/backing vocals), Sammi Doll (keyboards/backing vocals), and Mankind Is Obsolete’s Jon Siren (drums) had arrived and looking to pick up where IAMX had left off back in 2013 when they left audiences reeling from one of the best shows this town had seen.

Kicking off their set with a new mix of 2013’s “I Come With Knives,” the atmosphere went from electric to a full blown inferno of lust and madness at the blink of an eye. The audience was in a full frenzy as IAMX merged visual stimulation with a flawless sound that is almost unheard of even in larger venues as early on songs like 2006’s “The Alternative” mixing in with newbie “Happiness,” and 2004’s “Mercy” dressed the setlist. Given the band’s recent time off, Corner demonstrated just how much he had missed his undeniable connection to his audience.

As IAMX touched on a great deal of music from Metanoia, including “No Maker Made Me” and “Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me,” the tide seemed to hit an almost orgasmic state when they delivered the entrancing track “Aphrodisiac” later in the evening. Putting together words to describe the scene as the band coursed through tracks such as “Volatile Times,” “Spit it Out,” and set closer “Your Joy Is My Low” is a task that even a writer like Shakespeare would be amiss in trying to put together. Returning for an encore that included IAMX’s debut single “Kiss + Swallow” and 2009’s “I Am Terrified,” easily this concert was not short of an invigorating religious experience that would make even the Virgin Mary blush.

While the North American leg of the tour is now complete, IAMX now turn their attention to Europe for November and December. With that said, fans were more than satisfied with the output by the visual mastery of Corner and IAMX. Now everyone hopes they will be back for more sooner than later.

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