IAMX Larger Than Life At Marquis Theater Denver, CO 10-7-16

IAMX Larger Than Life At Marquis Theater Denver, CO 10-7-16

Back on October 17, 2015, The Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado witnessed one of the best live shows of the year, IAMX. It was not just a live show of sheer unbridled energy, sweaty crazed fans, and perfectly executed live production; it was a historical return of Sneaker Pimps’ founding member Chris Corner to the stage. If one has not seen IAMX live, well that individual deserves a swift kick in the arse to get them in the spirit as they are missing an almost religious experience. Corner has always maintained his love for playing intimate shows where the separation of audience and band are virtually non-existent. One fleeting moment of witnessing the spectacle of IAMX live will have the most ardent of musical fans understanding just why the revered singer/multi-instrumentalist prefers such a setting.

In an age where digital album experiences prevail, Corner has established a unique experience many try and few succeed in, that is making the fans and band one rather than separate. IAMX’s last two albums, 2012’s Unified Field and 2015’s Metanoia, were both birthed from Corner’s own kickstarter campaign. Fans seeing that they are not just “spectators,” but rather actual investors in the band’s talent makes for a certain feeling of accomplishment in helping to give birth to some of music’s best releases. This sense of unity only is furthered and cemented with IAMX’s live shows as Corner and company continuously feed off of not only each other but the audience as well. One could easily label an IAMX show as artistic orgy of sorts where the intoxicating atmosphere is the very orgasmic climax. That said, this musical force returned to the city of Denver on Friday, October 7, 2016 to host The Marquis Theater yet again.

Dubbed the Everything Is Burning Tour in support of his latest mini-album by the same name, the North American run kicked off back in September in Mexico and concluded out in Los Angeles October 13th. Bringing along Los Angeles based Synthpop artist Cellars, the stop at Marquis Theater was buzzing with excitement from the moment the doors opened.

Following the opening set of Cellars, IAMX wasted no time in getting the musical debauchery in full motion as they kicked off with one of Metanoia’s best tracks “No Maker Made Me.” Chris Corner, Jon Siren (drums), Janine Gezang (bass, keys, and vocals), and Sammi Doll (keys and vocals) got the audience in full swing, adding new layers and styling to one of IAMX’s most intense songs. While some tracks were reworked for the live shows in true IAMX fashion, there was one unexpected surprise in Denver for the fans.

IAMX to date had not played one of their most haunting songs from The Unified Field, appropriately entitled “Screams,” but Denver witnessed one of the track’s first live renditions. This surprise did not go without notice, fans belted every word along with Corner, giving the song a new life in itself. Yet another highlight to the show was Sammi Doll taking over on vocals for “You Stick It In Me,” instantly hypnotizing the audience as she gracefully made her way across the stage connecting with each member of the audience. Rewind a bit to the band carving through their first single off of Metanoia, “Happiness,” Janine charged through the stage armed with her bass, one cannot help but be astounded at her ferocity on the four stringed axe that would have even Gene Simmons looking like a back up for the Teletubbies.

The Marquis Theater maybe a smaller venue in the Denver area, but whenever IAMX lands there, the shows are nothing short of larger than life. With ever-growing crowds filtering in for their shows, it is hard to imagine IAMX being able to play there anymore and a much larger venue may be needed, but as they say, “the more, the merrier.” With a European tour about to commence, IAMX is not a band that one should miss, and those who missed their North American tour, this is one band no one should think twice getting their passports in order and crossing the wide oceans to see.

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