Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 1 (Album Review)

American Pop Rock hitmakers Imagine Dragons are back with a brand new album, Mercury Act 1, which arrived on Friday, September 3, 2021 through Universal Music.

Known for their hit singles such as “Radioactive,” “Demons,” “Believer” plus “Thunder,” over the past 12 years Imagine Dragons has kept themselves extremely busy and quite relevant. Continuously creating music and touring the globe, they have also composed tracks for several films. However, it is now time for their fifth overall full-length studio album…so are you ready? 

Coming 3 years after 2018’s Origins, Mercury Act 1 features 13 songs and lasts for 42 minutes. Wasting no time, it kicks off with “My Life,” a very deep and brutally honest song. With serious potential to cause goosebumps, its almost tragic lyrics explore feeling disoriented in one’s own life and mind. Coupled with brilliant arrangements, the song is an obvious stand-out and possibly the most impressive track on the album.

However, it is “My Life” that sets the mood for rest of this collection, as most, if not all, of the tracks are about depression and mental struggles. Just as sad, but trying to be a bit more upbeat, is “Lonely,” though the same can be said for the track entitled, yes, “Sad.” Meanwhile, “Giants” includes frantic shouting during the chorus before “Dull Knives” reflects a chaotic mind with its equally chaotic arrangements.

After all this emotional heaviness, “It’s OK” will lift your mood, while “No Time For Toxic People” makes a straightforward statement that should be everyone’s mantra for a happier and healthier life. Still focusing on brighter moments, they close the album with “One Day” so you are not left behind in a deep and dark hole after the music has finally faded out. 

Besides its powerful lyrical content, Mercury Act 1 takes you on a journey through various genres—whether it is Pop, Rock, R&B, and beyond. The album has it all and every single song is catchy in its own way. In fact, each individual piece could be argued to stand alone as its own independent musical entity. In this, Imagine Dragons prove they sure know how to create music that is meant to leave an impression.

As mentioned, even though Mercury Act 1 starts out heavy, it feels as if it is gradually getting happier; as if it is overcoming depression and anxiety through its 42 minute playtime. And thanks to both its lyrics and musical arrangements, Mercury Act 1 is an album worth talking about. Helping us get through lockdown depression, Cryptic Rock gives Imagine Dragon’s new album 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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  • Imagine dragons is probably my favorite band. I listen to them on Spotify and I never skipped over a song. until Mercury Act 1. Now I skip almost every song from that album, except Wrecked and OK. Other than that, Mercury Act 1 is all screeching & shouting.
    What happened?
    I never checked which albums my hearts or skipped songs were from until just now.
    I hope they go back to there clever, catchy songs and drop the screeching annoying “music” typical in Mercury Act 1.

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