Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 2 (Album Review)

Double albums are often a massive undertaking for any artist. Requiring a lot of time, effort, and risk taking, few even attempt to approach such a task. However, releasing albums separately that act as companion pieces to one another is a much more realistic plan. Breaking up such a massive project, it allows listens to absorb one record entirely before even attempting to digest more material. That in mind, Imagine Dragons are back less than a year after the release of Mercury – Act 1 with the sequel Mercury – Act 2

Released on Friday, July 1, 2022 through Interscope Records, Act 2 finds the band working with Producer Rick Rubin once more as they work hard to create a cohesive piece that follows a storyline. A sequel record that consists of 18 tracks that last almost an hour, whereas Act 1 focused on loss and death, Act 2 serves as the recovery before progressively finding happiness and hope again.

Full of standout moments sprinklered throughout, it all starts with the lead single “Bones” which is as catchy and thriving as anything the band has done before. Spreading even more positive vibes is also “Symphony” which features a strong melodic and addictive chorus. There is also the grooving rhythm of “Sharks,” the daydreaming inspiring  “I Don’t Like Myself,” but also the energetic punch of “Blur” and “Higher Ground.” 

Changing it up, on the other end of the spectrum you have the slow, introspective “Crushed” and “Take It Easy.” Offering very intense feeling that will dig underneath your skin, following next is  the soothing “Waves” and “I’m Happy” which giving you a very honest take on depression. From here the album continues to flow like water with touches of joy felt on “Ferris Wheel” and “Peace Of Mind” before “Sirens” picks up the pace again, but also brings along the melancholy. With “Tied” keeping a similar sound to “Sirens,” thereafter “Younger” brings back the positivity, “I Wish” wraps up the deepest of emotions on the album, “Continual” soothes the pain with soft vocals as well as gentle arrangements, and “They Don’t Know You Like I Do” wraps up this story with just the right amount of drama. 

Imagine Dragons has always had a knack for reaching your body and soul with their impeccable songwriting skills. Radio friendly, their songs are still as deeply emotional as ever. Very tough ground to cover,  this is exactly why the songs that make up Act 2 are so very strong. Full of ups and down, Act 2 take your soul on a journey through open wounds, old scars, all while letting you know that you are not alone. Soothing and comforting, but also brutally honest, Cryptic Rock gives Mercury – Act 2 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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