In This Moment Celebrate Black Widow in NYC 11-19-14

In This Moment Celebrate Black Widow in NYC 11-19-14

It has been an eventful two years for Los Angeles, California based band In This Moment.  Together now since 2005, the band was faced with three fifths of the lineup departing between 2010-11.  With their backs against the wall, the core of In This Moment, vocalist Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth, stood strong by recruiting new members and putting together their most successful record to date with 2012’s Blood.   With nothing left to lose, Brink and Howorth finally created the band they always envisioned with a more epic sound, appearance, and most of all stage show.  Now two years since the chart topping Blood and after extensive touring, In This Moment are back with their anticipated follow up record titled Black Widow.  Released on November 17th via their new label Atlantic Records, In This Moment made a special stop at Webster Hall in New York City on Wednesday the 19th for an exclusive performance.  In the middle of the Black Widow tour with Twelve Foot Ninja and Starset, on this off date the bands would split up into two separate shows; strangely both performing in the same venue, just in separate rooms.  The In This Moment exclusive SiriusXM event was a free gift to subscribers of the satellite radio platform, just one of the many perks they provide.  With a load of excited fans happy to make the trip into NYC for the private concert the main room of Webster Hall filled up quickly as doors opened at 7 PM.  Hosted by SiriusXM DJ Jose Mangin, who provided a brief introduction, In This Moment was ready to take the stage around 8 PM. Fans knew they were in for one crazy ride.

Broadcast live across SiriusXM’s Octane channel, In This Moment took the stage and blasted right into “Sick Like Me.”  Coming out swinging, Brink and company boasted a large circus-themed back drop and tent where she would emerge between each song sporting a different outfit relating to the number being performed. Surrounded by two dancers who were also on the costume rotation committee, there was much to observe as well as hear throughout the set. The interludes between songs ranged from an old 1940’s history lesson on the black widow spider, to a recent Jessica Lange quote off of the new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. By their third number, “Adrenalize Me,” fans had successfully packed the theater and were ready to bellow along with the chorus. Playing their newest single “Sex Metal Barbie” Maria took to a podium of sorts in a tongue-in-cheek manner, perhaps as if to really drive home the statement that her band would not be deterred by recent Internet fodder and rumors.

Taking a moment to connect with the audience, Brink, now a bonafide rock star, spoke about being told one is worthless, will never amount to anything, all for just for being who they are.  Rather emotional, the self-reflective words were perhaps something everyone could relate to at some point in their life.  Brink, showing even more growth as a frontwoman, commanded the attention of the audience by immediately following with a powerful rendition of “Whore.”   Giving the rest of the band moments to shine, the set also included a melody of old-school metal tunes from Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera, as well as a full cover of Nine Inch Nails’ ever popular “Closer.” Before leaving the stage, Maria made sure to give a personal introduction to each band member before rolling into closer “Blood”.

The musicianship was tight, albeit most of the rest of the band appeared to be in the background as Maria was clearly the ring-leader.  Hearing the new tunes live was quite an exhilarating experience for fans.  Black Widow’s offerings mesh perfectly into an In This Moment set and could be some of the band’s most complete pieces to date.   This celebration of the new album did a lot of  justice to it and those who missed the performance or the initial live feed were treated to an encore broadcast on Friday, November 21st.  Do not miss In This Moment on the Black Widow Tour, as the band are ready to take things to even grander heights than ever before.


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