A group of people with long hair and guitars on stage.

A group of people with long hair and guitars on stage.

In This Moment, Motionless In White, Kyng, & All Hail The Yeti bring Hellpop to Best Buy Theater, NYC 11-10-13

There are an extensive list of rock and metal tours showering the venues of North America in 2013. From Mayhem Festival, Uproar Festival, Carnival Of Madness, to Warped Tour. Back in August, In This Moment announced their own mini headlining festival with a diverse mix of bands including All Hail The Yeti, Kyng, and Motionless In White. With bands handpicked from a few sub-genres of modern rock/metal, there is something for everyone here. In an interview earlier this year between Cryptic Rock and In This Moment, guitarist Chris Howorth said “We don’t want it to be a scene tour that is all the same kind of bands. We want it to be diverse, interesting, and different. That was the whole idea of Hellpop; mixing melody, pop, rock, metal, and everything all together in this crazy witches brew.” That crazy brew made its way to Time Square NYC on November 10th to play a packed Best Buy Theater.

First on stage were Los Angeles, CA metal band All Hail The Yeti. They provide an interesting mix of metalcore and southern rock that is bound to grab your attention.  Fresh off their summer tour with Hollywood Undead and Escape The Fate, these guys are posed to make their move in the metal scene. Still looking to win crowds over, they put on a strong performance including songs “The Art of Morning”, “Suicide Woods”, “Axe Murder Hollow”, and “Bloodguilt”. Vocalist Connor Garritty gave it his all going from metalcore growl to clean vocals at ease. If you are unfamiliar with All Hail The Yeti and looking for something new, check out their self-titled debut album All Hail The Yeti (2012).

Spinning the wheel of diversity Kyng was up next. Also from Los Angeles, CA, the rock band trio consisting of Eddie Veliz (Lead Vocals/guitar), Tony Castaneda (Bass/Back up Vocals), and Pepe Clarke (Drums) are a gripping mix of classic rock, 90’s rock, and metal. Veliz belted out each song with profound will. When listening to his performance, you heard hints of great vocalists such as Chris Cornell. Songs like “I Don’t Believe” and “Falling Down” were executed with such fury that the crowd kept their eyes on Kyng through their entire set. There is no doubt that if Kyng keeps at this they will be a household name in the rock n roll scene for years to come.

Two bands deep into Hell Pop, Motionless In White were ready to blow the roof off Best Buy Theater. The rising band is becoming a force in the metal scene. Chris Motionless and company has reshaped fans perception of the band with their latest album Infamous (2012). Originally characterized as a metalcore act, there was always more than meets the eye to this band. With a variety of influences from industrial, gothic rock, to metal; Motionless In White are dripping with talent.

Adding to their horror theme, John Carpenter’s Halloween theme played as Motionless In White came onto the stage. They opened things up with “Synthetic Love” which got the crowd moving instantly. Chris showed off his skill of voices with screaming, whispering, and singing at an elevated level. Racing things up they went into the powerful emotional track “Underdog”. This song is an absolute adrenaline rush and it ignited more screams and moshing from the audience. If you haven’t heard “Underdog” do yourself a favorite and check out this behemoth of a track. Keeping the crowd in a choke hold, the set went on with “Devil’s Night” and “Immaculate Misconception”.

You could tell the boys were pumped up by the force they imposed on the audience. Chris enticed the crowd to get louder, and the noise level immediately elevated. Showing off their unique sound, they went into the bonus track off Infamous (2012), “Sick from the Melt”. The track has a throbbing bass provided by Devin “Ghost” Sola and mesmerizing synthesizer back drop provided by Joshua Balz. Their 8 song set closed out with “Abigail” and their rock radio hit “America”. Overall Motionless In White provided a jolt of electricity into Hell Pop.

After an assortment of rock offerings the time was here for In This Moment. Maria Brink and Chris Howorth are the backbone of In This Moment. After reassembling their troops the band has accelerated to new heights unforeseen by most. With the massive success of Blood (2012) and countless spots on premier rock festivals, Hell Pop is the pinnacle of their success.

In dramatic fashion, the band came out to opening song “Rise To Me”. Brink arrived on her throne reaching notes high and low to the sound of fans screams. Lifting off they went into “Adrenalize”. With the freedom to play a full set headlining their own tour gave In This Moment a chance to play a full range of songs. They played a good mix of older tracks including “Blazin'”, “Burn”, and “The Gun Show”. “Into The Light” was a show stopper. Fans froze in place, eyes locked on Brink as she sat with gorgeous heavenly blue and white lighting illuminating her. During this track you were able to hear how sophisticated her voice really is. Fans were alive with excitement as this is what they have waited for.

Mixing things up the band played a intriguing rendition of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Closer”. With time on their side the band gave drummer Tom Hane the chance to showcase a solid drum solo. Following the drum solo the band gave fans a mix of the tracks “Prayers”, “Next Life”, and “Daddy’s Fallen Angel”. Both being early tracks from the band’s catalog this gave the newer fan base an opportunity to see the roots of In This Moment. The set came to a close with the new single “Whore”. Most recently upon release of the new single, Brink took a bold move posing back side nude with the word whore written down her back. Brink has said, “The message behind this song is taking back control. It is about taking the power from a disgusting and degrading word and turning it back around on the accuser. It’s about self empowerment, love, and liberation.” The song was proved to be a force live with its lyrical content and driving guitars. Best Buy Theater did not want to say goodnight just yet and screamed until the band came out to play their most successful song to date “Blood”.

All the anticipation leading up to Hellpop was justified, and In This Moment really took things to the next level. Already known for their elaborate stage show, this was more elaborate than ever before. The white masked dancers, smoke, wind, and powerful lighting were excellent. Brink’s performance was more electrifying than before, reaching high notes and low vibratos. With numerous costume changes Brink had all interested in what she’d come out wearing next. Although Brink is clearly the center of attention of In This Moment, much credit is due to the band; Chris Howorth (lead guitars),Tom Hane (drums), Travis Johnson (bass), and Randy Weitzel (guitars). This ensemble of musicians is the tightest In This Moment line-up to date.

If you missed Hellpop this time around have no fear, the second leg of the tour was announced for 2014 including Butcher Babies, Devour the Day, and All Hail the Yeti.

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