Information Society – Kicking Off 2019 With New Music

Do you want to know what Kurt Harland – the visionary and voice behind the eccentric and experimental Dance/Synthpop-oriented band Information Society – is thinking of?

Another surge of pure energy!

This time, Harland and bandmates Paul Robb and James Cassidy are going against the old-school tide of releasing album-oriented music and instead embracing the current trend of single hitters and lone charters.

According to Vocalist Harland, Information Society has decided to release music on a per-single basis, producing only one song every couple of months or whenever they feel the need to follow up. A forward-thinking concept in modern times, he adds,  “Albums are no longer the primary format for publishing music. There is no reason for them. In olden times, songs were sold one-at-a-time. Albums were popularized in the 50’s because people realized that if you are selling discs of plastic, it was good marketing to jam some more value into those discs. Now there are no discs, so there is no point.

The generation growing up and coming of age now does not understand why they should get *ten* songs from an artist when they are only interested in *one*. Even if you do buy an album, you tend to pull the few songs you really like off into playlists and *never* listen to the whole album. Why would you want to listen to *ten* whole songs from the same artist? There is no longer any need or incentive to do that. Of course we are all still bonded to albums we grew to love in times past, but going forward I think it will be unusual for people to listen to ten songs by one artist in a row.

That is why, for the serious record collectors, just be patient for, who knows, by the end of the year, Harland and the rest of Information Society might come up after all with a full album in its proper form. In the meantime though, treat yourself to the latest pure energy of a song from Information Society. Titled “World Enough,” Information Society’s latest song followed in the heels of the American band’s seventh studio album, 2015’s Orders of Magnitude, which was an all-covers offering, their tribute to some of their musical influences.

Officially released on Friday, January 11th, “World Enough” is certainly Information Society in its best Dance/Synthpop predisposition. Starting anthemically with a synthesized trombone melody, it then builds up swiftly with a pulsating beat, New Age melody that has a hint of Enigma (“Mea Culpa”), and a New Wave sensibility that reconnects the band to its sonic beginnings (“Repetition”), completing a sonic circle.

Now, the burning questions that still remains are, how many songs will in fact be released, and exactly how often? As alluded to, Harland states the amount of music that will be put out is still unknown. Let’s just say it will be as many as they want to make, so the possibilities are endless. Additionally, their goal is to put out a fresh song every four months, but who needs schedules in an age with the freedom to publish music whenever you like thanks to the internet. In the meantime, fans can indulge in “World Enough” and look forward to an exciting year ahead with Information Society!

Purchase “World Enough”:

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