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Back in 1996, Wes Craven’s Scream introduced cinema lovers to a new kind of horror, one that broke the rules of the average Slasher film. Becoming the highest grossing Slasher film of all-time, Scream spawned a successful film series that shaped ’90s Horror. A story which people have come to know so well, rumors began to swirl back in 2012 that a Scream television series was actually in the works. An exciting possible continuation on the franchise, it came to life in on June 30, 2015 when episode one of the debut season of Scream aired on MTV and is now available on DVD as of May 10, 2016. With the help of a wonderfully diverse staff, the series was successful and now returns for a second season, launching May 30th with the episode entitled I Know What You Did Last Summer. Complemented by strong writing and a talented cast, Scream’s second season should be full of excitement bound to draw even more attention. Recently we sat down with Amadeus Serafini to talk his role as Kieran Wilcox, the chemistry on the set of Scream, what to expect in season two, and more. – You are still a relatively young actor. First, tell us, what inspired you to pursue a professional career in acting?

Amadeus Serafini – That is a good question. I suppose I am a bit of a people person, but that cannot be said for all actors. The desire to perform and to be immortalized, is it that? I do not know what it is (laughs). I could tell you a million things, and it would all be right. As a kid, I was told a couple of times I should look into it. I do not know what particular reason, but it definitely started with a suggestion that someone said, “Hey, you should give this a try.” So I did. Studying turned into studying more. Eventually, it became an audition for Scream: The TV Series. – Yes, it all has to start somewhere as an performance. There was talks of a Scream series as far back as four years, and in 2015, you premiered as a lead character in the MTV series that celebrated a strong first season. How did this role come about for you?

Amadeus Serafini – I was actually working at a Hollywood night club on Sunset Blvd, which is not defunct. I was working there as a doorman, it was very industry rich as many clubs in that area are. I would get potential job offers all the time. One lady came by and asked if I was represented, she proceeded to give me her card. We had a meeting and she sent me on a few auditions. I think Scream was the third and I booked it right off the bat. I did not even have headshots yet, Kate suggested we print some out for Scream, so we did. Now we are here in season 2 of Scream.

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox. Scream: The TV Series Episode 103 – Wow, that is a crazy story how it all happened for you. It must have been very exciting.

Amadeus Serafini – Yes, people always say, “Good for you,” and kind of assume maybe it just happened. I had been working for quite a while though. I was studying for quite a few years before I launched myself into the audition room. That was the time, it came. – Well all the hard work paid off. Your character, much like the rest of the cast, is ever developing. We continue to learn more about Kieran each passing episode. Are you in as much suspense as the audience of what is going to happen next ?

Amadeus Serafini – Absolutely. The analogy I love to use is The Usual Suspects treatment of the past. The other unknown around all of it is there have been re-writes upon re-writes and frequently we don’t know until the very end who the killer might be. In the first season, when Piper was the killer, I do not think Amelia Rose Blaire was until just weeks before her performance. The writers and showrunners have been playing very close to their vest. I do not think we have chances to learn anymore until later in this next season coming up. People will keep dying, that I can guarantee.

Killer. Scream: The TV Series Episode 108. – (laughs) Well that is quite obvious. The new season kicks off May 30th. We all know the Scream movie series is perhaps one of the most successful Horror series of all-time, and one of the ’90s defining Horror series. Were you a fan of the films, and if so which was your favorite?

Amadeus Serafini – Yes, totally. I love Scream, especially the first film. As a cast, we did get together in season 1 before we began shooting and watched all of them together. We watched them as a refresher if you will. As a cast it was kind of a fun activity. We did that with Game of Thrones as well. We fanboy as a cast together. – That is great. The cast is doing a great job. There seems to be a chemistry between the actors. Speaking of chemistry, Kieran and Emma clearly have that. Have yourself and Willa developed a good working relationship?

Amadeus Serafini – It is great. Willa Fitzgerald is really professional and an incredible actress. I have been bouncing off her as well as the rest of the cast. We had a lot of time in the first season to get to know each other. We had a couple instances during production, when production was paused, that gave us time to hang out and get to know one another for a couple of weeks. I think that really smoothed our working relationships from the get go, and it only got better from there. Just good people. Casting did not allow any jerks into the cast (laughs).

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox and Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval. Scream: The TV Series Episode 109. – That has to make the work even more fun to have that good relationship with your co-workers. A television series allows for much more character development than a movie. One of the most truthful statements made in season one is how do you make a Slasher film into a series? Scream has proved it can be done.

Amadeus Serafini  – It has. I am always pleasantly surprised with each new script that comes out and how they keep things going. It is quite a challenge, it really is. Given Kieran’s mystery as you mentioned earlier, we are going to get a lot more backstory on him this time around. We have some new characters coming in as family members who are really going to dig up each other’s pasts. That is going to give the audience a lot to chew on. It will also give our characters a lot to fight over. There will be a lot of action in this season. It gets crazy. – That is exciting to hear. The new season comes with a great deal of high anticipation.

Amadeus Serafini – Then we will all still be working mid-season 2 as the season begins. It will be pretty fun to see what everyone thinks of the first few episodes as we are finishing up the last.

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox. Scream: The TV Series Episode 110. – Yes, that has to be exciting to see what the reactions are as you are completing the season. It should be a great second season. My last question for you is pertaining to movies. covers music and Horror/Sci-Fi films. If you are a fan of these films, what are some of your favorites?

Amadeus Serafini – I would say The Shining (1980), you can’t go wrong with that. There is an obscure movie called Komodo in 1999. For me, it was perfect. It is hilarious, just to put that out there. Also Honeymoon directed by Leigh Janiak, who directed an episode of Scream as well.

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