Interview – Amanda Crew

Interview – Amanda Crew

Everyone has a story to tell, and when we get down to the core of it all, many of our feelings are quite alike. Almost blasphemous to suggest in a time where divisiveness is in vogue, veteran Actress Amanda Crew hopes to find relatable humanity in roles she plays. Beginning her career while only a teenager, Crew made her feature debut in 2006’s Final Destination 3, soon going on to leading roles in such popular films including 2008’s Sex Drive, 2010’s Charlie St. Cloud, as well as the successful HBO series Silicon Valley.

Most recently portraying a millennial in the new Horror film Tone-Deaf, Crew co-stars alongside Robert Patrick who plays a baby boomer that has just about enough of the generation of sass and entitlement. Set for release in theaters and On Demand as of Friday, August 23rd, the film is a perfect commentary on the times we live, making it one of the best Horror genre flicks of 2019. Recently the talented Amanda Crew sat down to chat about her experience working on Tone-Deaf, what she took away from it, her career acting, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in acting professionally for well over a decade starring in a list of films and television series. First, tell us what inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

Amanda Crew – I think when I started I was fifteen, so it was pretty pure from a younger prospective. I loved to make people laugh, I liked playing different characters, and becoming different people. I think as I’ve gotten older that’s evolved more into the desire to tell different stories that connect human beings; to not feel so alone feeling or thinking something, or to kind of forget about all their problems. The power of storytelling is what drives me now.

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Cryptic Rock – Very interesting. You have done work in quite a few different genres from Horror to Drama, to Comedy. Do you enjoy the diversity to play different roles?

Amanda Crew – I think I’m fortunate enough that I’ve had a career that I’ve gotten to play in different genres. I really enjoy doing that, I think whenever I’m doing one kind of genre, I’m craving the other; I can get bored pretty easily. (Laughs) It’s fun to get to explore yourself in different dimensions, characters, and tones. I think that is why I like doing so many different kinds of genres.

Cryptic Rock – It is great to have that diversity and challenge yourself too. Speaking of which, you play a leading role in the new film Tone-Deaf. A mix of Horror and Comedy, how did the role come about for you?

Amanda Crew – This is one of those lucky ones where Richard Bates Jr., the writer/director of the film, was a fan and envisioned me for the character. It was an offer, and I feel so privileged to be in a place where people are asking me to be in their movie instead of me begging to be in their movie.

I was sent the script and after seeing the trailers for his previous films, and watching some of them too, I was able to see his unique voice and point of view. After reading the script and seeing how he played with different genres within one film I was super excited to get do something different that I haven’t done before.

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Cryptic Rock – The film is perfect for the current social climate of America too. Many of us live in our own little worlds and are somewhat ‘tone-deaf’ to other generations. What did you take away from the story?

Amanda Crew – I think what was interesting for me, even watching it more so than reading it, I thought Robert (Patrick) brought so much humanity to his character; despite the terrible things he’s doing. (Laughs) Even though I’m not a baby boomer, I could really identify with his character in a lot of ways. I think that’s the powerful thing the movie can do. If you identify with one generation, one kind of point of view, and one way of being, you can still find elements of yourself in the opposing generation. I think that’s the beauty of the human experience and humanity, we can find ourselves in most people. I think that was my big takeaway. 

Cryptic Rock – That is a wonderful takeaway. We are a lot alike, and that is despite the division we are seeing amongst people these days. It seems like the word millennial is somewhat of a dirty word with some people. Did you see any similarities between Olive and yourself in real life? 

Amanda Crew – For sure! What I love what Richard did with the character was he really leaned into the stereotype. That was making her super ironic, sardonic, petulant, self-involved, and entitled. It is a very extraordinary version of a millennial, but yes, there are still parts of her that anyone can really identify with.

She’s doing the best she can, she’s got all this shit going on and she’s just trying her hardest to kind of make it through. I think she probably has read too many Refinery29 articles on how to be a boss bitch. (Laughs) She is just trying to put forward this image of confidence and success, but that’s coming from a deeply insecure place though, which I think a lot of us are doing. It’s trying to pretend we have it all together, but deep down we know we are scared shit-less and don’t know what we’re doing. 

Cryptic Rock – Agreed, everyone is still figuring things out as they go. It will be interesting to hear people’s thoughts when Tone-Deaf is released Friday, August 23rd. Beyond the movie, you have a lot of other things going on such as the successful run of Silicon Valley. What has your experience been like with that series?

Amanda Crew – I’m so grateful to have been on the show for so long, not many shows go that long. It’s sad it’s coming to an end, but I think we’re all really excited to be ending it on a high. I am just grateful for the privilege to have this long of a run with it. 


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Cryptic Rock – It will be interesting to see what happens in the final season.

Amanda Crew – Yes! To be determined. (Laughs)

Cryptic Rock – That is something to certainly look forward to. Last question. If you are a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi films, what are some of your favorites?

Amanda Crew – My most recent favorite is Midsommar. It’s so good, my jaw was on the floor the entire time. I’m not a fan of super long movies, but it flew by and I was upset it was over. It’s visually stunting and the performances are insane; I could not recommend it enough.

Nothing else comes to mind in the Horror world. I like being in Horror movies, and it doesn’t scare me to be in them, but watching them scares the shit out of me. I like the genre for acting, but watching them I have to be in a very stable state of mind in my life to go through watching one. It always sticks with me too long and messes with my head.

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