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Featured as one of Maxim’s ‘Hot 100’ Girls for 2 years and on the cover for Maxim Canada’s premiere issue, there is much more than just a pretty face with April Rose. Born and raised in Chicago, Rose is a model, writer, actress, producer, radio personality, as well as host for Fox Sports, Comcast SportsNet, VH1, MAXIM as well as Playboy. Still, there is more to Rose, and she is just getting started to unleash her potential in the entertainment industry. Hosting a show on the Classic Rock station WLUP FM 97.9 ‘The Loop’ out of Chicago, Rose recently modeled  for The Loop Rock Girl 2018 Calendar, a collection of images that artistically rock! Recently we caught up with the well-rounded Rose to talk her entrance into the world of entertainment, her passion for music, desire to pursue acting further, plus much more. – You have been involved in modeling, acting, writing, and hosting for some time. First tell us, what inspired you to pursue a career in entertainment?

April Rose – Honestly, I started off in the medical world: I was a crisis counselor, I got my EMT license, and the jobs out there really didn’t pay well. I was thinking, well, I want to buy a house one day, I don’t want to have to depend on a man to support to me… how am I going to reach that goal? I started getting into radio as well as modeling, it really snowballed from there and it was a easy decision to say, “The medical world is great, but I am really getting some traction in modeling, acting, and hosting.” That is where I started to make money so that is where I stayed. It was almost out of my hands, I kept getting more jobs, booking for more stuff, and it was very natural. – Very interesting. That is a pretty interesting story. In your modeling career, you have been featured in big publications such as Maxim. How would you compare modeling to acting as well as hosting?

April Rose – I love acting because I feel like you can study for it, research, be in the moment, and appreciate the art of it. Tyra Banks probably would say you could do the same thing with modeling, but I just don’t see it as much. The calendar I just put out, we did get into a sort of acting level where we did listen to music from all the artists featured in the calendar. I wanted to get into it more than just your regular photo shoot where you need to throw out a few poses so there are different poses throughout each month. We got into the moment more of acting which I really love to do because I feel like modeling is very simple.

MTV – That sounds exciting. Speaking of the calendar, which was released on January 4th, you posed with some great Rock band t-shirts, swimsuits, etc. How did this project come about for you?

April Rose – I work for a Classic Rock radio station in Chicago and we do calendars every year. In years past, there was a wardobe artist, Betty Bangs, who cut up concert t-shirts and made different bikinis out of them. We have done that for the past couple of years. This year our program director at the radio station wanted to try projected images. I said, “I don’t know if that is going to work.” He said he thought it would be great, just try it. That is kind of how we went into it, we didn’t know how it would turn out. We were a little nervous putting the budget together for it and the personale. We did research what artwork we were going to use for it for the projected images. We just crossed our fingers, closed our eyes, and jumped in together; it turned out great! – Yes, it did come out very well. Beyond the band’s logos on the clothing, there are some really cool scenes including the one for Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. What was the shoot like and did you have any artistic input on how things were captured?

April Rose – Yes, the photographer, Alex Goykhman, really is easy to work with. He kind of lets me get into the mode and mood of an art director, so we will collaborate on that level. I think what drove the whole photo shoot was listening to each artist’s music as we were shooting it. We listened to the Nevermind album while we were shooting Nirvana. There are a lot of really cool videos to back that up, you can see a projector in the camera rigged on a little scaffolding above me. Nothing is photoshopped, this is all projected images onto my body. We didn’t know how it would turn out! We probably only took around 20 to 25 clicks of Nevermind. We just crossed our fingers, hoped it worked out, if it didn’t, we would just use a different album and setup. That one just happened to work perfectly in the moment, my hair even looked like it was wet and underwater. We just got really lucky that it worked out so well.

September 2018 The Loop Rock Girl Calendar. Photo Credit – Alex Goykhman – Wow, that is a very low amount of clicks for a photo shoot!

April Rose – I know! (Laughs) Trust me, I will ask to take 1,000 photos so you will have an amazing one. But it was just such a funking setup and we were worried the camera might fall. We went to look at the images and we said we don’t need more clicks, we got it, let’s move on! – That worked out really well, it is always a pleasant surprise when that happens. Now seeing you host a Rock show in Chicago and you recently modeled for this new calendar, is it safe to say you are a Rock fan?

April Rose – Yes, I love the late ’60s and early ’70s era, but I am definitely a huge Rock fan! Classic Rock is just something I feel like the world loves. It is a beautiful, great part of our history, and culture in music. I can listen to these songs forever, even though you have heard them 100s of times before, you still love listening to them.

October 2018 The Loop Rock Girl Calendar. Photo Credit – Alex Goykhman – Yes, that is why it is so great. It seems as if we get older more music becomes legitimately Classic Rock.

April Rose – It is so wild, once something hits 25 years old it is considered classic. So you have the Chili Peppers, STP, and Nirvana that is now considered Classic Rock. It just kind of makes you feel old. (Laughs) The Smashing Pumpkins is coming up on that Classic Rock point too! What I really love is going to these big budget movies like Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Guardians of The Galaxy and they are using these old Classic Rock songs in these movies. Everyone loves it! I love that they are still integrating it in the new cultural movement with these Classic Rock songs.

CrypticRock. com – Yes, it also brings the music to the attention of the younger generation. Obviously you really do appreciate Rock music. What are some acts you grew up with. Also, what are some new artists you think people should check out?

April Rose – Our radio station works right next to our sister station, 101WKQX. They have known to break some great new artists. Our office is on the same floor in the same building, we all collaborate and we are all friends. Recently I got to sneak into the Sound Lounge they have there. I saw Alice Merton who has a lot of soul and The Kongos. Those are two of my favorite new Alternative Rock artists, they have a lot of passion and emotional energy.

As far as Classic Rock, I am such a typical female where I change my mind everyday. (Laughs) One week I am obsessed with The Doors, the next week is Hendrix, and then Rush. It is always changing. I have always had a big thing for Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of my favorite songs he does is “Texas Flood.” I just can’t get over how he manhandles his guitar when he plays it, yet he is still so gentle. I love what he puts into the songs. A lot of the songs he played weren’t his songs, but I love what he does to them!

Epic Records – He certainly had a unique style about him. In regards to acting, you stared in 2013’s Grown Ups 2. Have you been approached for more acting roles and what genres would strike your interest?

April Rose – You know what is funny, in the hosting world, one week I am talking about The Chicago Blackhawks on NBC Sports or Comcast, the next week I am doing some race car stuff, then the next week I am back doing NBC Sports talking The Chicago Bears. Every week I am a mini-commentary on all different subjects. It is hard to say in the movie world it would be a specific type of genre. I love being flexible and being able to mold myself into something different and learning something new about each aspect of it.

I was approached for some roles for a while. It is tough because I chose to stay in Chicago, I really love Chicago. It is difficult because you really have to be in LA to meet with the directors, etc. Times are changing a little bit because you can do video submission auditions. I recently started working with a new agent, so we will see what happens! – The best of luck with that! You also host sports, so you are quite versatile and well-rounded as a host. How do you like working in sports?

April Rose – Yes, for the Blackhawks I had a show on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago for a season. I work on a Bears pre-game show. I am a commentary as well and go to the players homes to do lifestyle interviews or tailgate segments. I am not breaking down the offensive line or anything like that. (Laughs)

July 2018 The Loop Rock Girl Calendar. Photo Credit – Alex Goykhman – Very cool. This career path is vastly different than your initial medical industry you were a part of it. Do you ever look back and think, “How did I get here?”

April Rose – I do because I was really shy, quiet, and didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. I had one close friend. I wasn’t very social so it is weird I did branch out into the industry I am in because it forces you to be super social, outgoing, and communicating with so many different people. It was weird going from the medical world to this industry. I feel like the EMT certification which I obtained should be taught in high school, it is basic life saving skills and learning about your body. It was interesting for me to learn that, but there wasn’t money in it like there is where I can do this. I don’t feel like I am working now, I feel like it is fun and I have a new, fun project every week! – That is great, you are able to follow something you love, be successful, and have fun! Last question, on CrypticRock we cover music as well as movies, particular Horror and Sci-Fi. If you are a fan of either genre, what are some of your favorites?

April Rose – Oh my god, I love Horror movies! There are so many. I love The Conjuring (2013), it was scariest for me. It was clever and original. I didn’t get into Horror movies until about 5 years ago, so the first one I saw was House of 1,000 Corpses (2003). I was a virgin to Horror and that was the first one. I was traumatized by it in such a wonderful way that opened up a world. I don’t know if that was a good one to start with because it was so intense. That is what pulled me into the Horror genre. I could probably list a 100 or more Horror movies. – It is great to hear you enjoy the genre. Since you came in late to the party, have you seen some of the classics? Have you seen The Exorcist (1973)?

April Rose – The weird thing is I was so scared to watch it; I watched it and I wasn’t scared at all. Maybe it is because now that the CGI is so good it didn’t scare me. I am so into Horror movies; I was recently in Key West where there is Robert the Doll. It is a famous doll that carries bad spirits with him. It is a real thing and they have based a lot of movies off him. It is cool, wild, and I went to go visit that exhibit in Key West.

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  • April Rose is seriously one of the greatest & most lovely ladies who have ever graced in this great green Earth. Fabulous model, amazing actress & tremendous presenter/reporter/hostess. She’s a versatile one of a kind. 🙂

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