Interview – Autumn Federici

autumn slide - Interview - Autumn Federici

Interview – Autumn Federici

autumn for article - Interview - Autumn FedericiThe entertainment industry can be a hard nut to crack. With so many outlets now, one can easily get lost in the shuffle, but in the same breath, the possibilities are endless. Making a name for herself in the vast abyss and rising above it all is the promising talent Autumn Federici. Taking her mix of wit, personality, and skills, Federici has spread her wings into a multitude of fields working as an actress, producer, model, and even dabbling some in music. Starred in a series of films including Horror genre’s Haunting of the Innocent, 2013’s Murder Eleven, and 2013’s 616: Paranormal Incident, Federici has much more to come in the future. Recently we sat down with the delightful actress for a look into her career in film, her plans for the future, and much more. – You have been working in entertainment industry for over a decade now. First, what inspired you to get involved in acting in film and television?

Autumn Federici – I love playing make believe. It never gets old! I get to work with uber talented and incredibly inspiring humans on a regular basis. Where else do you get to throw temper tantrums, run from Zombies, stab a psycho, get eaten by a wolf, then get up and do it again the next day? – That is very true. Among your credits, you have been in such Horror films as 2014’s Haunting of the Innocent, 2013’s Murder Eleven, and 2013’s 616: Paranormal Incident. Do you enjoy working in the Horror genre?

Autumn Federici – I absolutely love the craziness of it all. As an actress, every genre gets the same preparation and the work is the same regardless. You always play every character as honest as possible. The fun in this genre for me is the aftermath. The fans in Horror are the best! They interact with you and are so passionate about the genre.

paranormal incident - Interview - Autumn Federici
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murder eleven - Interview - Autumn Federici
Indican Pictures – There definitely is a special quality of the fans to the genre. The entertainment industry can be extremely competitive, and also very difficult to break. How do you approach things now, seeing the experience you have gained thus far?

Autumn Federici – Oh man, I’ve developed a seriously tough, leathery skin over the years! Starting as a model and dancer, it was brutal.  I’ve learned to not compare myself or my career to anyone, but it took years for me to get there. I think the biggest change is I now check to see who’s involved before I jump on a project as an actress or producer. Who you work with makes all the difference these days. – Very understandableAs mentioned, you have been in such films as Haunting of the Innocent where you worked alongside the likes of veteran actors such as Judd Nelson. What was that experience like?

Autumn Federici – Judd Nelson is a bad ass. He was wonderful and really took time to ask questions about the script and why certain things were happening. He didn’t seem to notice that we all were walking around singing, “Don’t you forget about me.” (laughs) My other favorite on screen experience was with Billy Zane in Flutter (2014). Wow, he’s rad!

haunting of the innocent - Interview - Autumn Federici
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flutter poster - Interview - Autumn Federici
XLRator – He is a talented actor. Two-thousand and thirteen’s Murder Eleven recently hit Redbox. How are you finding the overall response to the film now that it has this new platform to be seen?  

Autumn Federici – It’s like I said earlier about the fans being so passionate about this genre in particular. They are either going to love it or hate it. I feel like there’s no in between. The artwork lends itself to be a Slasher film, but the movie is actually a Thriller. I can see how some people who are expecting a bloodbath wouldn’t appreciate the slow burn. – Expectations can change how one likes a film or not. Murder Eleven is certainly more of a Thriller than Slasher type Horror, what was your experience like working on the film?

Autumn Federici – Murder Eleven was an incredible experience. Jim Klock is one of my favorite directors to work with! He has a gift to bring out the best performance that you didn’t even know was buried inside you. When we filmed the movie, there really was a psychopath killing prostitutes in Atlantic City, so the fear was real! Here I am dressed like a lady of the night walking through these seedy locations where these women were actually taken from. The role of Katey was exhausting. Without giving too much away, I’m playing two roles in the film. Then there’s always the physicality of being choked, gagged, tied up – etc….. always a good time!

murder eleven - Interview - Autumn Federici
Autumn Federici as Katey in Murder Eleven – It has to exhausting, putting that amount of energy into the roles. Besides acting, you are also involved in music, correct? Tell us about your music projects.

Autumn Federici – I grew up in the music world. When I was little, my Mom was in a Rock band called Free Base (she’s going to kill me for saying that). Then when we moved to LA, she was the go-to for all the ’80s Pop stars’ demos. She made me go on radio shows with her, and I even made a cameo on her Christmas album, Sweet Christmas Heart. Last year, I was helping my best friend JC Chasez with a passion project he was working on. I love music! Music has that special gift of bringing you back to a particular moment in your life. In movies, I think it’s crucial. It can make or break your film. – Music is definitely powerful in enhancing a film or bringing back memories. What are some new projects you have on the horizon?

Autumn Federici – Well I just filmed a Star Wars episode of Interrogations Gone Wrong with Jim Klock from Scream Queens. I also just wrapped another Horror film that starred Michael Ironside. I’m incredibly proud of the Sci-Fi film Circle that is on Netflix right now. It’s getting great reviews. I’m really excited about a film I’m doing in December… I can’t quite spill the beans just yet, but hopefully soon. Stay tuned!

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gone wrong - Interview - Autumn Federici
Code 3 Films – It sounds like there is much to look forward to for fans. My last question for you is pertaining to movies. covers music and Horror films.  If you are a fan of Horror films, what are some of your favorite Horror films?

Autumn Federici – Truth be told, I’m afraid of the dark. It’s amazing that I live in this Horror world and I can barely watch Law and Order! I do have to say, I think the scariest film I ever saw was Silence of the Lambs (1991).

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