Interview – Bailey Noble

Interview – Bailey Noble

baily for articleIn a generation full of young talented actresses, Bailey Noble is a cut above the rest. As the daughter of actress Lynn Noble, Bailey was exposed to acting and the love of film at a tender, young age, making appearances in a variety of TV shows including Secret Diary of American Teenager, Glee, and 90210, but her first big role was in the awarding winning HBO show True Blood, where she portrayed the daughter of Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, played by Chris Bauer. Proving her acting skills, Bailey is now co-starring with Pretty Little Liars’  Troian Bellisario in the 2016 Revenge Thriller Martyrs. Directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz, the film is a remake of the 2008 French-Canadian Horror Cult classic Martyrs, an intense, surreal film that was known for pushing the envelope in the Horror genre with its beautiful yet brutal story. The remake has a winning cast with a slightly different vision that will intrigue Horror audiences everywhere and is set to be released on January 22nd, 2016, both in theaters and in digital HD. Noble recently took time out of her busy schedule to discuss how she got involved in acting, her experience on the hit series True Blood, her role as Anna in the remake of Martyrs, what she wants for her future, and more. – You have been involved in entertainment for sometime and have been fortunate to be involved in a lot of great projects. First, tell us, what inspired you to get into acting?

Bailey Noble – Hmm, what inspired me to get into acting… Well, my mom has acted her whole life, doing a variety of different things, including commercials, so I got a taste of it when I was little. But I didn’t decide to do anything professionally until I was about nineteen. – Very interesting, it is great that you decided on your own and it has worked out well. One of your most known roles is Adilyn from the show True Blood. What was that experience like for you?

Bailey Noble – Incredible! I loved every second of being part of the show. The cast is incredible, the crew is incredible…. yeah I was extremely grateful for that role.

HBO – It certainly was a wonderful series and will continued to be loved by audiences everywhere for a long time. You have dabbled in both Fantasy and Horror films in your career. Is there a particular genre you would like to act in next?

Bailey Noble – I really want to do a Romantic Comedy, and do more Comedies. – Hopefully you get the chance to star in more of those roles in the future. Recently, you are co-starring with Troian Bellisario in the new film Martyrs. The film is in fact a remake of  the 2008 French-Canadian film by the same name. Have you seen the original, and what are your thoughts on it if you have.

Bailey Noble – Yeah, I saw the original after I filmed our version. For some reason, the day I went to watch it, my iTunes was not working so I called a local Walmart and said, “Do you have the film Martyrs?” And they were like, “Excuse me, Miss, we don’t carry the film Martyrs, it’s one of the most gruesome films ever made.” (laughs)  I was like, “Oh, okay!” I did end up watching it though and enjoyed it.

Still from Martyrs
Still from Martyrs – (laughs) That is pretty funny. Somehow that does not seem very surprising being that it is WalMart. You play the role of Anna in the remake of Martyrs. What was it like to play her and could you relate to her character at all?

Bailey Noble – Yeah, I loved playing Anna because she has such an incredible journey. She starts out as sort of timid, more unique character and because of everything she goes through, she turns into this really strong, empowered woman. I think the circumstances of the script are so wild and out there, but I think personally if I cared for someone as much my character cares for Lucy, I would do the same for them. – The film certainly does have some wild circumstances. Knowing Martyrs is a brutal film, were there any particular scenes that were hard for you to be involved in?

Bailey Noble – Yeah, in general. But there was one scene in particular where I had to crawl through a drainage pipe with lots of mud and everything. It was no problem at first, but then I started to see worms and all sorts of spiders and that’s when I freaked out a bit. (laughs)

martyrs theatrical poster
Anchor Bay Entertainment – (laughs) One could imagine, those creatures are certainly not fun, even for viewers to watch! How do you think audiences will feel about this film or what they will take away from this film?

Bailey Noble – I hope that the fans of the regular film can look at our film with an open mind, and think of it as more as re-imagining versus a remake. – It will be exciting to see viewers reactions. Our last question is pertaining to films. comes music and Horror/Sci-fi films. If you are a fan of either genre, what are some of your favorites?

Bailey Noble – I am and it is The Conjuring (2013). I have seen it so many times now. Before the movie ever came out, I watched the documentaries and I was really interested in them. I just thought they were really well done, and  I am excited for The Conjuring 2.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

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