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A multi-faceted talent, Cassandra Naud is a name making waves in entertainment. A Canada native, Naud began her career as a professional dancer, also has done her share of acting, but is co-founded the brand Somedays which provides natural, effective products that relieve period pain. A young talent full of ambitious and determination, Naud’s acting career has include roles in such series as Loudermilk and Snowpiercer. Up to expanding her horizons, now she dives into the fantastical world of Horror with a role in the Shudder Original Influencer. Exclusively streaming on Shudder since May 26th, Influencer is an eerie look at modern life and the dark, very real side of social media. Happy to be apart of Influencer, Naud graciously took sometime to chat about the film, her experience in entertainment, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in entertainment for some time first as a dancer, and then actor. Attaining success through hard work, you have been a part of some interesting projects along the way. First and foremost, tell us, what has your journey in the arts been like to this point?

Cassandra Naud – I’ve been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember. It’s fun to shift from one discipline to another whilst using what I learned from the past to apply to the present. I’ve always had my toes dipped in many different ponds, from dancing, acting and singing to martial arts and even business. I once heard Robert Downey Jr. describe himself as a generalist and I like to think I can relate to that. I’m always excited to try new things which is why I gravitate to the arts.

Cryptic Rock – And that is what is great about art, if you are truly open, it can be limitless. As mentioned, you have been a part of more and more films and television series as time goes on. Do you have a favorite medium you prefer working in, or do they both offer you
something unique?

Cassandra Naud – I’ve been so grateful for all the projects I’ve been a part of thus far. Each one comes with its own set of lessons, but I will say I do tend to lean into the world of films more so than television. Getting the opportunity to dissect a script inside and out and finding the root of my character’s motivation is something that I crave.

Loudermilk series/ AT&T
See series / Apple TV+

Cryptic Rock – That sounds like it can be a lot of fun. Speaking of which, you have a starring role in the new film Influencer. How did this project come about for you?

Cassandra Naud – Influencer was such a wild ride. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I took part in a 48-hour film festival in Vancouver, BC called Run N Gun and was spotted mid slasher by our Co-writer/Producer Tesh Guttikonda. I met our Director Kurt Harder, did a read through and the rest is history!

Cryptic Rock – Sounds like it all came together nicely for you. Influencer clearly strikes a lot of chords in this very odd world of technology we are living in. It seems as if we are living in a breeding ground for narcissism with social media, instant gratification, etc. What are your thoughts on these very serious issues plaguing humanity and how we relate to one another?

Cassandra Naud – I would be lying if social media hasn’t already affected me and my own attention span. I think we should enforce social media free Fridays.

Cryptic Rock – That would be a good idea! Now that you have starred in Influencer, would you be interested in starring in other Horror/Thriller type films?

Cassandra Naud – Oh absolutely, the Horror/Thriller genre has no limits. I’m slowly becoming more and more of a Horror fan and I love how warm and inviting the Horror community has been throughout this whole process. I’m 100% game on keeping the slicing and the dying going.

Cassandra Naud as CW in Influencer / Shudder


Cryptic Rock – It will be interesting to see what comes up next for you; in the Horror genre or not. Not only are you involved in acting, but you are also an entrepreneur as the co-founder of the brand Somedays. You seem highly individualistic and driven. What is your main source of inspiration to keep moving forward and facing new challenges?

Cassandra Naud – My entrepreneurial side was discovered during the pandemic (panini as I like to call it). My best friend/roommate Lux had asked me to join them on their business venture and I said yes. Like many artists, I just can’t seem to sit still. So, when the opportunity arose to try something new and exercise a different part of my brain of course I had to jump on. I love trying new things, I think that’s why I gravitate towards acting. Every script is different and presents a new set of challenges to face.

Cryptic Rock – Yes, and it seems like you have a lot of different things to go to when it comes to creating something. Last question. On Cryptic Rock we cover all types of film, but concentrate on Horror and Sci-fi films. If you are a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi movies, what are some of your favorites?

Cassandra Naud – I discovered Mia Goth in Ti West’s film Pearl (2022). I left the cinema feeling so inspired by her performance and her story. I loved how that film brought you from one side of the spectrum to another in a matter of seconds. From an innocent girl riding a bicycle in the country who loved to dance her heart out, to a complete scarecrow humping serial killer psycho. I loved it.

Influencer / Shudder (2023)


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