Interview – Cole Childers

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Interview – Cole Childers

cole childers promo1 - Interview - Cole ChildersMusic is often the outlet for emotional release for composers and listeners alike.  Growing up a short ferry ride off the coast of Seattle, WA on Bainbridge Island rock artist Cole Childers was entrenched in his desire to create music early on in life.  Relying on his music to express his feelings Childers entered United States Navy in 2000 continuing to craft his sound and learn about the world.  Now a man full of life experience and approaching music with a humble attitude, Childers takes on the rock-n-roll world with his debut solo EP Aurora.  With enough edge to please hard rock lovers and the right amount of sensitive to attract a broader audience Childers has a bright future ahead of him.  Recently we sat down with the aspiring musician to discuss his beginnings in music, being part of the United States Navy, and much more. – You have been involved in music for some time now beginning with the band Chasing Corna. You now take on a sole project as you continue with your career.  Where did your passion for music all started?

Cole Childers – My passion for music began when I was 17 and my brother gave me a guitar for my birthday. Up until that point I had an ear for music and enjoyed singing along with the radio, but that was about it. After receiving my first guitar everything changed for me, this was a defining moment in my life. I grew on Bainbridge Island, WA., just outside of Seattle and the Grunge movement caught my interest right off the bat. I write what I feel and my songs represent emotions based on personal experiences in my life. – That personal touch in your songs certainly is apparent.  Your sound can best be described as a mix of hard rock with a sense of alternative influence, which is rather refreshing. What is your musical vision?

Cole Childers – My creative vision for music is based off of raw emotion. If I feel that raw emotion is not portrayed through a song, I will re-write it until it is or scrap it. I am also lucky enough to work with Bryce Bordone (Producer/Engineer/Musician/Song-writer) and through collaboration we co-wrote the EP Aurora.  I have been writing songs for years and working with Bryce has helped to give me a different perspective when it comes to my song writing approach. For me, the most important part of the writing process is the chorus. A majority of my songs start with writing the chorus. It is the foundation in which you build out the rest of the song. – Interesting.  Every musician has a different approach to song writing.  Seems as if you have developed a good chemistry with Bryce Bordone as well.  Besides music you spent time as part of the United States Navy serving between 2002 and 2005. Did this experience change your perception on life at all, and if so how?

Cole Childers – First off, the Navy allowed me to mature and meet people from all walks of life. I did gain a new perspective, which came from all of my peers (no pun intended!), not the job per say. From a music stand point, the Navy helped to extend my fan reach and allowed me opportunity to play in places like New York City all the way to Malta! It was such a cool experience and I cherish the time I spent in the military as well as all the fantastic people I met along the way.

Cole Childers promo2 768x1024 - Interview - Cole Childers – That sounds great to have that opportunity to travel abroad like that while learning new perspectives and also bringing your music to other places.  Did these experiences in the United States Navy at all change your approach to song writing?

Cole Childers – I wouldn’t say that the Navy changed my approach in song writing, but afforded me the opportunity and delivered the motivation to share my songs with numerous amounts of people. Another thing the Navy provided me is the ability to really focus on the quality of my songs. When I went on deployment in 2005, I had nothing but time to write. This had a major impact on my song writing. – Sounds like overall it was a wonderful growing experience.  Now your lyric style seems to paint vivid imagery with dark, yet positive tones.  Tell us a little bit more about how you approach creating a song.  How do you approach your song writing?

Cole Childers – As stated previously, my songs display raw emotion reflecting different situations in my life. These are emotions that most people deal with on a daily basis and it gives me a way to connect with people on another level. I have always been the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve, you never need to guess at what I’m thinking! My approach consists of a specific structure that usually falls in the order of chorus, verse, bridge, in regards to the order that the parts were written. Its very hard for me to feel a song if I can’t relate! – Of course, the best music comes from real life experience and relatable feelings.  Your debut solo EP Aurora became available digitally June 10th. The EP is six tracks and filled with intense hard hitting melodic rock. What was the writing and recording process like?

Cole Childers – The writing and recording process, or the creative process, is my absolute favorite! Bryce and I can spend hours in the studio and not bat an eye! If we had it our way we would live out of the studio and write and record everyday of the week. It is an amazing journey to take an idea, or a song in its infancy, and watch it grow into a musical powerhouse! Its also really cool to listen to the end product and to go back and hear the original idea or shell. The reason I write, is to share my emotion with others in hopes that they may relate. Sharing my music with others is what its all about!

cole childers aurora cover - Interview - Cole Childers – Absolutely.  The lead single off the EP is “Fall With Me”. The video is out now and it is extremely well put together with a great storyline. Tell us about the concept behind the music video?

Cole Childers – The concept behind the “Fall With Me” music video was formulated by myself and Scott Hansen, the producer of the video. When Scott first heard “Fall With Me”, he came up with the video idea almost instantly. Because I am such an advocate for the military, I wanted any type of war scene to glorify our service members and their families, while paying homage to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. We wanted viewers to feel and see some of the emotions that our Military families endure on a daily basis. Scott’s talent and vision are incredible and it is an absolute pleasure working with him. – It really came together well and the message is certainly delivered in a heartfelt matter.  What are some of your musical influences?

Cole Childers – Wow! Where to begin? Of course growing up in Seattle some of my favorites are Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, but there have been some greater influences along the way. As a song writer some of my favorites are Rob Thomas, Paul Simon, and Eric Clapton, to name a few. I am really into Imagine Dragons right now, what a great album! Some of my favorite bands after the year 2000 consist of Breaking Benjamin which I am glad they are back together, Chevelle, and Red. I am always on the look out for new music and new sounds. Discovering new music is very refreshing and is another way to help spur the creative process.

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Hollywood – Sounds like you have a great mix of classic and newer rock in your bank of musical tastes there.  My last question for you is pertaining to movies. covers music and horror films. If you are a fan of horror films what are some of your favorite horror films?

Cole Childers – Nice! This question is easy. The Shining (1980) and It (1990). I am a big fan of Stephen King, because he ads so much dynamic to his story lines. Its not just blood/guts and there is a looming creepiness that keeps you feeling rather unsettled throughout Kings movies. On the gorier side, Rob Zombie has made some pretty incredible horror films as of late.

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