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Raised down in Texas, Courtney Hope knew from a young age that she wanted to explore the world of artistic expression. From dancing to gymnastics, she would eventually find herself pursing a career in modeling as well as acting… and she has not looked back ever since.

Known for such roles as Beth Wilder in the hit video game and TV show Quantum Break, Hope has also become a mainstay on The Bold And The Beautiful as Sally Spectra. Never closed to expanding her range, she has done feature films, television, video games, and most recently lends her voice to Remedy Entertainments upcoming Action-Adventure game Control. Living her dreams and loving it, the talented Hope recently sat down to chat about acting, working in video games, keys to a healthy life, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – A diverse individual, you have been involved in film/TV for some time now. First tell us, what inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

Courtney Hope – It’s what I’ve always wanted to do! Since I was three years old, I’ve wanted to act and dance! I was fortunate to have a supportive family!

Cryptic Rock – It is great to hear you have been able to follow your dream. Beyond acting, you have also modeled and are very passionate about fitness. What got you involved in modeling, and as a form of artistic expression, how does it differ from acting for you?

Courtney Hope – I just love being in front of the camera anyway I can, modeling just felt natural. It’s a different arena for expression in the sense that it’s all body language and the way you look. There are no words so it must all be conveyed with the way you move! It’s fun!

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Cryptic Rock – It is interesting to hear how the mediums of expression differ. Of your main credits, you have made various appearances on a lot of popular television series. That said, you have had a steady role as Sally Spectra on the long running series The Bold and The Beautiful. How did this come about for you, and what has your time a part of the cast been like?

Courtney Hope – I auditioned for it and then went through the process before finally landing the role! It’s been amazing! I had no idea how pivotal the role was going to be while I was auditioning! Sally Spectra has been one of my favorite roles to date!

Cryptic Rock – It has to be exciting to have the ability to develop a character like that. As an actress, does your preparation change depending if it is a guest appearance on a show opposed to playing a reoccurring role?

Courtney Hope – No, it is always very in-depth. I am a Type A personality and am very meticulous about my work ethic. I love to dive into the ‘whys,’ ‘wheres,’ and ‘hows’ of how a character came to be the way they are and how that relates to the world around them!

Cryptic Rock – Very cool. Speaking of your diversity, you have also offered your talents to video games and most recently joined up for the forthcoming game Control. What was it like working on this project?

Courtney Hope – So amazing! It was the second time working with Remedy Games so it was like coming home! Especially working again with Sam Lake, who has allowed me to share his vision in creating powerful, detailed content and story! I’m very honored. I play Jesse Faden and I love her so much! Jesse has had a rough past which leads her into seeking the truth and uncovering the madness behind the mask of this so called “reality.” She’s very curious and I relate to her on that level. It’s been an amazing experience!

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Cryptic Rock – It sounds like you had fun with the character. Seeing you have done television and movies, how would you compare them to working in video games?

Courtney Hope – It’s definitely different than other content more than it is the same! Games are more intricately detailed than films and TV in the sense that the focus is on every aspect of your voice, face, and body individually and together. There is a completely different technical template to learn with facial capture, voice over, and motion capture.

It’s easier because you don’t need to be hair and makeup ready and can focus solely on the content, and I’ve also noticed a deeper collaboration in games than other projects! It’s different because most of the time I don’t have anyone else to act with or react off of. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, it’s just voices from recordings of other characters! It really forces you to hone your imagination, which I find very enjoyable!

Cryptic Rock – Very interesting, it sounds like it has its challenges as well. As someone who is passionate about fitness and health, what are the most important keys for you to keep motivated and on track?

Courtney Hope – I don’t believe in fad diets or supplements just because the bandwagon is doing it! Everybody is different, processes food different, needs different supplements and what is good for one may not be good for another! I always say, find what your allergic to and avoid it, learn what your deficient in vitamin-wise and take those that your body individually needs, and then stick to non-processed foods! A healthy body is one that is balanced and well-nourished with what it craves and desires on a chemical and nutritional level. The whole point is to feed our own body with what it needs to function throughout the day, so our mind and spirit can follow suit!

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Cryptic Rock – That is good advice. Rumor has it you are a music lover too. Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite artists. Additionally, what music do you find the best to exercise to?

Courtney Hope – I love so many artists! I am obsessed with Classic Rock, Country, Blues, and present Rock as well! I try to go to at least 5 concerts a year and I’ve exceeded that in the past 7 years. Some of my all time favorites are Fleetwood Mac, Incubus, Ed Sheeran, Bob Seger, Sam Hunt, Kelsea Ballerini, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones to name a very few! Hip Hop and Pop are always something that I love to workout to!

Cryptic Rock – Sounds like you have a very diverse taste in music! Last question. Beyond music, Cryptic Rock also covers movies, particularly the Horror and Sci-Fi genres. If you are a fan of these genres, do you have any favorites and why?

Courtney Hope – Oh yes! I have a love/hate relationship with Horror films! They terrify me but I love them! A few Halloweens ago, my boyfriend and I watched one Horror film a day the whole month of October, that was a blast, but we were so jumpy by the end of the month! (Laughs) Sci-Fi, I love as well… The Fifth Element (1997), Blade Runner (1982), all the Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers films are some of my favorites!

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