Interview – The D’ambrosio Twins

Interview – The D’ambrosio Twins

twins-2-promoSome people are just born to rock, and The D’ambrosio Twins prove you are never too young to do just that. Twin sisters, Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio, are already making a big name for themselves, and they are only eleven years old. Having begun their career in acting at only three, portraying Summer Newman on the Soap Opera The Young and the Restless, in the years to follow, the twin sisters have a list of television series to their credit and look to take their music career to new heights with their EP Got You Covered.

A collection of songs covering everyone from Kim Wilde to The Clash, The D’ambrosio twins are inspiring other kids to want to pick up an instrument and rock and roll. Recently we caught up with the busy girls to talk about their career in entertainment, their love for music, plans for the future, and much more. – You have been involved in entertainment since you were three years old in television and music videos. First tell us, what has your experience been like working in film and music?

Bianca D’ambrosio – I have grown as a person and I think it is really cool to be in the entertainment business. – Well that is great to hear you are having such a positive experience. You recently released a new EP, Got You Covered. It is a collection of cover tracks from everyone from The Ramones to Twenty One Pilots. What was recording this album like, and when did you realize you had a passion for music?

Chiara D’ambrosio – Me and Bianca loved Hannah Montana, we would always sing her songs. I think we started singing around 4 or 5. After we started singing, we started getting into the piano, drums, and guitar around 6 or 7. The recording of the album was amazing. I had such an amazing time working with Luke Tierney. He is an amazing person and I loved working with him. I also loved working with Marko Desantis of Sugarcult, he taught us drums and guitar for a song. It was just an amazing experience. – Sounds wonderful. A lot of these are classic songs, and some of these songs perhaps are some that the younger generation do not know of. What was it like bringing these older tracks to light for the younger generation.

Bianca D’ambrosio – Nowadays, music is consistently DJs. We wanted to bring the older music back. I heard the older music around my house. The music was crazy, we wanted to bring the Rock-n-Roll out in our album! – Very cool and exciting to hear. Are you two fans of the songs recorded on Got You Covered as well?

Chiara D’ambrosio – Yes, I love these songs. I love how we can bring old songs into this new generation and show kids our age old Rock-n-Roll. – It is important for people of all ages to respect and hear the music that came before them. Being involved in entertainment at a young age can be a challenge between school, friends and family. How do you approach this?

Bianca D’ambrosio – We take everything serious. I care a lot for my family and make time for them. I also make time for my friends. I also practice – piano, drums, and guitar. I learned how to balance this stuff doing it since I am three years old, so I have gotten used to it.


Blue Eyed Club Records – That is a good thing.  Also being a kid in entertainment can be a little scary if not given the proper guidance. Do you two have a strong family support system behind you?

Chiara D’ambrosio – Our dad and mom have been supporting us since we were young in music and acting. It is just a really great thing to have people behind you. – Absolutely, and it is good to have a strong family support system in the matter of your age. Clearly Got You Covered is very appealing to kids your age. That said, as you girls get older, do you think music is something you would continue to pursue and perhaps record some original tunes as well?

Bianca D’ambrosio – Yes, we are working on more songs with our music teacher Marko. It is called “Young and Free” and we can’t wait to show it to everyone because it is amazing. – That is exciting to hear. It seems like you are both very passionate about music. Out of curiosity, what are some of your personal musical favorites?

Bianca D’ambrosio – I have been listening to a lot of Marina and The Diamonds, Ed Sheeran, Rhiannon, Sam Smith. They have amazing songs.

Chiara D’ambrosio – I have been listening to the Suicide Squad soundtrack, I love it. I love the song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I have also been listening to Ed Sheeran, it is a mixery of stuff.

twins – You both mentioned Ed Sheeran, his new album, ÷, came out recently. Have you heard it, and what do you think of it?

Bianca D’ambrosio – I heard some of the songs. I love the song “Shape of You.” It is one of my favorite songs. – Well, Ed Sheeran is certainly a talented songwriter. Beyond music and acting, you are both very passionate about preventing others from being bullied. Sometimes people who are older forget what it is like growing up, it is not easy, in fact it is very hard. What are some steps you think we can all do to help stop bullying.

Chiara D’ambrosio – We had a song called “Let Your Light Shine” and it was an anti-bullying song. We were bullied when we were younger, so one of the messages we like to spread is people should be nice to each other. We also did the respectability tour where we talk about respecting yourself, others, and respecting animals. We are huge animal lovers so we always stick up for animal rights as well. – Agreed, completely. Music is a great way to get people connected. You said you are also very passionate about animal rights.

Bianca D’ambrosio – Yes, very much.

Chiara D’ambrosio – We have two big dogs, we have a Newfoundland and a Saint Bernard. The Saint Bernard is 5, the NewFoundland is 3, and they are both rescues. We love animals in general. We also have a bunny named Rainbow. We just love all animals (laughs).


Blue Eyed Club Records

Blue Eyed Club Records

Blue Eyed Club Records – Seems like you have a great family of pets. In regards to acting, you have a few things going on right now. You have the A Day in the Life series as well as other projects. Do you foresee acting something you would like to further pursue?

Bianca D’ambrosio – We are working on TV shows and movies right now while keeping up with A Day in the Life. We were nominated for the Young Artist Awards for A Day in the Life, which we are really excited about. We can’t wait to go film the movie and show everyone it.

Chiara D’ambrosio – We hope so, I love acting and singing. I do believe if I continue to work hard for my dreams I can succeed. – Sounds like a lot of exciting things coming up, and you have very positive attitudes. You are doing great things at a young age, so you are going in the right direction. Since you are both involved in acting, what are some of your favorite films?

Bianca D’ambrosio – There are so many great movies and TV shows. One of my favorite TV shows is Stranger Things. I love Girl Meets World. I also like Riverdale. Movie wise, I can’t wait to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie. As far as Horror movies, I always wanted to see It (1990). I don’t know why, but I just have always wanted to see it. – Those are some nice selections. You mentioned Girl Meets World, have you seen the original series Boy Meets World?

Chiara D’ambrosio – Our parents loved Boy Meets World when we were younger. We love Boy Meets World and when we found there was a sequel in Girl Meets World my parents loved it. We just love both.





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