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British Diplomat Philip Stanhope once said, anything worth doing, is worth doing right. A statement to live by, David Koechner would most definitely agree. A veteran entertainer, working as a comedian and actor for nearly forty years, Koechner’s style is unique, but always funny. Known for a list of roles including as Champ Kind in the Anchorman films, Todd Packer on NBC’s The Office, as well as Bill Lewis in ABC’s The Goldbergs, Koechner has a wide palette of talent. 
More recently starring in the feature Comedy Dotty & Soul, this time he gets to share the screen with the likes of other seasoned stars such as Gary Owen and Leslie Uggams. A fun watch, David Koechner recently sat down to chat about Dotty & Soul, his career, plus more.   

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in entertainment for some time now. Starring in a plethora of different films, television series, as well as working as a stand-up Comedian… how would you describe your journey to this point?

David Koechner – How many words do I get? (Laughs) Fun, workmen like, never-ending, fortunately, great, blessed… all of those things.  I guess another word would be determined. 

I moved to Chicago in ’86, I was a Poli Sci major, I always wanted to be an actor, but I grew up in Missouri and I didn’t have any access… I never met an actor before in my life. I decided, alright, I’m just going to move to Chicago and take some classes. The moment I made that decision I knew that you have to decide now if you’re going to make it.

The Office / NBC
The Goldbergs / ABC

Cryptic Rock – That perseverance has obviously paid off, because you had a lengthy career and been a part of a lot of cool projects. Now you have this new film Dotty & Soul. How did this come about for you?

David Koechner -I was asked to read the script and meet with the director. I thought we had a great meeting and they certainly put together an amazing cast, so that drew me to it. It’s always fun to work with a new director; it turned out we were working with a new director, writer, and star… how about that. (Laughs)

Adam (Saunders) was wearing quite a few hats; it was quite amazing. And it was not an easy environment, given that we had three years to finish the film. We started in March of 2020 right as the pandemic began, so we had to shut down, and I don’t know how many months it was before we came back. Then, we were on hold again! It took quite a while, it was quite an odyssey just getting to make the film; that’s as much the story of this film as anything else, I think.  

I was grateful to work with all those people. I had worked with Margot Bingham before, I had not met Gary Owen (but I appreciated his work), and just to work with Leslie Uggams was a treat.

David Koechner in Dotty & Soul / Quiver Distribution (2023)

Cryptic Rock – The film has a great cast and it is exciting that it came together after all the roadblocks. A Comedy, the film has a good message as well, and that is not to judge people on the surface. Comedy has many faces, and you have done different types of comedy. Do you enjoy that? 

David Koechner – Well, I love to work. I’ve got five kids, I’ll always work, and I’m always looking for an opportunity. I always say, every time you get on stage you get strong… so every time you make a movie you get stronger. That’s the way I look at it, so if you get another opportunity, it’s just a blessing.  

Cryptic Rock – Absolutely. For you, which type of Comedies do you enjoy most?

David Koechner – Good ones! (Laughs)

Cryptic Rock – (Laughs) Those are the best. As you spoke of, this is a very diverse cast. What was it like working with this group?

David Koechner – To work with Gary for the first time was a treat; finding those rhythms was delightful. Margot and I didn’t have any scenes together, but we got to hang out, so to me that’s like doing a scene. She made me dinner for my birthday one year… that’s how many years this thing took! (Laughs) It is always delightful to see Margot. 

Also, to get to work with Leslie, to pick her brain and hear the stories of her journey was worth everything to me.  

Dotty & Soul / Quiver Distribution (2023)

Cryptic Rock – It sounds like it was a positive experience. Dotty & Soul is fun, plus it is very relevant to the social climate of today.

David Koechner – Yes, it is. It would be interesting if it wasn’t relevant, but it is. All those things make it worthwhile to do.

David Koechner 2023 Tour Dates:
MAY 20 Blue Note Hawaii HONOLULU, HI
JUN 8-10 Helium Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA, PA
JUN 16-18 Irvine Improv IRVINE, CA
JUN 22-24 CB Live Phoenix PHOENIX, AZ
JUL 13-16 Off the Hook Comedy Club NAPLES, FL
JUL 21-23 Spokane Comedy Club SPOKANE, WA
JUL 28 Universal Preservation Hall SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY
JUL 30 Patchogue Theatre PATCHOGUE, NY
AUG 4-6 Tacoma Comedy Club TACOMA, WA
AUG 10-12 House of Comedy Plano PLANO, TX
AUG 17-19 Cap City Comedy Club AUSTIN, TX
AUG 25-27 Bricktown TULSA, OK
SEP 14-16 Comedy Off Broadway LEXINGTON, KY
SEP 21-23 Orlando Improv ORLANDO, FL
OCT 12-14 Arlington Drafthouse ARLINGTON, VA
NOV 3 The Ridgefield Playhouse RIDGEFIELD, CT
NOV 4 The Music Hall Lounge PORTSMOUTH, NH
NOV 15 Kirkland Performance Center SEATTLE, WA
NOV 16-18 Helium Comedy Club PORTLAND, OR
NOV 19 Hult Center EUGENE, OR
NOV 24-26 The Comedy Zone CHARLOTTE, NC
DEC 8-10 Bricktown Comedy Club OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
DEC 14-16 Kansas City Improv KANSAS CITY, MO

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