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Sometimes, individual forces combine to create a truly exceptional unit – something greater than their individual parts. Meet Evaride, the combination of the eclectic talents of Vocalist Sean Michael Murray, Guitarist Hayden Maringer, and Drummer Josh Devine. Murray has a background in Broadway, and you have seen him on-stage alongside Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in American Idiot, while Murray and Devine have toured the world with the likes of One Direction, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Bebe Rexha, and more.

With all signs pointed toward awesome, these three individual musicians brought their varying backgrounds together to form Evaride, the Pop Rock threesome at the helm of such hit singles as “Heartless” and “What’s It All For?” Recently featured by such high-profile outlets as Billboard, iHeart Radio, Tidal, and J-14, Evaride are prepping for a tour to introduce fans to their newest music, which will be delivered via EP later this year. Needless to say, this seemed like the perfect time to catch a moment with these three talented gentlemen, to discuss their influences, future plans, and all things Evaride. – How did you each get your start in music and what inspired you to become musicians?

Hayden Maringer – I started playing guitar at age three when I received a guitar from my parents as a Christmas gift. I fell in love with playing guitar immediately and it was all I would do all day. Normal parents punishment is “go to your room.” Well, mine was, “You can’t go to your room and we are taking your guitar away!” My dad listened to a wide variety of music and, one day when I was around age five, we were driving in his red pick-up truck. He bought a CD, popped it in the player, and said, “I believe you can do it and one day you will play like this.” This was my first-time hearing “Eruption” by Eddie Van Halen off Van Halen (1978). From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Josh Devine – In my early childhood, I grew up watching my dad pursue a career in music, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to hear my dad’s records and watch him sing on stage. I started playing drums at three-years-old, and I’ve just always had the thought that I wanted to do this forever. At that point I wasn’t even aware of the concept of money or a job or anything, I just wanted to play! I started my professional career at 16 doing sessions and shows with whoever I could until I was 20 when I got the One Direction gig, which was a blast.

Sean Michael Murray – I naturally just grew up singing, and my family knew that it was something I was very passionate about. I continued practicing and performing throughout my childhood. When I left school, I ended up booking American Idiot on Broadway and performed alongside Billie Joe Armstrong. After that, I formed a band and actually won a record deal through a VH1 show. It was each of these experiences that got me to where I am today and inspired me to push forward. – Collectively, you guys have endless amounts of experience in different facets of music. Personally speaking, which artists have influenced you and/or who are your favorite musicians?

Hayden Maringer – My biggest influences have to be Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen. I would play to those records day in and day out; they revolutionized the guitar in ways that changed the progression of music. Growing up, I listened and was inspired by so many different styles of music. Blues, you have Elmore James, Lightnin’ Hopkins. Jazz, you have George Benson, Miles Davis. Fusion, you have Chick Corea, Vital Tech Tones. Funk, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock – I love it all!

Josh Devine – I grew up listening to pretty much everything, but what really influenced me was the Rock scene. From bands like Linkin Park and P.O.D to Toto and Journey; the musicianship, the raw sound, the authenticity and groove just resonated with me. I always just said I wanna be in a band!

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. – You each have a wonderfully eclectic background and taste in music, and you are known as touring musicians for the likes of One Direction, Demi Lovato, and Billie Joe Armstrong. Obviously, these artists are surrounded by fan hysteria at all times. What was it like touring with that around you?

Hayden Maringer – It’s crazy to play for an artist that has such a strong following that they begin to become fans of anyone associated with them. It’s an odd situation being a hired gun, in that you are surrounded by this affirmation of fame, but really these fans associate you as a member of the artist’s story. They think you played on the studio records, live with the artist, and are a member of the band. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. It’s refreshing to be in a project now where we have fans who are fans of our own music, sing the songs we write, and genuinely love what we are doing.

Josh Devine – It was pretty nuts, but a lot of fun. The passion of the fans is what made everything possible for the One Direction boys; the hysteria was a serious force to be reckoned with! A personal highlight for me was being chased by fans and paparazzi through Paris while myself and the other musicians were trying to get to the Eiffel Tower; it was like a scene from a movie being chased by people on scooters through the busy streets of Paris. – That sounds like it could be fun and, at the same time, too much to bear. On the positive, what have your experiences on the road, thus far, brought into your life that you can apply to your own music?

Hayden Maringer – Being hired guns for so long, it’s very easy for us to navigate our own career. We have seen the pitfalls of pretty much every scenario throughout our touring backgrounds. We bring years of experience that most bands do not have, which I feel you can hear in our music and see in our live performances.

Josh Devine – I learned so much touring through every type of venue you can imagine, from the clubs and bars to the biggest football stadiums in the world. My experiences, not just from a drumming point of view, but in a general sense, I feel I really ‘grew up’ and matured on tour. Which I’m sure if you asked any of the 1D Musos, they’d laugh at this, because I will probably never grow up mentally because that’s boring. I saw how things need to be done and how things shouldn’t be done, and it’s allowed me to have a better understanding going into becoming an artist rather than just a session player.

Sean Michael Murray – For me, with a background in Broadway, the biggest thing I took from that was building the stamina to perform every day. I learned how to protect my voice and to be consistent each night. This consistency has helped me a ton in the studio recording our own music. I was also signed to Republic Records with my previous band, so I know how to navigate the industry based on my past experiences. – You truly do have diverse backgrounds and a wonderful knowledge base to draw from going into Evaride, as a band. Speaking of your own music, you are currently giving your originals a massive push. What can fans expect from the band?

Sean Michael Murray – Yes! Lots of exciting stuff in-the-works! We have around 30+ songs recorded and will be releasing an EP in fall of 2018. Other than that, fans can expect to see us performing and touring throughout the year and releasing more content.


Josh Devine – We got some really cool music to come, stuff we’re very proud of and have worked hard on. We’ve spent a lot of time in the studio really figuring out our sound and where we fit in the world, and I think the music we have in the pipeline will show people different sides of our sound. – Wonderful. To talk some more specifics of the band, you actually named the band for a child who you, Josh, were sponsoring through Food for the Hungry. That is exceptionally sweet and a wonderful origin for the group’s name. How does this philanthropic spirit tie into Evaride and what you do, musically?

Hayden Maringer – Our music has a very positive and uplifting message that I think when people listen they can relate to it. Music is one of the best forms of healing and we hope that people find that in our music. I feel Evaride’s story and spirit is the perfect foundation for what we are trying to do.

Josh Devine – Yeah, it was a very humbling and life-changing experience to be a part of and continually be a part of. I haven’t told him what it’s done for me personally and how he’s inspired me to name the band after him. We all care very much about the world and the people in it, so, for me, it just always ties in because music is such a good outlet to help give someone an escape from their reality.

We try and keep our music uplifting and positive, not in a douchey way but in a way that we can try and help people going through stuff to give them a little escape and views into our own struggles. That’s why “Heartless” rang such a bell for us, is that we’ve all been through those times of hardship and pushing through. In my opinion, even if it just helps one person find a spark of positivity and hope, then it’s worth it. It all ties together! – That is truly a beautiful sentiment and belief to have, as a band. Now, your singles “Heartless” and “What’s It All For?” are superbly catchy Pop Rock, but there seems to be a bit of a Punk Rock spirit in there, as well. As we have already mentioned, you have a new EP slated to arrive later this year. What can fans look forward to with this new release, and are there any song titles you can share with us?

Sean Michael Murray – We are working hard to deliver an EP that sums up who we are: who we are as writers, musicians, people, and as a band. I believe when fans hear this EP they will be able to relate to our message and want to take on this journey with us. As for song names, we still have to narrow down what will actually make the EP.

℗ 2018 EVARIDE LLC – Okay, that’s fair enough. Given all of your different backgrounds and interests, with your personal influences spanning multiple genres, how did you end up writing and recording Pop Rock? Will we see a heavier project from any of you in the future, and/or will Evaride dive into other genres?

Hayden Maringer – Our personal music backgrounds are indeed diverse and we all like different styles. From our touring backgrounds, most our fans are fans of popular music. However, being guitar, drums, vocals, our sound naturally wants to go in a heavier Rock direction. For us, it was finding a balance of that Rock core sound with a current modern feel that anyone can relate to. I feel, through time, Evaride will explore a wide variety of music styles but at its core will be guitar, drums, and vocals that are relatable to the listener. Will you see/hear our heavier side? Maybe one day!

Josh Devine – Yeah, definitely! I just love playing music, so I will pretty much play anything, but I constantly write and toy with some heavier music. Most of my playlists I listen to are Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, etc. I very rarely listen to Pop music, which is shocking, I’m sure, as I played drums for one of the biggest Pop bands – but I’m a rocker at heart!

Sean Michael Murray – My voice naturally is very clean and when we write our songs they just naturally come out with our sound. It’s my clear soaring melodies mixed with live drums and edgier Rock guitars but with today’s production on it. – Okay, so anything is possible with Evaride. For now, what’s in the future for the band?

Hayden Maringer – Lots of touring and going out to meet our fans. We are just on the grind: writing and releasing music, playing shows, and welcoming fans to the world of Evaride!

Sean Michael Murray – We have an EP coming out later this year that I know we mentioned earlier and will be playing various shows around the country. So, you all should definitely keep up-to-date with our socials to see and hear the latest news! – We will definitely keep our eyes peeled to see where you boys crop up next. Now, it seems that nowadays, so many artists are featuring guests on their albums. If Evaride could bring in anyone to guest feature on your material, who would you love to collaborate with?

Hayden Maringer – I mean, naturally, I would say a guitar player like Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen. It would also be cool to collaborate with someone from a completely different background, such as Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, or The Chainsmokers. In our lane, it would be incredible to do something with Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Thirty Seconds to Mars, etc.

Josh Devine – I would love to collaborate with people you wouldn’t expect, get a new sound and vibe in the mix – like Seal or Die Antwoord. That would be fun! A Rapper would be fun too. I played drums a while ago for a killer UK artist called Skepta, who, to me, is still to this day one of my favorite Rappers. A collab with him would be dope! – Any of those collaborations would be very interesting to witness! On a somewhat similar note, summer is the perfect time of year for new music. Are there any albums that have been recently released or are arriving soon that you are particularly excited to hear?

Sean Michael Murray – I am super stoked on the new Twenty One Pilots stuff! I am a huge fan of their music and the way they perform live. Other than that, I’m digging the new Fall Out Boy record, which seems to be doing really well for them. – Fall Out Boy are a phenomenal band, on record as well as live. Last question. CrypticRock covers music as well as films, particularly Horror and Sci-Fi. Are you a fan of either of these genres, and if so, do you have any favorite Horror and/or Sci-Fi films?

Hayden Maringer – Sci-Fi is probably my favorite genre of film – Star Wars, The Matrix, Alien, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted, so many films! When I watch movies, I want to be taken to a place I’ve never been before and a scenario that bends my comprehension of reality – the weirder the better! (Laughs)

Josh Devine – Yes! I’m a huge Horror and Sci-Fi fan. I love all the Star Wars movies, big fan. Horror is my go-to section on Netflix. I love zombie and ghost movies. I really liked the first Paranormal Activity movie when it came out, and Dawn of the Dead (1978). Dawn of the Dead’s actually one movie I see come on TV a lot these days, and I quite happily sit through it every time!

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Tour Dates:
7-27-2018 The Mint Los Angeles, CA

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