Interview – FATi

Interview – FATi

The power of love is undeniable, and what better way to express the emotion than through music. Liberian born Vocalist FATi has this positive approach to her own music, and now she looks to spread it across the USA. With her single “L.O.V.E.” spun on various radio stations, she recently released her debut album, Give Me More, making FATi a rising star everyone should give a listen. Enthusiastic to keep the positive energy flowing, FATi sat down to talk her new album, her experience in Africa, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – A young aspiring artist, you have gained a lot of positive attention in the past year. As a student of music, how would you describe your career thus far?

FATi – I feel grateful. I am doing something I’ve wanted to do since I could remember. I released my new single, I have my new album, Give Me More. I am excited and so grateful! 

Cryptic Rock – It sounds like it is a very exciting time. You are from Liberia, but attended college here in the United States. What was that experience like for you?

FATi – I was born in Liberia and I took my first few steps there. After that, we moved to America; my parents wanted their children to be born in Africa. I came back to America when I was around two or three. I went to Columbia College Chicago and studied music business. 

Cryptic Rock – Very interesting. You released your single “L.O.V.E.” in October of last year. A bright, colorful song, it is accompanied by a wonderfully shot music video. What was the making of the video like?

FATi – The video was done in South Beach in Miami, Florida. We wanted to do it in one day, but it took two days because it stormed. The song is about universal love – between a mother and daughter, between you and a significant other, love you have with music, love for yourself, and love of God. I wanted it to be colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching. I designed the costumes and someone in Miami took a few days to make them. 

Cryptic Rock – It certainly is uplifting. With your single out, what can we expect from more new music?

FATi – Yea! My next single is called “Queen,” it’s a really powerful song about going after your dreams. It has a really funky bass and it’s about being inspired to fulfill your dreams, know you rock, and believe in yourself! The rest of my songs are pretty much feel good music. I wanted to create music that feels good to the soul. It is one of those albums that you can play from beginning to end and you can play it on repeat. 

Cryptic Rock – Listening to “L.O.V.E.,” it seems you have a very diverse style. What are some of your influences and what can listeners expect from Give Me More

FATi – Most of my inspiration comes from within and my family. I pretty much listen to any type of music. I don’t really plan to write anything, it sometimes just happens spontaneously. I can be listening to a Jazz song, hear a note, and think, “I have to write something.” The music I love to listen to is ’90s R&B, Afro-pop, Afro-beat. I am really diverse in the type of music I listen to. I pretty much can get inspiration from anything or anybody.    

Cryptic Rock – That diversity shows. Being someone who born was in Africa, but grew up mostly in America, how would you compare the cultures?

FATi – Africa is really awesome culturally. You feel a lot of love there. The food is great, the weather is nice, it’s really a beautiful place to be. The country is being developed and I love being there. I love the people, it’s really nice. 

Cryptic Rock – It seems like a beautiful place. It’s great to learn about different places. By no fault of our own, we sometimes box ourselves in and do not learn about other places.

FATi – Right. I really do think, whoever you are, should be able to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful world. There is so much to see in the world.

Cryptic Rock – Agreed. As a singer and songwriter, you have an international following. Do you get different reactions from different places around the world?

FATi – My song is being played at a few radio stations. It’s been nothing but love, it’s really cool. 

Cryptic Rock – That is great to hear. How about American fans, how are the reactions?

FATi – I’ve received a few reactions on my YouTube and Instagram. They say they love it, I’m grateful. I’m getting a lot of love and I’m getting back what I’m putting out, which is love.

Cryptic Rock – We could certainly use more positivity in the world, especially now a days. You are utilizing social media to get your music out there. That said, there is so much going on within the social media world. Is it a challenge to make an impression on crowded social media?

FATi – Before my single came out, I was one of those people on social media that hardly posted anything. My old page, I posted maybe once every six months. The challenge for me is posting three times day, that’s challenging because I’m so busy. I have to get used to it. You can get lost, so please come follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I am getting used to the whole social media thing, because I wasn’t that person. I have to continue to put myself out there.

Cryptic Rock – It certainly is a challenge, but it’s great to get the music out there. Last Question. Cryptic Rock also covers movies, particularly Horror and Sci-Fi. If you are a fan of either genre, do you have any favorites?

FATi – I’m a scaredy cat, I don’t really look at Horror movies. The last Horror movie I saw was The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and I couldn’t sleep for months. (Laughs) After that, I don’t really watch Horror movies. I’m more so a fan of Comedy and Action movies. 

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