Interview – Garrett Hedlund

Interview – Garrett Hedlund

Continuing to grow as an individual and an actor, Garrett Hedlund in many ways is still scratching the surface of his potential. Beginning his professional acting career in his late teens, Hedlund found himself landing roles in big Hollywood films including 2004’s Troy, 2005’s Four Brothers, and later, 2010’s Tron: Legacy. Establishing himself as a talented performer, his efforts would earn him rightful recognition that he parlayed into deeper characters as seen in films such as 2018’s Burden and 2021’s The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

Now in 2023 Hedlund challenges himself yet again with an intense performance in the Psychological Thriller The Tutor. Set for release on March 24th, Hedlund acts opposite rising star Noah Schnapp, and the results are rather powerful. Proud of the work it has taken him to reach this point, Hedlund sat down to briefly discuss his career, The Tutor, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in entertainment over twenty years now and have had a lot of success in that time. Tell us, how would you describe your incredible career to this point?

Garrett Hedlund – Just beginning. I honestly feel that way. I feel like I still had a lot of inhibitions and fears as I approached a lot of projects. That is even though those fears were a driving force for me and I was proud at the end of the day trying to come out of the tornado sort of unscathed of what I chucked myself into. Now it’s gotten into a whole new territory that’s really just beginning.

I couldn’t be more excited for everything from this moment on. Maybe fatherhood has got something grand to do about it, but it’s also having these sorts of moments. I’ve gotten to work with what I feel are the best directors in the game. It’s just sort of embarking on the moment for me where I feel like I’m not cutting corners. I’m preparing in a whole different way than I ever have before. I truly feel that this is the beginning.

Cryptic Rock – It is exciting to hear that this late into the game, but you started young, so it makes sense that you feel this way. 

Garrett Hedlund – Yes, I was uprooted from the rurals of the rurals. I came out with sort of a dream and a passion, but didn’t know a lot of the specifics about the technicalities and techniques. It’s quite true about the 10,000 hours sort of thing. I don’t know… I guess the greatest thing is I love what I do tremendously.

Troy / Warner Bros (2004)

Tron: Legacy / Disney (2010)

Cryptic Rock – Yes, and that love bleeds through in your work. Now you have this new suspense Thriller The Tutor set for release on March 24th.  Quite an intense, unsettling film, how did this role come about for you? 

Garrett Hedlund – I was given the script by a producer who is a part of this, but I met him previously on a different project. I read it the first time, but I hadn’t jumped on many Thrillers to this day. So, I was treading lightly, then I read it a second time and I said, man, that is unfortunate what is revealed. Then the third time I thought, I can do something with this.

The twist reminded me of films like Primal Fear (1996) and stuff like that. I thought with certain work put into this, commitment, and investment, that instead of solely being a Psychological Thriller, it could be a Psychological Drama on the wheels of a Thriller and they could really believe this character is going through the worst moment of his life right before your eyes.  So, that was my obstacle. That is what I was excited for, the obstacle.

Cryptic Rock – Interesting, and the film does walk a line between a Thriller and Drama. As you stated, it is quite tragic, yet frightening at the same time. One thing that stands out is the emotional performance that you give; this is especially bold in the final intense scenes. Briefly tell me, what was that like bringing that to life?

Garrett Hedlund – Those are the fun moments of throwing yourself into the tornado like I was referring to. Those were the first scenes we shot. They can be a double-edged sword, because on the one hand you are fearing establishing who your character is throughout the rest of the film in a sense, or in this situation where he gets to. It is about how high the stakes become, how sadomasochistic one can be, or one can be turned into because of somebody’s borderline personality disorder, manipulation, or what have you. He’s been driven quite mad.

Even starting with those scenes, as an actor, artist, or someone with aspirations, you still go, ah, shit did I go far enough? Should I have done more? Should I have bled more? That’s always going to be the internal dialogue of self-expectations. I saw the film at a private screening and I wished that my friends and family were on both sides. First, because they haven’t seen a lot of these films from me. Second, because I was really proud of what everyone did with this film.

The Tutor / Vertical Entertainment

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