Interview – Granny 4 Barrel

Interview – Granny 4 Barrel

Normal is a relative term; afterall, what is really normal? Also, for the most part, who really wants to be normal? That in mind, up-and-coming rockers Granny 4 Barrel fly their lack of normalcy proudly. Uniting a theatrical image with rebellious Rock-n-Roll, Granny 4 Barrel are making some noise with their unique style as they prepare to hit the road with  Texas Hippie Coalition in April. With their single “Freak Flag” already making waves, more is to come from this dirty, old granny with a lust for Metal! Recently we sat down with Granny 4 Barrel to talk the concept behind the band, their tour with Texas Hippie Coalition, their forthcoming album, plus more. – Granny 4 Barrel is quite a unique band. First and foremost, what inspired the concept behind the band’s sound and image?

Granny 4 Barrel – Horror and Rock! Granny 4 Barrel exemplifies the true spirit of Rock-n-Roll: rebellion, disobedience, and nonconformity; it’s a celebration of uniqueness and being true to oneself. Granny’s always been fond of Horror – movies, books, mags – and, of course, Heavy Metal. When you combine the two, this is what you have before you now. The sound is also a representation of the diversity that is G4B: think of Granny as the surrogate, badass Metal granny you never had. She gives the Rock-n-Roll children everything they need and gives a big middle finger to all the stereotypes of the world! – It sounds like it all derived from a lot of passion. You released the single “Freak Flag” in late 2017. Is this track a good representation of what is to come from Granny 4 Barrel?

Granny 4 Barrel – It is, in that, the song is a hybrid of all of Granny’s favorite influences: Metal, Bluegrass, Industrial, and electronic sounds. I like diversity, so expect a colorful palette of songs from me. The same thing applies conceptually: I try to cover different topics and themes. The singing will be diverse as well. One of my favorite vocalists of all-time is Rob Halford, and being inspired by him always pushes me to keep it interesting vocally. – Awesome and diversity makes for something fresh and unique. The band is clearly doing something different than others right now, and that is refreshing within itself! How important is that to the band to stand out from the pack?

Granny 4 Barrel – It’s very important! On one hand, we’re all part of this extended “Metal family,” so we’re all connected by that common love and interest. But the last time I checked, this was the entertainment industry and keeping things interesting and constantly evolving is paramount. I don’t want to go see some dopey band in their street clothes staring at their shoes; I want to be entertained and there are many fans with the same mindset as me!

Mighty Loud – Very good point. We have heard “Freak Flag,” but when can we expect a full-length album? That in mind, what can we expect from it once it hits?

Granny 4 Barrel – The full album release will be sometime in 2018; the record is finished and mastered and the album art is complete. Once the label gives the green light, it’s on! Like I said earlier, expect diversity and a new brand of hybrid Metal. – It will be exciting to hear the music once it is released. You are set to hit the road with Texas Hippie Coalition in April. How excited are you for this tour and for those who have yet to see Granny 4 Barrel live? What are they in store for?

Granny 4 Barrel – We’re so excited for this tour! It’s a big one, over 40 cities. We love the bands on this bill: THC, Kobra and The Lotus, Brand of Julez. Granny’s been cooking up some special treats for all the Rock-n-Roll children out there! Expect some twisted tales to be told, and expect to have your plates filled with a heaping helping of Horror Metal from G4B! – It sounds like it is going to be a great tour. Seeing the band’s sound is quite diverse, who are some of your musical influences?

Granny 4 Barrel – Oh man. (Laughs) Where do I start? It’s all over the place! Everything from old-school Metal – Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, AC/DC – to Pantera, Tool, Helmet, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, to Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Blondie, Die Antwoord; the list goes on because I’m inspired by so many great artists!


Columbia – That is a great mix of artists. Last question. We also cover Horror and Sci-Fi films on CrypticRock. If you are a fan of either or both genres, what are some of your favorites and why?

Granny 4 Barrel – Burnt Offerings (1976) with Karen Black, Oliver Reed, Bette Davis, Burgess Meredith, Eileen Heckart. Hands down my favorite Horror flick! Still scares me to this day. (Laughs) It’s all about the things that you can’t see in the movie that make it frightening; this ’70s Horror movie did not rely on any special effects. The creepy, foreboding music and the “old woman” who lives upstairs that no one ever sees sets the stage for a movie that never stops being scary from the moment it starts. Hey! Scary “old woman” – that sounds familiar! (Laughs)



Tour Dates:
4/19 Salt Lake city, UT Metro Music Hall
4/20 Denver, CO Hermans Hideaway
4/21 Colorado Springs, CO Sunshine Studios
4/22 Kansas City, MO The Riot Room
4/25 Johnson City, TN MarX The Spot
4/26 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
5/3 Louisville, KY Trixies
5/5 Winchester, VA Blue Fox
5/7 Providence, RI Alchemy
5/9 Rochester, NY Montage Music Hall
5/10 Clifton, NJ Dingbatz
5/11 New York, NY Kingsland
5/12 Harrisburg,PA Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center
5/13 Warrendale, PA Jergels
5/15 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
5/16 Flint, MI The machine Shop
5/17 Joliet, IL The Forge
5/18 Battle Creek, MI The Music Factory
5/19 Racine, WI Route 20
5/20 St Louis, MO Fubar
5/23 Seattle, WA El Corazon
5/24 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
5/25 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge
5/27 Los Angeles, CA 1720
5/30 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theater
6/1 Fort Worth, TX The Rail Club
6/2 Houston, TX Scout Bar
6/3 Austin, TX Come and Take it Live

For more on Granny 4 Barrel: granny4barrel.comFacebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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