Interview – Kristanna Loken

Interview – Kristanna Loken

The entertainment industry can be a topsy-turvy ride, one with triumphant highs and deflating lows. American Actress Kristanna Loken is well aware of the challenges of working in film and television, and through it all, she could not imagine any other life path. Beginning at a young age, Loken’s perseverance has led her to great accomplishments including a big time leading role in 2003’s blockbuster hit Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, 2005’s BloodRayne, among many others. Taking on each of her role with passion and dedication, Loken’s talents continue to shine bright as she looks toward the future. Recently we caught up with the busy actress to talk her career in cinema, her latest movie Black Rose, and much more. – You have been involved in television and film for over two decades now. Beginning at a young age, you have gone on to star in some great series and attained awards for your performance in 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Through it all, what has this incredible journey been like for you?

Kristanna Loken – That is a wonderful question. Life never seems to amaze me. I don’t think I have ever predicted what has transpired in my life. It has been an incredible roller coaster journey of highs and lows. I think, really, underneath, it is, finding the depth of my true character within that has helped give me the perseverance and belief to just keep going and to be really grateful for every opportunity that comes my way.

This business is truly not like any other, I don’t think, but I love it. At times I have been frustrated and want throw my hands up and think, “I’m just going to quit and do something else.” Then I think about it for about 15 seconds and realize there is nothing else I’d rather do. It is wonderful, it is very difficult, but I do appreciate it, and I am very grateful. 

Kristanna Loken & Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines/ Warner Bros Pictures – It sounds like it has been a very interesting ride. As stated, you have done your share of television as well as full-length feature films. How would you compare the two different platforms?  

Kristanna Loken – Good question, because I think that, as far as my work goes, I try to always bring my A + game, no matter what. No matter if I am doing a favor for a friend for a film or a pilot of theirs, or if I am being paid a nice salary. It doesn’t matter to me, I just really always want to focus on the work. Of course with film, depending on the budget, sometimes you have the luxury of more time. That is because then you can really fine tune things exactly the way you want. Again, television is generally a little more rushed, but of course a bigger budget for television you have the luxury of a little more time.

As far as the characters go, in film, you know exactly where your character is going from beginning to the end of the movie. You have a plan in your mind of how you want your character to go, you can see it taking shape. In TV, you don’t have that. It is kind of interesting, it is kind of like those choose-your-adventure books where you if you want one ending you can turn to page 36 and if you want a different ending you can turn to page 79, that is what it feels like. You have somewhat of an overview of where you see your character going for a season. Then another character will come on board and you will have great chemistry with them, and they will want to expand on that and maybe it did not work out the way as they thought, it may be a different direction. That is what I see is the real different between film and TV.

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Boll KG Productions – Very interesting and very different. One of your latest films is Black Rose where you co-star alongside famous Russian Actor Alexander Nevsky. How did this role come about for you?  

Kristanna Loken – I got a call from my agent and they told me about this film and Alexander Nevsky. I read the script and had the pleasure of meeting Alexander. I guess he had been a fan of mine and he really wanted to work with me someday and here was a project where he could. I really enjoyed the script, I really thought the character was great and had some nice depth to her, which is what I love. We embarked upon this journey together and off to Moscow we went to shoot. I got to bring my father with me, which was really special. He was my personal liaison in Russia, he loves Russia. It was a pretty awesome experience all around. – It sounds like it was a positive experience, especially to have family around as well. Black Rose is certainly an Action film, but it also has the feel of a Thriller. It certainly has a strong cast. You character is very charismatic and unlike other cop buddy-like films, viewers do not have wait too long before you two get along. What was it like working alongside Alexander and under his direction?

Kristanna Loken – We did have some nice chemistry as far as you don’t have to go through a majority of the film before we finally get along. I think we got along from the get go. Over the course of the journey of the film, we got to expand the depth of our experience of each other as we want. He is a great guy, he couldn’t have been a better host in another country. He couldn’t have been a more genuine person and he has become a good friend. I feel really honored and privileged to have worked with him. 

Alexander Nevsky & Kristanna Loken in Black Rose – That is wonderful that you had built that friendship out of working on Black Rose. The film will see release in theaters on April 28th and on DVD/VOD as of May 2nd. It has been a few years since Black Rose was completed, how redeeming does it feel to see it finally get a domestic release? 

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Kristanna Loken – It has been a wonderful surprise frankly. As far as Independent films go, you just never know when you make a film, exactly what is going to happen with it. You always hope for the best, but truthfully you never know. For what I believe is a pretty good film, I think it is wonderful to that so many people are going to get to see in theaters and at home. – Yes, it is exciting to see the release and it will be exciting to see what fans reactions are. As mentioned earlier, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was really a breakout role for you. Over a decade later, it is regarded as one of the best films in the franchise. What was your experience like portraying T-X?

Kristanna Loken – It was an opportunity of a lifetime for sure. I think I do really well under pressure and I had so much pressure looking at me as to who is this young woman against this male icon figure, and is she going to be able to pull it off? I had this determination and work ethic that I am going to show them that I can do this. Fortunately I did, but it became a lot working out, eating out, and training and training – I put on 15 lbs of muscle mass. Then, travelling all over the world promoting it. It was incredible, it was a wonderful chapter in my life and it certainly opened up a lot of doors. 

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Black Rose is in theaters as of April 28th and available for purchase on DVD/VOD as of May 2nd

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