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Coming from a bloodline of talented vocalists, Sweden’s Linnéa Vikström has already accomplished so much at a young age. Embedded in music since a young child, by 19 years old she would find herself singing with Symphonic Metal icons Therion. Now a part of the band for 7 years, Vikström is excited to take the next step in her evolution, forming her own band called QFT (Quantum Field Theory). A fascinating project, the debut album Live In Space cast into orbit back in May of this year and Vikström is excited for the possibilities that lay ahead. Recently we caught up with the busy acclaimed performer to talk her life in music, her time with Therion, plans for QFT, plus more. – Over the years, you have worked with an abundance of bands from Kamelot to Therion. Building an impressive resume of credits, what has your career in music been like?

Linnéa Vikström – I started out really young in the musical Annie, I was 6 years old, and from there, there hasn’t been any musical break really. I performed on national TV with my own Rock song together with a friend at 12, and I was in the children’s choir at the royal opera, so the span of genres has been quite large. In my childhood up until early 20’s, I was involved in many musicals as a performer, musical supervisor/songwriter, and I went to choir school and a high school with a music profile. After high school, I begun singing with Therion and 7 years later here we are! A wonderful never-ending journey.

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Nuclear Blast – Wow, it sounds like it has been filled with a broad range of experiences. As mentioned, you have been performing live with Therion for some time now. Always a spectacular live band, what has your time working with Therion been like?

Linnéa Vikström – It has been absolutely amazing and still is. All those years of music schooling is nothing compared to what you get to learn when you start doing it for real! When I look back at some of the performances I did as an 18 year old I’m amazed over my own progress as a vocalist and as a performer. I love it! – That is exciting to hear. Beyond your live work, you recently released your own album with your project QFT. How did this band come about?

Linnéa Vikström – We had been performing together many times under the name “Mega Quartet” (and still do!) but only doing covers, and the magic that happens in “Mega Quartet” is something I wanted to transfer to original music and I think we did it really well! We’re a great unit who love performing together. – Speaking of original music, the debut album, entitled Live In Space, is a very theatrical and dramatic piece of music. The theme is quite fascinating as well. What inspired the theme and direction of the music?

Linnéa Vikström – The direction of the music and what inspired it is really hard to tell. I tried to really follow my heart and accept whatever music happened without a real end goal in mind. I sometimes just had a scientific concept in mind and just based the music on that. The theme is inspired by my quite newly found fascination with physics and math. Being a huge Alice Cooper fan, who I would call the king of concept albums, I always knew I wanted a theme if I ever were to do a solo album and I’ve not been short on ideas. The thought of doing the universe/science concept is however the only idea that had stuck with me for a long time, as well as the idea of recording it live. I compiled those two ideas and it became QFT!

Despotz Records – Very cool! With QFT, we get a true showcase of the extremely broad range of your singing voice. That in mind, how have you developed your singing voice through the years? 

Linnéa Vikström – I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and from what I said before I’ve had immense training since age 6. My biggest development has happened during my time with Therion though. That’s when I’ve gained the few pieces that I always lacked – confidence and bravery. Before I tried to do whatever was expected of me, musically and on stage. Now I’ve thrown that out the window and only go with what I want to do which has been really important for my development. – That is great to hear. Artistic freedom is a wonderful thing. With the album now out, what can we expect next from yourself and QFT?

Linnéa Vikström – We definitely want to take this baby on the road and show everyone what we can do on stage, but the future is quite open and we will chase every opportunity we can! – It will be fun to see where it all goes. Seeing your diversity as a vocalist, are there any other projects you are currently working on?

Linnéa Vikström – I did a guest appearance on the solo album of Hank Erix, the vocalist of the AOR band Houston. I’m also singing in a couple of songs on the new album from The Paralydium Project which will be out soon!

Livewire/Cargo Records – Fans will have to look out for these new collaborations. Listening to Live In Space, it is easy to see you are influenced by more than just Metal music. What are some of your musical influences?

Linnéa Vikström – Oh my, where to begin. (Laughs) I’m a musical omnivore, I listen to everything I find good, really, and that ranges from Cyndi Lauper to Dark Funeral. I always come back to the Classic Rock/Metal in the end though, that’s where my heart truly lies. – It is good to have a diverse taste in music and your singing style certain shows it. Last question. We also cover Horror and Sci-Fi films on CrypticRock. If you are a fan of either or both genres, what are some of your favorites and why?

Linnéa Vikström – I’m absolutely a fan of those genres! My favorite movie as a kid was Carrie (1976) and I still love that and everything Stephen King, even though those movies are sort of cliché and often sort of B, I have a huge love for that. I’m also a fan of the more recent Horror and Sci-Fi movies like Babadook (2014), Insidious (2010), The Conjuring (2013) and my favorite – Interstellar (2014), and Star Wars, obviously. (Laughs) 

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