Interview – Lisa Stansfield

Interview – Lisa Stansfield

Stay true to who you are and the possibilities are endless. Following her artistic impulse since a young age, Lisa Stansfield has seen her dreams become a reality over the past 3 plus decades. At only 14, she won the Manchester Evening News Search for a Star talent context, and by 23, she would have a worldwide chart-topping single with 1989’s “All Around the World.” Nominated for 2 Grammy Awards thanks to her 1989 debut solo album, Affection, Stansfield would go on to top charts with each of her 7 studio albums to follow, including her most recent, 2018’s Deeper.

Penning music which has always been a delightful mix of Pop, Soul, R&B, and Dance, perhaps the boldest attribute to Stansfield is her soulful, passionate delivery. Unifying the songs with her voice, Stansfield is always a performer that attracts attention. Excited for the release of Deeper on April 6th, Stansfield took the time to talk about the years gone by, working as an actress and musician, the possibility of a return to the USA, plus much more. – You have been involved in music professionally for over three decades now. From your band Blue Zone to your successful solo career, you have certainly accomplished a lot. First, tell us, what has your journey been like in music? 

Lisa Stansfield – I’ve been very lucky to have had a career doing something that I love. It’s meant I’ve done fantastic things and been to lots of wonderful places. – Yes, it truly is a gift! Clearly, a life in music takes a great deal of determination and hard work. Through that, you built up to what would become your debut solo album, Affection, in 1989. Anchored by a list of popular singles, including “All Around The World,” what was it like for you when the album climbed charts around the globe?

Lisa Stansfield – I didn’t really have time to sit and think about it. It was like a crazy whirlwind. I was traveling all over the place, promoting and performing.


Arista – Understood, sometimes when you are caught up in it all there really is no time to think about what is going on. From early in your career, you have always displayed a very unique style – combining Soul, Pop, R&B, and Dance. As a singer and songwriter, how important is it to you to have the ability to display various sides of yourself?

Lisa Stansfield – I don’t really have a masterplan, I just write songs and they seem develop their own personalities. I also obviously have lots of influences, musical and otherwise. – It certainly shows in your music. You have quite a soulful and passionate voice. More often than not, music is about placing the right emotion on notes at the right time. How do you usually approach a composition when performing it?

Lisa Stansfield – I just truly believe in what I’m singing at that moment, I suppose it’s a bit like acting really. – Interesting, and you continue to show that diversity and adaptability with your latest album, Deeper. Released back on April 6th, this new record has a great mix of sounds with tremendous production. What was the writing and recording process like?

Lisa Stansfield – We have a studio next to our house so it was a lovely, relaxed process. Ian and Snowboy and I could get up and go over to the studio, almost like a day job really, it was very nice!


Monkeynatra, Edel – That is great! It does not get more convenient and comfortable, right? As mentioned, the album is well-balanced. There are very danceable tunes, but you also have piano-laden ballads such as “Hole in My Heart.” When laying out a record, is the track order something you place strong emphasis on in order to convey the story of the music properly?

Lisa Stansfield – We spend a long time making sure the track list works well, it needs to make musical sense, that’s important to us. – It works very well with Deeper because each song flows into the other seamlessly. Many fans were anxious for your return in 2014 with Seven, your first album in a decade. Now, to the excitement of your followers, you return just 4 years later with Deeper. Can we expect more Lisa Stansfield music sooner than later?

Lisa Stansfield – I think so!! – Wonderful, and something to look out for! You have consistently toured around the world in recent years. That in mind, could we see you visit North America in the coming months?

Lisa Stansfield – I really hope so, fingers crossed. I’d love to come to the US again. I love it there.

earMUSIC – That would be quite exciting to see you tour The States again. Beyond music, you also have a love for acting. You have starred in several TV series and films over the years. How would you compare working in music as to working as an actor? Additionally, can we expect you in more roles coming soon? 

Lisa Stansfield – I think it’s a similar process in a way, I love acting and I’d definitely like to do a lot more. When you’re doing videos or performing live, it is acting really, I suppose.

Tour Dates:
Wednesday April 25 De Roma, Antwerp
Friday April 27, Auditorium, Cite des Congres, Nantes
Saturday April 28, Theatre Femina, Bordeaux
Monday April 30, Kaufleuten, Zurich
Tuesday May 1, Philharmonie, Munich
Wednesday May 2, Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna
Friday May 4, Haus Auensee, Leipzig
Saturday May 5, Mehr!Theater, Hamburg
Sunday May 6, Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin
Tuesday May 8, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart
Thursday May 10, Alte Oper – W Festival, Frankfurt
Friday May 11, Capitol Theater, Dusseldorf
Sunday May 13, Theater Am Aegi, Hannover

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