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Liv Jagrell has a sense of purpose… and it is Rock-n-Roll. The leader of Swedish Hard Rock outside Sister Sin, when the band all but dissolved in 2015, rather than pack up and go home, Jagrell used the opportunity to create something new with another band she calls Liv Sin. Liv Sin, now touring Europe in support of their new album KaliYuga, is stronger than ever. Why? Because their retooled lineup is solid, Jagrell is reaching new heights as a vocalist, and the music that makes up KaliYuga all killer and no filler.

Highly talented and full of energy, Liv Jagrell is truly defining in the modern Heavy Metal/Hard Rock scene and is demanding your attention. Humble, yet still hungry, the leading lady recently took a bit of time to chat about her wild ride in Rock-n-Roll, the formation of Liv Sin, the new music, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in Rock-n-Roll well over two decades. First with Sister Sin, and then going onto form Liv Sin, you have certainly built a name for yourself. Tell us, how would you describe your journey in music to this point?

Liv Jagrell – I would say it’s a bit like a roller coaster, it’s been a lot of ups and downs along the way. Some really wonderful highs and some devastating lows; like when Sister Sin broke up or covid came and ruined the live scene. I am still recovering and recouping after covid, and I think it will take some more time before the industry is back on its feet again.

Cryptic Rock – Yes, it really destroyed a lot of aspects of every part of life; hopefully we can rebuild to a place where humanity can live again. You certainly have an extremely powerful voice. It is one thing to have a powerful voice, but it is another to be able to project it with emotion… which you do. At what point did you know you wanted to be a singer, and moreover, choose Rock-n-Roll as a life path?

Liv Jagrell – It was when I heard and saw Courtney Love. For me she was just the coolest chick ever and I really wanted to be cool as well; I wasn’t that when I was a kid. So I started to play some guitar and tried to sing. I know from that instance there that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Sister Sin – True Sounds of the Underground 
Sister Sin – Black Lotus

Cryptic Rock – Very cool, and you certainly have continued to grow as an artist. Sister Sin released five records over the course of a decade, toured the USA, and became pretty well-known among Metal and Rock fans. Was it a difficult decision to put Sister Sin on hold back in 2015, or was it a good opportunity to refresh and try new things?

Liv Jagrell – For me it was very difficult since I didn’t want to stop at all, but you can’t force people to continue. In the end this led me to start my own band instead, Liv Sin, which I am very happy about today.

Cryptic Rock – It is good that you were able to make a positive out of a negative with the formation of Liv Sin. As we are talking about, Liv Sin is the result of Sister Sin’s hiatus and the two are unique to one another. What was the initial artistic intent with Liv Sin? Were you thinking of doing something a little different?

Liv Jagrell – Absolutely! I have always been more Metal than Sister Sin was, so now I felt I had the opportunity to aim towards more modern Metal.

Cryptic Rock – Yes, Liv Sin is certainly heavier and more Metal. Liv Sin has done quite a lot over the past six to seven years. You recently released your third album under Liv Sin in January. Entitled KaliYuga, this album really has a lot to offer. What was the writing and recording process like for this record?

Liv Jagrell – Since we started to work on the songs during covid time it was a bit different from the previous album; we had much more time due to not having a deadline in the beginning. That made the process a bit more relaxed and we could work more with every song and try things out in another way then we have done in the past.

Cryptic Rock – That shows. Perhaps one of the boldest attributes of this record is the vocals. You really diversify the vocals on this album and there are many surprises. Were you looking to push the envelope a bit with different vocal styles on this record?

Liv Jagrell – Yea definitely! I’d started to play around with more growl kind of vocals during covid and I thought why not incorporate that on the new album. And I got more secure with my softer ones as well. I have always felt that softer vocals weren’t for me and it is definitely harder for me to do, but I’m getting a bit more confident and comfortable in doing it the more I try. (Laughs)

Liv Sin – Follow Me
Liv Sin – Burning Sermons

Cryptic Rock – That diversity in your vocals really shines on KaliYuga. This new album touches on some serious societal topics, as does your previous material with Liv Sin. This album also has a lot of emotion. Was it a cathartic release for you in these uncertain times?

Liv Jagrell – Yes absolutely! To not be able to tour and not knowing at all when or what will happen in the music industry was very stressful and brought many emotions that you can hear on the album. Music is one of the ways and probably the best way for me to deal with things in my life.

Cryptic Rock – That is something a lot of people can relate to; either as a listener or musician themselves. Liv Sin do have some more European tour dates to come in 2023, but can we expect any North American dates in the future? Furthermore, as someone who has toured as much as you have, what is a key for you to remain mentally and physically healthy on the road?

Liv Jagrell – At the moment we do not have anything in North America, but we are aiming and working for 2024. The only thing is that visas and flights are ridiculously expensive right now, so I’m not sure we can make it in 2024 either, but we want to and we will try.

I really love touring and I can relax more on tour than at home; so, mentally I always feel better on tour than off tour. Physically I try to work out a couple of days a week to keep my body in shape. It’s good both for longevity on stage and helps you sleep better. Eating well is sometimes a challenge, but since I’m a vegetarian who likes vegetables and fruits a lot, it’s a bit easier for me I think than if you love fast food… which I don’t so much.

Cryptic Rock – It seems like you have a very healthy approach to things. With Liv Sin and Sister Sin both active, is the main force still on Liv Sin, or can we expect some Sister Sin music in the future soon?

Liv Jagrell – My main focus will be on Liv Sin for sure, and at the moment there are no plans for any new music from Sister Sin unfortunately.

Liv Sin – KaliYuga / Target Records (2023)

Cryptic Rock – Alright, well it is good to have both bands active regardless. Last question. If you are a fan of Horror and/or Sci-Fi movies, what are some of your favorites?

Liv Jagrell – I’m not a fan of Horror movies at all to be honest. I’m a highly sensitive person and I just can’t handle them; they make me sick, so it’s not for me. I can enjoy Sci-Fi, but I can’t say I’m a big fan or anything. I don’t watch movies that much, I prefer to put all my time into music. (Smiles)

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