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You may not yet know the name LV, but prepare to be schooled! Before dominating music, LV was Vince Goldsberry, a college and professional athlete, who dominated basketball courts across the world. He received a full scholarship to Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD, where he won the NCCA Division 1 MEAC Tournament as a freshman. After earning his bachelor’s degree with honors, he went on to play basketball in Canada, Mexico, and Europe, where he was a standout player yet again.

With a world of success already under his belt, LV is now channeling his energy into Hip Hop. His initial release, Swag Season, placed LV onto the musical map, and now fans are preparing for the release of his fourth project, 3 King, which is slated for release this fall. To sate their appetites, he has recently released the track “Step Thru,” a club banger that is guaranteed to get you hyped.

A dedicated, hard-worker with a positive vibe, LV recently sat down to discuss his music career, his influences – both musical and personal – along with the importance of family, and more. – How did you get your start in music, and what inspired you to become a musician?

LV  – My best friend told me to start rapping during a time when I was at my lowest point in life. I had just finished basketball and just found out my newborn son wasn’t mine. Music became my outlet. Everyday situations inspire me to rap and share my story with the world. – It’s wonderful that you were able to funnel negative experiences and emotions into a positive. What advice has your family offered you that has aided you in pursuing your dreams?

LV – My family has always been very supportive of my dreams. My mother and stepfather always tell me to stay consistent no matter what. “Consistency is key!” My mother and father both listen to my music and they enjoy it. – Nothing can ever replace the support of family, that’s for sure. So, LV is a name that is going to be new to a lot of people. Please tell us, what do we need to know about you and your music?

LV – I’m a new style rapper from Delaware. I used to play basketball on the college and pro-level. After a series of negative events in my life, I began to make music as an outlet. I’m motivated by the situations of my environment. I’m a very diverse person and I make a lot of different types of music that could be enjoyed by different cultures and people.

My music is like a diary of my situation and experience. I make upbeat music usually with that Club or Trap sound. My music is very original: the world hasn’t heard the sound or seen the culture of someone from Delaware, it’s an untapped market ready to blow. – Yes, Delaware is definitely a new locale for Rap, but that’s what makes you special. Now, your music covers a wide range of genres. Who are some of your musical and/or personal influences?

LV – I love Jay-Z and Drake – they’re my idols. I also like Future. Personal influence is my stepfather – he’s changed my life so much since he entered my life around age 14. The importance of a good father-figure is vital for success in young black men. – That’s wonderful that you have such a strong influence in your stepfather; family is very important. To talk more about the music, what was the experience of creating “Step Thru” like for you?

LV – I was getting ready to go out to the club; I was getting dressed and I heard the beat. That’s simply how I felt at the time – that song is a feel-good song. When your confidence is up, you’re looking good and feeling good; the song inspires you to have a certain swag when being best-dressed. – The world can definitely use more feel-good vibes these days. That said, when can we look forward to the release of your new EP?

LV – I’m hoping to release by the end of September, possibly early October. – Aside from new music, what should fans look forward to next in 2018 from LV?

LV – The blow up! I feel like this will be a breakout year for me and NME – look forward to seeing us on a bigger platform. Our efforts have significantly increased over the last year and I’m sure it will continue as we get closer to success. I just ask fans to continue to support and support even harder if possible. – Excellent! We cannot wait to see and hear much more from you. To go a little random, what quotes and words of wisdom do you have lurking inside of you, LV?

LV – I live by the phrase “Stay down ‘til you come up!” Meaning stay consistent, stay hard-working, stay true to yourself and your goals until you make it. – That is excellent advice. Last question. At CrypticRock, we cover music as well as films, particularly Horror and Sci-Fi. Are you a fan of either genre, and if so, do you have any favorite Horror and/or Science Fiction films?

LV – Yes, I’m a movie connoisseur; I pride myself on knowing every movie ever made. I loved The Matrix (1999), Looper (2012), Jurassic Park (1993), Avatar (2009). As far as Horror goes, I loved The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The Exorcist (1973), and The Silence of the Lambs (1991) was a classic.

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