Interview – Nacho Vigalondo

Interview – Nacho Vigalondo

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Nacho Vigalondo is a diverse Spanish filmmaker with work ranging from the Academy Award nominated 2003 short film 7:35 de la Mañana, segments in popular Horror anthologies 2012’s ABCs of Death and 2014’s V/H/S: Viral, as well as 2014’s Thriller Open Windows starring Elijah Wood. In addition to being such a notable director, Vigalondo has also been acting for over fifteen years. In his newest film, Camino, Vigalondo plays a villainous drug lord who commits a horrific murder. When captured on camera by a photographer, played by Zoë Bell, he ruthlessly hunts her down through the Colombian jungle. Vigalondo recently took time to talk with us regarding his inspirations, career, and upcoming monster film, Colossal, starring Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, and Jason Sudeikis. – You have been involved in film for quite some time now as a director, writer, and actor. First, tell us, what inspired you to get involved to work in film?

Nacho Vigalondo – The same thing as most filmmakers out there- watching films. What triggered my passion in the most productive way weren’t the classic blockbusters from the ’80s, but the Indie films from the ’90s. The discovery of the early films of John Waters and Sam Raimi. – They were both definitely pioneers in some aspects. What were some of the films, actors, and directors that helped inspire you as an actor as well as filmmaker?

Nacho Vigalondo – Is difficult to sum. I’ll say that I like mannerism with heart, and that’s the reason I like Quentin Tarantino and Vincent Price.

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Magnolia – Excellent. Do you feel that your passion lies more in front or behind the camera? Or are they equal? You have certainly spent extensive on both sides.

Nacho Vigalondo – I started as an actor, but now I’m more known as filmmaker and it is easier for me to be taken seriously in the latter way. But, I’d love to zigzag from acting and directing, if enough people find it interesting. At the end of the day, I love to wake up early to go to the set for any of these reasons! – Well it certainly is inspiring to hear your passion for it. After viewing your latest film Camino, there is no doubt that there will be interest seeing you on both sides. Back to directing for a moment, you have worked on two very well-known Horror anthologies, V/H/S: Viral and ABCs of Death. How did you come up with “A is for Apocalypse” and “Parallel Monsters?”

Nacho Vigalondo – In both cases, I was offered the room for the entries and I have to come up with something. I didn’t recycled any old idea. “A is for Apocalypse” was inspired by the fact that story was going to be the first one. “Parallel Monsters” started in my mind from the challenge of composing a Found Footage tale with two cameras held by the same actor at the same time.

Magnolia Home Entertainment
Magnolia Home Entertainment
Magnet Releasing – They were both fantastic segments within the films. You have such a unique way of adding unique twists within your stories. Moving onto Camino, you brought a lot of intensity to the role of Guillermo. He was a savage and cunning villain. What was it like portraying such a dark character, and would you consider a villainous role again?

Nacho Vigalondo – It’s scary. Mostly because Josh (Josh C. Waller: Director) and Daniel (Daniel Noah: Writer) made it clear that the character was written for me. Okay, this hideous and repulsive psychopath is defined after me. Now, go to bed and try to sleep, Nacho. I love villains, anyway. Playing a villain like this is funny as hell. I’d love to become one of those Latin actors they always hire to play drug lords! – Your ability to pull off such a ruthless character says a lot, though! Now, your co-star, Zoë Bell, is an incredibly talented woman with several titles under her name, including actress and stunt double. What was it like working with such a powerful presence as Bell?

Nacho Vigalondo – A learning experience, of course. Sometimes I hate when some media insists on talking about her as a contradiction because she is stunt and actress, when she has proved time ago she shines naturally in both ways.

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Still from Camino – Most definitely. She has had several great roles and has proved herself as an actress. Both you and Zoë Bell have a ton of action scenes set in the Colombian jungle. Where was the movie filmed and what was it like on set?

Nacho Vigalondo – It was shot mostly in Hawaii, and that answers the second question, it was great. The most haunting memory is the last day in Mexico, where we shot the last scene of my character. Getting rid of Guillermo seconds before the biggest storm I’ve ever seen broke above us had a truly mystic feeling.

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Xlator Media – One can only imagine considering what a beautifully dramatic ending your character had. As far as upcoming projects, you have been working on an exciting Creature Feature, titled Colossal. It has an interesting premise and a great cast. What can you tell us about the film?

Nacho Vigalondo – It’s going to be my biggest movie so far. I know in my case that is not saying too much, but it’s big enough to satisfy the child in me forever! I’m extremely happy about how everything is coming together in the editing room. – That is so great to hear! You have been involved with several as an actor and director, so which are your favorites to watch?

 Nacho Vigalondo – My all-time classics are the ones everybody agrees, so let me mention my most recent favorites: High-Rise (2015) and The Witch (2016).


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