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Dare to be different, an age old adage, but no less powerful as time wears on. Residing somewhere off the grid in Mojave Desert, Sally Mullins has dared for many years now. A comedian, actress, and writer, Mullins fits no mold. Working as a stand-up comedian for many years, she currently has a hilarious special available for streaming on Amazon called Sleazy Does It With Sally Mullins which has received a streak of positive reviews.

A wide open book, Mullins has offered her talents to the Horror genre through the years, worked in Adult Entertainment, and broken into other genres of film. A very interesting, witty lady, she recently took some time to chat about her unpredictable career in entertainment, working as a comedian, her interest in Horror cinema, plus much more.

Cryptic Rock – You have been involved in entertainment for over two decades working as a comedian, writer, and actress. First, tell us, what initially inspired you to pursue a career in entertainment?

Sally Mullins – I wasn’t good at sports! Plus, I loved making up stories as a kind, either writing or directing and casting with kids in the neighborhood. When I was twelve my Mum took me to a community theatre audition and I got a part right away. I was basically an extra, but found my people. 
Cryptic Rock – It is good you found that calling early on. Beyond acting, you are also a standup comedian. Stand-up Comedy is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. It is not like acting, because all the focus is on you to deliver the entertainment. Were you initially nervous to get involved in Stand-up Comedy, and what have you learned from your experiences through the years?

Sally Mullins – I find it much easier than acting because it’s your own words and ideas and you are having a conversation with the audience, sort of. I had been in acting all my life; went to college and had many theatrical experiences, but I was still searching. I came to LA in my late twenties and got into screenwriting and missed performing, so found an ad in the back of LA Weekly for a free audit with a comedy teacher called Greg Dean, who still teaches and is incredible. So, I guess it’s down to him and LA Weekly, really.

Demon Kiss / Screen Media Ventures (2008)
Things 4 / Cinema Epoch (2017)


Cryptic Rock – Well, it seems like comedy comes very naturally for you. Your comic style is very observational, honest, and pretty up front. Are there any comedians that are influences of yours?

Sally Mullins – I did not grow up watching stand-up at all. I grew up in both England and America so I loved Monty Python, The Goodies, as well as SNL. I did get taken to see Gilbert Gottfried in college and saw how outrageous and intense stand-up could be, but didn’t try it till years later. I love all the local comics I see around town and my best friend, Bobbie Oliver, is my favorite; girl’s got jokes. 
Cryptic Rock – Interesting. So, you still did have a Comedy foundation to build from. Beyond Comedy, you also have worked as an actress. Your acting credits include a list in the Horror genre. You in fact even have a co-writing credit on two Horror films. Is the Horror genre something you enjoy working in?

Sally Mullins – I grew up loving Horror both books and movies, but at some point, in my twenties, I started to feel guilty about how real it was; the same way I feel about listening to true crime, especially if it’s about serial killers. Plus, the low budget Horror movies I work in are pretty formulaic – hot scantily clad women, can’t change a flat, and here comes some guy in a mask. I live in the desert now and should not really be too involved in this shit! 

Camp Blood 8 / Cinema Epoch (2020)
Axegrinder 4 / Wild Eye Releasing (2022)

Cryptic Rock – (Laughs) In recent years you actually starred in a few Horror flicks. Can we expect more Horror projects for you? Furthermore, would you consider writing a Horror script again?

Sally Mullins – Well, since I do live in the desert, I am working on something a little different that we are going to shoot once it cools down. That’s all I can tell you right now as I haven’t read the freaking script. 
Cryptic Rock – That sounds like something fun to look out for. What is very interesting about your career in entertainment is that you have been very limitless. What we mean is, beyond stand-up and genre films, you have worked in adult films for some time now too. What led you into adult entertainment?

Sally Mullins – I first got involved I fetish films and it was because I met the right partner, wanted to make more money, and then transitioning to full-on adult movies was to capitalize financially, bring attention to my standup and to do something weird. I enjoy making money in subversive ways you cannot get arrested for.
Cryptic Rock – (Laughs) It is good to be different. Oftentimes in society there seems to be a stigma attached with those performing in the adult film industry. A contradiction and rather absurd… but can we expect any less in society?

Anyway, do you feel as if that is changing and adult film actors/actresses are getting more opportunities in more mainstream projects. Furthermore, would you be interested in more mainstream opportunities if they were offered to you?

Sally Mullins – Yes, I have been working in some great indie films such as Dogleg by Al Warren. It is currently making the rounds with premieres all over America, and I definitely want to do more. I feel as a comedian people should expect surprises and just be happy, you’re not going the traditional route which seems to be suicide. 

Axegrinder 5 / Wild Eye Releasing (2022)
Dogleg (2023)

Cryptic Rock – Yes, dare to be different and keep people guessing! A busy person, what projects do you have coming up next that you can tell us more about across the board?

Sally Mullins – I have a Sci-fi project I signed an NDA on and as far as my own project, I am about to offer subscriptions on my Instagram with comedy sets, BTS and desert day trips and all proceeds go to help Ukraine win the war.

I want to donate to Ukrainian people and pets daily so this will give me the freedom to do so. Oh, and I will be in San Antonio, Texas on July 22nd for a comedy benefit for firefighters. 
Cryptic Rock – Very cool. It sounds like you have a good deal of positive things going on. As someone who has a passion for film, comedy, and writing, out of curiosity, are you a fan of music? If so, what are some of your favorite genres of music and artists?

Sally Mullins – I would say Classic Rock and New Wave are my favorites, but I like new bands that sound retro like Horsegirl. My favorites are The Smiths, New Order, The Rolling Stones, The Who… and I’m trying to get some tickets right now to see The Black Crowes.
Cryptic Rock – It sounds like you have some great tastes in music. Last question. What are some of your favorite Horror and/or Sci-Fi films?

Sally Mullins – I’m not really smart enough for Sci-fi, but I loved The Exorcist (1973) and The Amityville Horror (1979) because I read the books around the same time in the seventies. I also love the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) because the first time I watched it I was super high and all in! I could go on forever, but I need to get back to my OnlyFans.

The Exorcist / Warner Bros. (1973)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Bryanston Pictures (1974)

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