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Theatrics is sometimes an inherited trait. It can be calling, begging to be answered, yearning to be pursued. In the case of Saxon Sharbino, the love for storytelling and the art of acting came early on with her career in film and television launch when she was only nine years old. Since then, she has been involved in a list of films, including the big budget 2015 Horror flick Poltergeist, taken on lead roles in popular series, including Hulu’s Freakish, yet she is still only nineteen. 

A fantastic start to a promising career ahead, Sharbino continues to grow as a performer as she seeks her next roles. Enthusiastic for the future and open to any challenge that comes her way, the rising star took the time to chat about her career as an actress, the importances of diversity in role portrayal, future plans, plus more. – You have been involved in acting in film and television since quite young. Since that time, you have starred in a list of feature films and series. First, briefly tell us, what inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

Saxon Sharbino – Like you said, I fell in love with acting when I was really young. I love being able to create characters, understand their background, where they are coming from, and how they express themselves. I love bringing stories and characters to life. It’s my favorite thing to do and it’s awesome that I can have a career in it!

20th Century Fox – It is exciting to be able to follow your dreams like that. Being a child actor can be a challenge. Growing up, did your family serve as a good support system to keep you balanced and focused?

Saxon Sharbino – Yes! I love my family and very close with them. There is no way I would be able to pursue a career in acting if my parents didn’t support me and encourage me to chase after my dreams. They definitely keep me based and focused, not only in acting, but in life. I think family is where you should feel the most loved and supported. That is how it is in my family. I am very blessed and glad I have the family that I do. – Since you began so young, you have built a lengthy resume quickly. In 2015, you had a starring role in the remake of Poltergeist. What was that experience like for you?

Saxon Sharbino – It was really fun. I had done a couple of Horror movies before that, but not on that level. As you know, Poltergeist is a Steven Spielberg remake, so we had Fox and MGM behind it, so it was a really big budget production. It was also a lot of fun because we had the luxury of spending a lot of time on every scene and making sure we did everything the director’s vision required.

We even had a chance to do some live stunts where they do the stunt and you watch it as it is happening. For example, there was a stunt where there was a crack in the wall and it really split open. That was a lot of fun to be able to react to things that were actually happening in real time. We did green screen work too, which was really cool. I had never worked with green screens before, so it was nice to be able to experience both effects. 

Saxon Sharbino in Poltergeist (2015). 20th Century FOX – © POLTERGEIST © 2015 FOX/MGM. TM MGM. All Rights Reserved. – Sounds interesting. Since that time, you have remained very active, taking on various roles, but have done a good share of Horror related films/series. Do you enjoy working in the genre?

Saxon Sharbino – I like working in Horror because you get to express really intense emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, those are really intense feelings, and I love having a chance to express them. I actually get scared very easily, so I don’t watch too many Horror movies. I get too scared and imagine myself in that situation, but that said, I do love being able to act in them. – Understood, well if you are able to imagine yourself in those situations, then acting in a Horror flick should be a breeze. (Laughs) Beyond Horror, you have done Drama, Thrillers, and Comedies. Do you enjoy the diversity to play different roles.

Saxon Sharbino – Of course! I love playing different characters and creating different backstories. I just love working in different genres. I filmed in my first Comedy this year a part of Netflix’s series American Vandal. That was really cool, I had never been a part of a Comedy, in the past I had only done Horror and serious stuff. – That is awesome. You have done a bit of television. Speaking of which, you also starred in the positively received Hulu series Freakish. How would you compare having a recurring role in a series opposed to working on a feature film?   

Saxon Sharbino – I was a series regular on Freakish and it was an interesting dynamic because we would get the scripit for the next episode while we were still filming. It’s different, because with a movie, you know the beginning, middle, and end. You know your character’s exact arc, their development, and full story. Where is in working on a series, you do not always have the full story when you begin filming. It is fun to learn more about your character as you’re going. You are able to imagine in your own head different ideas of where the story could be going. 

Also, working on a TV series, you film everything a lot faster. On Freakish, we filmed a lot of scenes per day. That can be fun because you’re working the entire day and not just waiting around. 

Hulu – Interesting. With film, you have a lot more downtime for sure. They both sound like they have different dynamics. Are there any projects you have coming up?

Saxon Sharbino – I was in Urban Country with my sister Brighton. Beyond that, right now I am focusing on audition, writing, and looking for my next job. – Very cool. You mentioned Urban Country where you worked along alongside Lou Diamond Phillips and your sister Brighton. What is it like for you to be able to work on a film with your sister?

Saxon Sharbino – I was actually not planned to be in that movie. When I went up to visit her on set, the director and writer came up to me asking me if I wanted to work with her. I had never had the opportunity to work with my sister before so I said yes! They wrote me in that next day. It was cool because I love my sister, we are very close, and getting to work with her was a really fun experience. – It is exciting to be able to work with your sibling. 

Saxon Sharbino – Yes, Brighton and I ever very close. I was so proud of her, she is a lead in Urban Country, and to get to work with her in that, it was a great experience. – That is fantastic. Being the older sister who has travelled the road as an actress, do you ever give her any advice?

Saxon Sharbino – I really respect my sister’s craft and I really do think she is an amazing actress. Of course when either us have an audition, we run lines together and help each other make choices, but I don’t want to lead her. I think she has her own path in her career. I try to encourage and support her, but not lead. – It sounds like a very good way to support her as a sister and a friend. You mentioned that you are working on writing. What can you tell us about your writing?

Saxon Sharbino – I am working on treatments, I have three I am working on. It is my first time doing it, so I am probably going to meet up with a writer and write a full script. It’s very fun because I love telling stories. Acting is my first love of course, but having a chance to act in my own stories would be really cool! 

Saxon Sharbino & Melvin Gregg in Freakish. © Rachael Thompson Photography – It will be great to see how it all develops. Are there any particular themes you are interested in writing about?

Saxon Sharbino – I love the Drama genre. As I said before, I love intense emotion. That is the direction my writing is going. – Well, everyone will have to look out for where this new venture goes for you. As an actress, what are some of your influences? Any actors or actresses who have influenced you?

Saxon Sharbino – That is a really good question. I don’t have any real idols or actors that I wanted to be like. I just knew the type of work I wanted to do and the type of commitment I wanted to have. I read stories as a kid of actors going out into the streets and being homeless to prepare for a role. That inspired me to put more work into my art, but there are no actors in particular I wanted to emulate. – You are paving your own way with your own style doing so. Last question. You said you really do not watch too many Horror films, but do you have any favorites?

Saxon Sharbino – I love The Walking Dead and Poltergeist (2015). (Laughs) I liked Scream (1996), that was really scary for me as a kid. I get scared really easily, I can’t watch Horror movies. I remember being in middle school and the other girls liked to watch Horror movies. I held onto the door, they tried to drag me into the theater, I just couldn’t do it. (Laughs) I am not just scared in that moment, I’m scared for the whole year. I read a scary script when I was around eleven, and to this day I get flashbacks that I’m alone reading that script. (Laughs) I loved The Conjuring (2013), my friend Joey King was in that. I also liked I Spit on Your Grave (2010), I did a couple of scenes in that.

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