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What happens when a celebratory getaway into the woods turns into a fight for your life? The outcome can frightening, and IFC Midnight’s Feral explore this classic theme much like 1981’s The Evil Dead or 2002’s Cabin Fever, but all while offering it’s own little twist. A brand new feature film from Mark H. Young, Feral stars Scout Taylor-Compton as country gal and future epidemiologist named Alice, who along with a group of college friends, head into the wilderness to celebrate only to meet terror. Who will survive? Who will be the hero in the face of death? The answers are not what one might think, and that is exactly why Horror fanatics need to check out Feral when it hits theaters and On Demand on Friday, May 25th. Gearing up for the big release, film director, Mark H. Young, and the one and only Scout Taylor-Compton took the time to chat all things Feral, the potential of a sequel, plus more. – Scout, you have been involved in film and television for some time now. Among your many credits, a good portion of your work has been in Horror cinema. Do you enjoy working in the genre?

Scout Taylor-Compton – Yes, yes I do. As I have said so many times, I have kind of been raised in a sort of environment – my dad’s a mortician and coroner, I lived in a mortuary. It has been my fairytale since I was a kid I guess, in a sense. (Laughs)

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Dimension Films – Wow, that is a different upbringing. Mark, you have also done your share of work in the Horror genre, and the latest film Feral is set for release on Friday, May 25th. What inspired this project?

Mark H. Young – You know, I always find one little thing and it builds from that. I have always been a fan of the ‘cabin in the woods’ subgenre. It is just something I have always wanted to tackle. I think that was really the genesis. – It just built from there. The film has a good twist and is an entertaining watch through the end. That said, the cast does a wonderful job. Scout, your character is an intelligent and strong-willed young woman who is studying to be an epidemiologist. What was it like playing the character of Alice?

Scout Taylor-Compton – It was really amazing playing her honestly. I was hooked on Alice from just reading the script. I normally play roles that are very vulnerable, Alice is not that at all. That is what struck me, playing a confident woman. When things get real, she has no hesitation, she takes over the situation, and it’s powerful! I absolutely loved playing Alice. 

Scout Taylor-Compton as Alice in Feral. – You do a great job playing her character and making her believable. Do you feel that there is a feminist appeal to Feral, or would that be reading too much into the film?

Mark H. Young – (Laughs) I am not sure if it was intended to be that way. I think it just sort of ended up that way.

Scout Taylor-Compton – He just had two badass leading ladies, we just took over. Mark just had no chance. (Laughs) 

Mark H. Young – (Laughs) One thing, I live in a family of all women. Ironically I think most of my stories are female centric. I just found the female characters more interesting in the story.

Mark H. Young.

Scout Taylor-Compton – It’s crazy for me, being a fan of Horror, how women are used kind of as bait. (Laughs) It was really powerful to read a script where these women were the ones in charge. Trying to figure it out with the male overcoming them. It was kind of interesting see a powerful woman. – It works well, regardless if it was initial or not, the take on it is refreshing! Feral leaves off at a point that would make it very easy to draft up a sequel. Are there any plans for a Feral 2?

Mark H. Young – (Laughs) We were just talking about that. I have already written a script, we have gotten interest from studios. A sequel would have a much bigger budget, much larger scale. Yes, I would love to make it. It would be an even cooler role for Scout. – It would be great to see that happen. Another aspect of Feral that works well is the makeup effects. Too often with a film that features any sort of creatures, CGI can be overdone and ruin the film. Was it important for you to keep the effects as practical as possible?

Mark H. Young – Yes, that is just one of my things – I prefer in-camera practical effects. I really don’t like CGI, never plays well. On top of that, I have really great collaborators. Jerry Constantine is heavy in the business and extremely good at effects. He was my go to guy on this.

IFC Midnight – He did a great job. As stated, CGI can ruin the effect of a film. With Feral set for release, what else do you two have coming up?

Scout Taylor-Compton – I actually have two films that are coming soon. Diverted Eden where I play a detective, it is kind of like a Taken story. It just premiered recently and it’s absolutely fabulous. Then I have Cynthia from Robert Rhine and it stars Sid Haig and Bill Moseley with me. It is hard to explain Cynthia, you will just have to go see it. (Laughs) It has all the Horror icons that you would want to see in a movie. I am just pretty stoked. 

Mark H. Young – I just finished a really wonderful movie with Veronica Cartwright called Limbo. It also features James Purefoy and Lew Temple. We just wrapped, it’s going up for sound. Other than that, I am just trying to get Feral going. – Sounds like there is a lot of good stuff coming up. Seeing you two worked together well with Feral, would you work together again beyond a sequel?

Mark H. Young – Hell yea for me!

Scout Taylor-Compton – No hesitation. I am even starting to write things and say to Mark, “Ok, let’s just do these.” – That is great to hear, this could be an extended collaboration then! Last question. Since you are both fans of the Horror genre, what are some of your favorites?

Mark H. Young – Oh, do you have another 40 minutes? (Laughs)

Scout Taylor-Compton – (Laughs) Right? I think off the top of my head, definitely what I have been a fan of since I was a kid, Chucky! I had no idea Brad Dourif was the voice of Chucky until the Halloween II (2009) premiere. I brought all my Chucky gear, and had him sign it, I was so stoked! Then also a little movie called May (2002). I really digged that. 

Universal Pictures – Great selections! Mark, what about yours?

Mark H. Young – They rotate in and out, depending on what I really love at the time. My defaults are always Alien (1979) followed by John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Actually, it was a treat to work with Veronica Cartwright who played Lambert in Alien. That was pretty awesome! 

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