Interview – September Mourning Talks The Future, New Music + More

What do you get when you combine a careful development fantastical storyline with passionate Hard Rock music? Simple, you get the transmedia project known as September Mourning. A dark world that units magnificent visual aspects with a story and music, September Mourning has been rapidly emerging their way into the light over the past few years.

Breaking into the Billboard US Top Heatseekers chart in 2016 with their debut full-length album Volume II, September Mourning have continued to push forward touring, and of course, writing new music. Currently out on tour through early April with Smile Empty Soul, lead lady September herself sat down to talk what the band is up to, what the future may hold, plus more. 

Cryptic Rock – You have been hard at work building awareness of September Mourning over the last few years. Having released a full-length album, toured extensively, and established a strong following, how would you describe the journey of September Mourning to this point?

September Mourning – It’s been a ride. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for us…

Cryptic Rock – Yes, it will be since things are growing fast for the band. September Mourning has always been a highly visual project combining music with beautiful artwork. Does the inspiration change for you as time goes by?

September Mourning – Never. The project started as a transmedia project built around a storyline and will continue to be so.

Cryptic Rock – And it is interesting to see it develop. As mentioned, you released your full-length record, Volume II, back in 2016. A great collection of songs, you have put out a couple of singles in the last few months – “Empire,” and “Glass Animals” most recently. That said, how is the work going on new music and can we expect a new album or EP soon?

September Mourning – We’ve been in the studio between touring working on new material and cannot wait to release another album. We are looking to do that end of this year.

Cryptic Rock – That is good news! September Mourning recently signed with The Oracle Management, which is run in part by Devildriver/Coal Chamber’s Dez Fafara. To the average person, the management a band signs with really does not mean much, but in truth it means everything because when you have the right support system in place for your vision, the possibilities are endless. What has the relationship between you and The Oracle Management been like thus far?

September Mourning – It’s been amazing. They are very hands on and supportive of the vision and I feel like together we can make this project excel in today’s marketplace. We are fortunate to have them on board.

Sumerian Records

Cryptic Rock – There is nothing like a good support system. Beyond the music, what can you tell us about any forthcoming graphic novels slated for release later in 2019?

September Mourning – September Mourning: The Complete Collection will be released as a graphic novel in April through Top Cow/Image comics.  It contains all four books that complete the story arc. We are very excited to share it with you all!

Cryptic Rock – That is something to look out for. Seeing the sight and sound really go hand in hand for September Mourning, do you have more extensive visions for live performances in the future?

September Mourning – Yes of course. The possibilities of storytelling in a theatrical setting are endless and we cannot wait to stretch the imagination.

Cryptic Rock – You are currently out on the road with Smile Empty Soul for your first tour of 2019. How has the tour been going thus far?

September Mourning – The Smile guy’s are super solid and nice people to tour with. We are having fun with them, they are a great group of dudes.

Sumerian Records

Cryptic Rock – It is a good bill as well. Having been on the road for a lot of touring in the last few years, it can be exhausting. As someone who clearly takes care of your mind, body, and soul, what is the key for you to find balance on the road?

September Mourning – keeping hydrated and getting proper sleep. Sleep is the biggest part of touring for me… it keeps me healthy getting proper rest.

Cryptic Rock – Yes, people underestimate how important sleep really is to replenish yourself. Last question. You had expressed you are a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi films last we spoke. That said, are there any new films or even older films you recently discovered in the genres that you enjoyed?

September Mourning – Recently I’ve been binge watching the remastered seasons of Baywatch on Amazon Prime. (Laughs) Not very on brand I know … but if knowing my mind is probably melting out of my ears from the bad one liners. I mean that’s kinda considered horror isn’t it? #sobaditsgoodtv

Tour Dates:
3/20 – South Bend, IN @ Cheers Pub
3/21 – Westland, MI @ The Token Lounge
3/22 – Heath, OH @ Muddy Creek Saloon
3/23 – Battle Creek, MI @ The Music Factory
3/24 – Sturtevant, WI @ Route 20
3/27 – Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s Iowa City
3/28 – Columbia, MO @ Rose Music Hall
3/29 – Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
3/30 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Oklahoma City Limits
3/31 – Wichita, KS @ The Elbow Room
4/2 – Lincoln, NE @ The Bourbon Theatre
4/3 – Sioux Falls, IA @ Bigs Bar
4/4 – Chippewa Falls, WI @ Every Buddy’s Bar & Grill
4/5 – Braidwood, IL @ Top Fuel Saloon
4/6 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House

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