Interview – Stina Tweeddale of Honeyblood

Interview – Stina Tweeddale of Honeyblood

It is true what they say, you are a product of your environment. Sometimes positive, other times negative, for Stina Tweeddale, growing up surrounded by music was very much a good thing. A talented singer-songwriter out of Scotland, Tweeddale has made a good deal of noise both figuratively and literally with her band Honeyblood; topping both UK and Scottish charts with 2014’s Honeyblood as well as 2014’s Babes Never Die.

Most recently returning with the new album In Plain Sight, Tweeddale takes the sound of Honeyblood to the next level with a enchanting collection of Alternative Rock tunes impossible to resist. Preparing for the release of In Plain Sight with two special shows in NYC and LA this past April, Tweeddale has kept extremely busy with more touring and celebrating of the music music. Amidst it all, she took the time to chat about her musical inspirations, the work behind the new album, plus much more. 

Cryptic Rock – Following attending college, you would form Honeyblood around 2012. Since then, you have released two albums that both broke into the UK and Scottish charts. First, tell us, what inspired you to pursue a career in music? 

Stina Tweeddale – My dad is a musician so I grew up in a musical household. I’ve always been fascinated by music. I went to University and tried to pursue another career but music pulled me back in!

Cryptic Rock – Sometimes you just can’t fight what feels natural, right? There are many aspects that make Honeyblood unique to other acts on the Rock scene. One, your voice certainly stands out, and another is your guitar playing, which is fuzzy, yet very clear at the same time. When forming this project, did you have a particular vision in mind, or did everything sort of happen as it went along?

Stina Tweeddale – I always have a vision for what I want to create – that doesn’t necessarily mean it turns out that way! I like a plan but I’m not rigid to stick to it. There’s a lot of feeling that goes into my direction and style.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Cryptic Rock – It shows in the music. As mentioned, Honeyblood found success with the 2014 self-titled album and again with 2016’s Babes Never Die. Most recently you released the new album In Plain Sight on May 24th. What was the writing like for this new record? 

Stina Tweeddale – This is a very different record for me. I was experimenting and broadening my horizons with writing rather than sticking to something I knew well. I don’t ever want to be bored – I want to continue to evolve.

Cryptic Rock – It is important to try and keep things interesting and challenge yourself. This album has some really catchy tracks and, sound wise, really pops. Matching your voice and guitar work, there are also some experimental sounds with synthesizers. Did you aim for a slightly different approach this time around when in the studio?  

Stina Tweeddale – I was very lucky to work with John Congleton on this most recent records who brought a whole other dimension to my songs. He’s got some otherworldly synth sounds.

Cryptic Rock – The sound is compelling and fits nicely. You had previous worked with Cat Myers, but opted to continue with Honeyblood as a solo project. It is understood Cat joined up with Mogwai as their touring drummer, which left you to work on the new material alone. So, what was it like approaching things alone? Was it at all daunting at first?  

Stina Tweeddale – It was incredibly freeing, if I’m honest. It’s always daunting to push the boat out into uncharted territory but as I mentioned – it’s a necessity for me.

Cryptic Rock – Understood. Let’s talk about the lyrics. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics to the new songs?

Stina Tweeddale – I mean that’s a loaded question! There’s a lot to go through on this record!

Marathon Artists

Cryptic Rock – There certainly is a lot going on, which is what makes it so interesting to listen to. That in mind, what are some of your musical influences?  

Stina Tweeddale – There’s so many and it changes consistently! I’m loving listening to my friends new albums Siobhan Wilson and Carla J Easton – you should check them out.

Cryptic Rock – It is always good to check out new stuff! Last question. Beyond music, Cryptic Rock also covers movies, particularly in the Horror and Sci-Fi genres. If you are a fan of these genres, do you have any favorites and why?

Stina Tweeddale – I love a lot of Sci-Fi and Horror – it’s pretty much my fave. I’m very into Star Trek and have been since I was a kid. I’m really excited for Midsommar out soon! I’ll be catching that at the cinema!

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2019 Tour Dates:
JUL 14 Gunnersbury Park and Playground London, United Kingdom
JUL 18 Henham Park Suffolk Hill, United Kingdom
OCT 24 Queen Margaret Union Glasgow, United Kingdom
OCT 25 The Castle & Falcon Birmingham, United Kingdom
OCT 28 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, United Kingdom
OCT 29 Thekla Mud Row, United Kingdom
OCT 30 Concorde 2 Brighton, United Kingdom
OCT 31 The Garage London, United Kingdom
NOV 1 Academy 3 Manchester, United Kingdom
NOV 2 Brudenell Social Club Leeds, United Kingdom

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