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Rock-n-Roll cannot be contrived, it cannot be manufactured, it needs to come from the heart. Doing just that, Los Angeles, California based all female band Glam Skanks defy trends and do what they do best, perform raw, ruckus Rock-n-Roll the way they want. Releasing their debut full-length album, Glitter City, in 2016, Glam Skanks have wasted no time getting their name out there hitting the road with massively popular Adam Ant. Touring with Adam Ant in 2017, and again in early 2018, Glam Skanks continue to gain momentum as they prepare to return to the studio to record new music. Recently we caught up with Glam Skanks Lead Guitarist Veronica Volume talking the band goals, growing up surrounded by music as the daughter of respected Producer/Musician Bruce Witkin, touring with Adam Ant, plus much more. – Established a few years now, Glam Skanks have made a bit of noise on the Rock scene. What has the journey been like for the band thus far?

Veronica Volume – It’s been amazing. We’ve met so many cool people and played some legendary venues. – That is really great and it sounds extremely exciting! You released an EP back in 2015 and then dropped your debut album, Glitter City, in 2016. They say you have your entire life to create your debut album. Two years removed from Glitter City, are you satisfied with how it turned out?

Veronica Volume – We love the way Glitter City sounds. Our producer, Bruce Witkin, did an amazing job capturing our energy and giving the record that balance between old and new. Having said that, we are very excited to get in the studio and start production on the next record.

Unison Music Group – Glitter City is a fun record with a raw Rock-n-Roll sound. It will be interesting to see where the next album goes. As a band, you do not appear to follow trends. How important is it to you to stay true to who you are as musicians and write what you feel?

Veronica Volume – That’s super important to us! What’s the point of playing Rock-n-Roll if you’re not going to speak your truth? We want our music to reflect who we are and what we feel. We want people who listen to our music to know that it’s ok to not relate to trends and to make their own paths. – Right, that is exactly how it should be. Coming from a Rock-n-Roll family, is it safe to say music was a massive part of your upbringing?

Veronica Volume – Growing up, there was music everywhere. I would walk out to my backyard and there would often be a session going on in my dad’s studio. I learned so much from all the people who came through the studio and was always inspired by everyone I’ve met. – Again, that sounds like an awesome experience. In 2017, you shared the stage with Adam Ant and are back out with him again in 2018. What has that experience been like for the band?  

Veronica Volume – The last year with Adam and his band have been incredible. We saw more of the world than we could have imagined and being around such a talented and professional group of musicians has been an amazing learning experience. We’ve played everywhere from arenas to intimate venues where legends have played over the years. One of the highlights was opening for Adam at Royal Albert Hall in London. That’s the Carnegie Hall of the UK and it was amazing to know that I was playing on the same stage where legends like Jimmy Page have played. – Very cool! It is not often you get a chance to play such amazing venues. Rumor has it Adam Ant was actually the first concert you attended. How surreal is it to be opening for him all these years later?

Veronica Volume – Yes, I was probably a year old when I first saw my dad play bass in Adam’s band. I also got to go onstage with him at a charity show when I was about two. It’s been an amazing, full-circle moment and something I didn’t think would happen all those years ago.

Unison Music Group – Those are things you never forget. Now two years since Glitter City’s release, can we expect some new music from Glam Skanks soon?

Veronica Volume – Yes. We’re heading into the studio this month to start recording our next album. Look out for a new single coming out soon. – Fantastic. Everyone will have to keep their eyes peels for the new music. On stage, you exert a great deal of energy and it really seems like you are having a blast. As a band, do you remind yourself to keep it fun and loose before you perform?  

Veronica Volume – We don’t need to remind ourselves any more, but when we first started playing all these big stages with Adam, we definitely needed that little pep talk to keep the nerves off. – Understandable. Well, the band really seems to be heading in a promising direction for the future. Last question. We also cover Horror and Sci-Fi films on CrypticRock. If you are a fan of either or both genres, what are some of your favorites and why?

Veronica Volume – We love Horror and Sci-Fi. We just watched the original Carrie (1976) the other night as well as a Documentary about aliens. I am definitely a crazy Horror movie buff. We love everything from the classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) to The Shining (1980), and the Alien movies are a great crossover of both genres.

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Tour Dates:
Mar 30 Sandrini’s Bakersfield, CA
Mar 31 San Souci Cocktail Lounge Ventura, CA
Apr 13 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA
Apr 14 Blue Lamp Sacramento, CA

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